English Courses
To help prepare for Academic, Professional & Personal Success, Hiqualitytutorials.com offers several English courses for DeVry students. These targeted English tutorials can give you the edge you need to get ahead. The English courses we offer include the following:
ENGL 135 Entire Course:  Advance Composition – DeVry (Recent Course)
This entire course includes Assignments Week 1-4,  Course Project First Draft Texting and Driving Week 5, Course Project Second Draft Texting and Driving Week 6, Peer Review Week 7, Course Project Final Draft Texting and Driving Week 8, Entire Project Texting and Driving, and Discussions All 7 Weeks.
ENGL 112 Entire Course: Composition Grade A Recent – DeVry
This entire course includes Discussions ALL 7 Weeks, Profile Process Piece-Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation Week 1, Extended Draft Outline of Rhetorical Analysis Week 3, Perspective Prewriting with Perspective Summary-Billionaires Week 5, The Commentary Rough Draft Billionaires-They are Just Once of Us Week 6, The Final Commentary Essay Billionaires Week 7, The Commentary Context Revision and Postscript Billionaires Week 8
ENGL 227 Entire Course: Professional Writing – DeVry
This entire course includes Quiz Week 2, Routine Message Week 3, Informal Analytical Report Week 4, Negative of Band News Message Week 5, Outline Proposal Week 6, Course Project Final Proposal Week 8, and Discussions Week 1-7
ENGL 230 Entire Course: Professional Communication – DeVry
This entire course includes Quiz Week 1, Activity 5 Outline Week 2, Mini Power Point Presentation Week 3, Quiz Week 3, Informative Outline Week 4, Ball Corporation Practicing Business Communication Week 4, Informative Speech Power Point Presentation Week 5, Interviewing Activity 1 Assignment Week 6, Quiz Week 6, Persuasive Outline Week 7, Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. Week 7, Persuasive Speech Week 8, and Discussions ALL 7 Weeks.
ENGL 135 Entire Course: NEW Advanced English Composition – DeVry
This entire course includes Course Project Topic Selection Week 1, Information Literacy Assignment Week 2, Course Project Source Summary Week 2, Project Research Proposal Week 3, APA Assessment Week 3, Annotated Bibliography Week 4, Course Project First Draft Week 5, Course Project Week 6 Second Draft, Course Project Final Draft Week 7, Course Project-Reflective Postscript Week 8, and Discussions Week 1-7

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