BIS 245-Database Essentials for Business with Lab

The Entire Course Includes the Following:

iLab Week 1-7|Quiz Week 1-6| A Small Surgery Center Case Study Week 3 & Week 5| Discussions Week 1-7| Final Exam Week 8

This course builds on concepts learned in BIS155 Data Analysis with Spreadsheets with Lab. In this course, students learn to design relational databases and to build database applications which include tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and to implement basic database security, backup, and recovery procedures. Emphasis is placed on generating reports and meeting business requirements.

You have been asked to create the logic data model for the Golden Eagle Wholesale Golf Distributors. Golden Eagle distributes golf equipment for various manufacturers to the pro shops at golf courses throughout the state. They store the equipment in a centrally located warehouse and ship to the pro shops based on the purchase orders submitted by their sales staff or that are phoned in directly by their customers…

Please Treat All Tutorials as a Guide.

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