BUSN 115 Socially Responsible


BUSN 115 Socially Responsible
Will there ever be a single set of international rules governing multinational…

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BUSN 115 Socially Responsible 

BUSN 115 Socially Responsible

Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 35 Pages

Will there ever be a single set of international rules governing multinational companies? Why? Why not? In what way are United States businesses demanding socially responsible behavior from their international suppliers? Why is this important to discuss? Society is constantly redefining its expectations of business and now holds most enterprises to high behavioral standards. Companies must go beyond “doing well” – simply earning a profit – to “doing good” – living up to their social responsibility.

In a free enterprise system, as we discussed in Week 1, companies that fail to respond to their customers’ needs and demands soon go out of business. Today, customers are increasingly demanding that the companies they buy goods and services from be socially responsible.

Question: What is business’s responsibility to the following?

  1. a) Environment
  2. b) Employees
  3. c) Customers
  4. d) Investors
  5. e) Community

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