BIS 245 Quiz Week 6


BIS 245 Quiz Week 6 
A tool that creates a report through a series of dialog boxes on the Create tab is

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BIS 245 Quiz Week 6

BIS 245 Quiz Week 6


(CO 1) Summary options are found

In the print layout view.

In the report wizard with sorting options.

All of the above

in the options toolbar.

(CO 1) A report can be created from

Queries and tables.

A database

A spreadsheet.


(CO 1) When designing a report, make sure that your report

Uses all report sections.

Has grouped data.

Has a date and time.

Is easy to understand.

(CO 1) The easiest way to create a report is to use the following report tool.

Blank report

Report wizard

Report layout

Report design

(CO 1) Which of the following is NOT a report wizard layout type?





(CO 1) When creating a report, which view works best?

Design view of a query

Datasheet view

Layout view of the report

Design view

(CO 1) To preview the report, which view(s) work best?

Report view or design view.

Layout view or print view.

Design view.

Print view.

(CO 1) Grouping data in a report will

Let you organize and summarize your data.

Provide grand totals for your report.

Make a report more attractive.

Allow you to edit data in a record.

(CO 1) The expression “= [Price] * [Quantity]” would most likely be found in

A calculated control.

An unbound control.

A label control.

A bound control.

(TCO 1) When creating a report, you should consider all of the following EXCEPT

Who will use the report

The purpose of the report

Data that should be considered confidential

Number of records input into the report

(TCO 1) All of the following are report sections EXCEPT


Group footer

Page footer


(TCO 1) Which report section would be used to summarize grouped field data?


Group Header

Group Footer

Report Footer

(TCO 1) The following steps will create a report

Set focus on a table or query object, click on the Create tab, then click the Report button in the Reports group.

Set focus on a table or query object, click on the Design tab, open the table or query object, then click Design Report.

Click on the Create tab, select the Report Wizard, select your tables or queries, and then your fields.

Click on the Table tab, select your fields, and then click the Finish button.

(TCO 1) A tool that creates a report through a series of dialog boxes on the Create tab is the

Blank Report.

Label Wizard.


Report Wizard.

(TCO 1) Column headings in a report are based on

The captions used in the source table or query.

The text controls you place in a report.

Group labels.

Report labels.

(CO 7) Summary options offer all these calculations except



Print preview


(TCO 7) A good use of a report is to

Create a telephone directory or a financial statement.

Ask the database a question.

Create a table or query.

Create detailed charts.

(TCO 7) Using Grouping when building a report accomplishes the following.

Grouped data can be sorted.

Grouped data can be summarized.

Summary options allow for Sum, Average, Min and Max.

All of the above.

(TCO 7) Which is not a report view?

Print preview

Datasheet view

Report view

Layout view

(TCO 7) When modifying a report, the arrange option does the following.

To move fields up or down

To insert space above or below your position

To change the layout of the report

All of the above