BUSN 319-Marketing Course for DeVry Students

The Entire Course Includes the Following:

A+ Entire NEW Course: Course Project Week 1, 4, 7, 8| Discussions Week 1-7

The Course Project gives students the opportunity to synthesize all of the concepts in the BUSN319 Marketing course (in a team environment) in a comprehensive marketing plan for a new product (a good or service), and summarize that plan in a professional presentation. This approach enables students to combine functional expertise based on their own work experience and field of study.

Team Participation and Meetings

During the first week of the course, your instructor will divide the class into teams of three to four students. Project teams will be randomly generated, and students will not be allowed to change teams. However, please note that your instructor may remove students from teams for lack of participation, and those students…

Please Treat All Tutorials as a Guide.

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