BIS 155-Data Analysis with Spreadsheet with Lab

The Entire Course Includes the following:

iLab Week 1-7|Quiz Week 1-5| Excel Project Week 6| Discussions Week 1-7|Access Week 7|PowerPoint|Memo| Final Exam Week 8

The course focuses on analyzing business situations using current spreadsheet software. Using data derived from real-world business situations, students learn to use appropriate spreadsheet software features to organize, analyze, and present data, as well as to make business decisions. Through personal database technology such as Access, the course also introduces basic database concepts.

Analyze the data in at least three different ways. Each form of Data Analysis should be provided on a separate, appropriately labeled worksheet. It is expected that each sheet will be professionally formatted and clearly documented with titles, comments, and explanation. Remove any extra sheets so your workbook is as compact as possible when you turn it in. Go back and review your labs for assistance in completing the different types of analysis.

Please Treat All Tutorials as a Guide.

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