PA 600 Entire Course Capstone Keller

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PA 600 Entire Course Capstone Keller

PA 600 Entire Course Capstone Keller

A+ Course Project| Paper Week 5 |Discussions Week 1-7| PowerPoint Presentation

PA 600 Entire Course Project Keller

PA600 P-Plan Outline and Grading Guide

Please use this outline and grading package as a guide to write your Keller PA600 P-Plan project. Your faculty member will use it as a grading guide as well. This package is meant to provide very specific direction to the important elements of the P-Plan as practiced in Keller’s MPA Capstone course. While it serves as a general topic outline for our plans, each plan will vary somewhat from this structure.

PA600 is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives you have studied and learned at Keller. This P-Plan assignment will challenge you to practice the concepts you have learned in your MPA program. …

  • P-Plan Proposal (due in Week 2)
  • Summary Document (due in Week 5)
  • P-Plan (due in Week 7)
  • Oral Presentation (due in Week 8)

PA 600 Week 2 P-Plan Proposal Baby Boomers Faced by Inadequate Health Insurance-22 Power Point Slides Keller

PA 600 Week 5 Making the Case to Funders and Committees Paper 8 Pages Keller

Preview: The United States of America has been identified as having the world’s largest Baby Boomer population….

PA 600 Week 7 and 8 Oral Presentation 44 Pages Plus Power Point Presentation Keller

Preview: Organization ABC is a non-profit organization determined to bring the younger generation into the healthcare industry in order to assist with the healthcare needs of the Baby Boomers….

***Week 8 resulted in adding on slides to week 7 presentations.

PA 600 Capstone Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 302 Pages Keller

PA 600 Most Pressing Concerns Week 1 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 22 Pages Keller

From your perspective, what are the most pressing concerns within Public Administration?…

PA 600 Presenting Professional Reports Week 1 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 22 Pages Keller

One of the deliverables of this course is the Oral Presentation. Reflect back on your own career and education, and review the methods you have used to deliver reports. What are some of those methods?…

PA 600 Stakeholders Week 2 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 25 Pages Keller

Who are the stakeholders most relevant to your P-Plan? Stakeholders?….

PA 600 Low-Budget Marketing Tools Week 2 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 22 Pages Keller

Not all marketing has to be expensive. Share some examples of low-budget marketing tools you have used (or seen used) by governmental, nonprofit, or public health organizations….

PA 600 Organizational Structures Week 3 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 24 Pages Keller

The operations portion of the P-Plan encompasses several different areas. Let’s start by reviewing the organizational structures in this week’s lecture. Which structure is most appropriate for your P-Plan?…
PA 600 Selecting the Right Combination Week 3 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 21 Pages Keller

Organizations in the public sector often lag behind when it comes to hardware, software, and other MIS components. How can we prepare reports, track and export data, and share information without spending a fortune on MIS?…

PA 600 Key Financial Policies Week 4 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 25 Pages Keller

What are some key financial policies that your organization does (or should) have in place?…

PA 600 Budgeting Week 4 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 21 Pages Keller

Review the budget templates posted in the lecture. What are some line items that you had not thought of but now realize will be important?…

PA 600 Case Statements Week 5 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 23 Pages Keller

Use this template to create your case statement (ignore #7). Post your response to one of the questions from the template….

PA 600 Funding Sources Week 5 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 19 Pages Keller Keller

What are some methods you will use to find funding sources for your P-Plan? Don’t list specific funding sources at this time; we will get to that later! Just focus on how you will generate that list of sources….

PA 600 Human Resources Planning Model Week 6 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 20 Pages Keller

Select one of the five components of the Human Resources Planning Model and describe how you could apply it to your P-Plan…

PA 600 Training Methods Week 6 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 19 Pages Keller

Would you use the same training methods for employees that you would for volunteers? Why or why not?…

 PA 600 What do You Take Away? Week 7 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 18 Pages Keller

Looking back over all of the courses you took in this degree program, what is the one piece of information that you feel has been the most beneficial to you?…

PA 600 Analyzing Your P-Plan Week 7 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 21 Pages Keller

Which section of the P-Plan was the most enjoyable for you to complete? Which one was the most difficult?…