ACCT 212 Financial Accounting, Entire New Course A+

This course focuses on the ways in which financial statements reflect business operations and emphasizes use of financial statements in the decision-making process. The course encompasses all business forms and various sectors such as merchandising, manufacturing, and services. Students make extensive use of spreadsheet applications to analyze accounting records and financial statements.
The Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) define the learning objectives that the student will be required to comprehend and demonstrate by course completion. The TCOs that will be covered in detail each week can be found in the Objectives section for that particular week. Whenever possible, a reference will be made from a particular assignment or discussion back to the TCO that it emphasizes.

Discussions Week 1-7 (2 Sets) | Quiz Week 1, 2 3, 4, 6 | Course Project | Midterm Exam |Exxon-Mobil Corporation Assignment Week 7 | Final Exam

Please treat all discussions, course project, and exams as a guide

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