MGMT 591

Leadership and Organization Behavior Entire New Course 2017 A+ 

Leadership and organizational behavior examines inter-and intrapersonal dynamics because they affect the achievement of corporate goals. Topics include theories of organizational behavior concepts and applications, including motivation, group dynamics, organizational communication processes, leadership, power, authority, team building, and organizational development. Managing change in a complex domestic and international environment is also emphasized. Students are provided with a solid foundation for examining organizational behavior in a systematic manner.

This course includes the following tutorials:

Life Styles Inventory LSI Week 2 | Course Project Week 3, 5, 7-100% correct | Case Study Week 4 100% correct| Expended Research Proposal Week 5 – 100% correct| Organizational Culture Inventory OCI Week 6 | 591 Discussions Week 1-7 | Final Exam 100% Correct

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Please treat all the tutorials and discussions included in this course as a guide.

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