BIS245 Course Discussions Week 1


BIS245 Course Discussions Week 1
The purpose of a database is to help people keep track of things, and the most commonly…

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BIS245 Course Discussions Week 1

BIS245 Course Discussions Week 1

Gathering Requirements and Choosing Database Solution

Week 1 All Students Posts – 61 Pages 

  • Why are databases important to business? How do databases generate sales and profits? What databases do you interact with, and how do they benefit you?
  • What is meant by requirements gathering, and why is it important to clearly define the data requirements of a database before creating it?
  • Microsoft Access is one of the most popular database platforms on the market. However, there are many competitors. Why do you think that Access is so popular? What are some of the other types of databases available?
  • Do you think that Access can serve as a corporate database solution, or is it strictly a personal database solution? What might be the difference between a personal and corporate database solution?

Databases are important because they efficiently manage data and allow users to perform multiple tasks easier. They also manage and store data in one place. Databases do not…

A database is a collection of data that is organized. This collected data is easily accessed, managed, and updated. Self-describing collection of integrated records means that there is a dictionary of data that contains the information stored in the database and the description of the database. This means that the data and description of data are stored together and creates data independence. Integrated records are records that are grouped together in columns or fields then in turn, are grouped into rows…