General Courses
Whether you’re taking your general courses, studying at the undergraduate or graduate level, or transferring to finish your degree online, offers DeVry University Students tutorials that can prepare you to tackle the challenges of the modern workplace and make an impact in your field. The general courses we offer include:
HIST 405 Entire Course: United States History – DeVry
This entire course includes Assignment Webliography Week 2, Assignment United States Constitution Week 4, Webliography #2 Week 6, Assignment America and the Great War Week 7, Quiz Week 2 United States History, Quiz Week 4 United States History, Quiz Week 6 United States History, Discussions Week 1-7
HUMN 303 Entire Course: Introduction to Humanities – DeVry
This entire course includes Project Week 2, 4, and 7 Introduction to Humanities, Discussions Week 1-7, Final Exam Introduction to Humanities
ETHC 445 Entire Course: Principles of Ethics – DeVry
This entire course includes Ethics Paper Assignment Week 1, Ethics Paper Assignment Week 2, Ethics Paper Assignment Week 3, Ethics Paper Assignment Week 4, You Decide Week 5 Principles of Ethics, Quiz Week 1 Principles of Ethics, Quiz Week 3, Discussions Week 1-7
CARD 405 Entire Course: DeVry – NEW
This entire course includes Assignment Week 2, Resume Draft Week 3, Career and Company Research Week 4, Portfolio Draft Week 4, Cover and Thank you Letters Week 5, Resume Final Week 6, Interview Questions Week 7, Portfolio Week 7, Informational Interview Week 8, Discussions Week 1-7
HUMN 303 Entire Course: Introduction to Humanities NEW
This entire course includes Course Project Proposal Week 2, Annotated Bibliography Week 3, Course Project Draft Week 6, Course Project Week 8, Discussions Week 1-7
SCI 228 Entire Course: DeVry
This entire course includes iLab Week 1-7, Quiz Week 1-7, Midterm Exam, Discussions Week 1-7, and the Final Exam
GSCM 206 Entire Course: NEW DeVry
This entire course includes Case Study Week 1-7, Quiz Week 1-7, Discussions Week 1-7, Final Exam

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