Business Courses offers guides for business courses to assist DeVry University students including the following:

COLL 148: Entire Course Critical Thinking and Problem Solving-Recent-DeVry
This course focuses on identifying and articulating skills needed for academic and professional success.  The course includes Weeks 1-7 Discussions, Journal Statements, Assessments, Course Project, Personal Profile and Development Goals.

BUSN 115: Entire Course Introduction to Business and Technology NEW – DeVry
This course introduces business and the environments in which businesses operate. The course includes Assignment, Quizzes, 2 set of Weeks 1-7 Discussions, and Final exam.

BUSN 412: Entire Course NEW- DeVry
This is an online course.  This Course includes week 2 & week 5 in the news assignment ,week 3 & week 6 case analysis , week 4 Brics and Mitsk assignment, All 7 weeks discussions, and week 8 course project

BUSN 369: Entire Course International Business – DeVry
This course introduces key concepts defining today’s competitive global environment; various cultural, political, economic, and legal systems and their impact on international business.  This Course includes Week 2 Course Project Proposal, Week 4, 6, 8 Course Project, and All 7 Weeks Discussions

BUSN 460: Senior Project Entire Course – DeVry
This Course includes All 7 Weeks Discussions, Week 1 Team Contract, Week 2 Issues Report, Week 3 Individual Cango Financial Report, Week 4 Analysis Report, Weeks 5-6 CanGo Weekly Issue Analysis, Final Team Report and Presentation.

BUSN 412: Entire Course – DeVry
This is an onsite course.  This Course includes Weeks 1-7 All Discussions, Week 2 Assignment, Week 3 Case Study, Week 4 Power Point Assignment, Week 5 Assignment, Week 6 Case Study, and Week 7/8 Course Project

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