BUSN 369 Course Discussions


BUSN 369 Course Discussions
While many domestic institutions play an important role in the globalization process…


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BUSN 369 Course Discussions

BUSN 369 Course Discussions

Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 506 Pages 


Week 1 All Students Posts 69 Pages 


Globalization – 35 Pages 


While many domestic institutions play an important role in the globalization process, describe three fundamental policy measures that those countries need to promote in order to benefit from globalization. How would these policies be implemented? How might these policies be promoted?  Who is responsible for corporate governance and why?  What can a firm do to enforce these policies?  What would a Code of Ethics do for this situation?  Is it possible to have one code to handle all business with all countries? Why or why not?  In the US, our socio-economic structure is based on capitalism. How does this affect the fight on corruption?  What effect does the activity in the EU have on your business here in the US?

Regional Economic Integration – 34 Pages 


Although European Union is the most advanced form of regional integration, it is currently facing a challenging time. What are some of the major challenges facing the EU?  Should the US be concerned by what is happening to the EU?  How does this affect the rest of the world?  What effect does the activity in the EU have on your business here in the US?

BUSN 369 International Business

Week 2 All Students Posts 73 Pages 


International Business – 39 Pages 


How would you make a convincing case that open trade in goods and services, as well as free flow of foreign direct investment will enhance the well-being of (a) consumers, (b) producers, and (c) the government of countries? Include in your response specific examples to support your position.  Are there and negatives to open trade in goods and services, and/or the free flow of foreign direct investment? Why or why not?  What effect does open trade have on competition? Is it positive or negative? Why?  Is there any situation where open trade would not be a good thing? Why or why not?  With respect to Government policies, how does Cuba measure up against this? Why?  If we purchase from other countries, what effect does that have on employment on our own country?…

The International Flow of Funds and Exchange Rates – 34 Pages 


What is the difference between independent floating, managed floating, and fixed exchange rate systems? Provide an example of a direct quote of an exchange rate.  Why do we need to know the differences here?  Why do managers of international firms need to monitor this?  Why do managers of firms need to pay attention to these rates?  What are the pros and cons to these rate systems?  Is one of these methods better than the other? Why or why not?

Week 3 All Students Posts 72 Pages 


Global Business Considerations – 37 Pages 


Name the four primary elements of culture and describe why they are important when marketing products and services internationally.  What would be the benefit if a nation focused on educating the population and used that increase in education as a competitive advantage?  What would be the benefit if a nation focused on educating the population and used that increase in education as a competitive advantage?  If we break out commitment to our values and ethics just to do business in another country, it may help us in the short term but we have really done ourselves long term damage that may compromise our growth and sustainability. Have you ever heard of the story of Kathy Lee Gifford’s clothing line?  One thing we need to remember is that all firms, countries, etc. have a culture. The key is to make sure they have the culture that they want. Thoughts?…

The Legal and Political Environment of Global Business – 35 Pages 


Criminal laws vary extensively throughout the world. What may be a crime in one country may represent permissible conduct in another location. Why are there vast global differences?  What does a firm do when it is legal in one country but not in the other?  How has the Internet affected this scenario?  What would you do if the laws in another country differed and it compromised your organization’s values or ethics?  What would the benefits of a Code of Ethics be in a situation like this?  Should a firm change their code of ethics to appease another country? Why or why not?…

Week 4 All Students Posts 74 Pages 


Ethics in Global Business – 40 Pages 


Why are people’s ethical characters so important to business and society?  In global operations, how do we know what standard of ethics we should use?  Should a firm use a difference code of ethics for differing countries? Why or why not?  . If we change or modify our code of ethics for every different nation, then we really do not have a code of ethics. Having more than one code would certainly confuse all employees on which is the correct one. Thoughts?  How does corporate social responsibility contribute to successful business operations?  “Corporate responsibility is having extraordinary regards for customers to do business with companies”.  I would add that they also have extraordinary regard for their employees as well. Thoughts?  What happens when your ethics conflict with another country’s ethics?  Should a firm use a difference code of ethics for differing countries? Why or why not?  What can managers due to control a firm’s ethics?  Why are internal controls important to promote a successful ethical company?…

Control of Global Business – 34 Pages 


MNEs try to maximize profits. How could MNEs maximize profits and minimize profit volatility at the same time?  Organizational structures can help a company fail or succeed. Why do you think that is the case?  Is it all about profits? Why or why not?  Thank you for all for sharing and I like your thoughts on the profits or bottom line. I once heard a gentleman at a conference state that companies need to focus on the bottom line. Then someone asked, Is it all about the bottom line? The response was, no, but money is like blood in the body and if you don’t have any you die. But once you have the money, then you can invest in the head and to the heart. Thoughts?  “By spreading into multiple regional markets you are less sensitive to the one market you were in before.” What is the benefit to this?

Week 5 All Students Posts 74 Pages 


Global HR – 37 Pages 


Describe at least three potential problems global businesses face when they outsource or subcontract their work to companies in other countries?  What are some of the issues with systems compatibility between the locations?  Very nice job and what are some of the issues with respect to proprietary information?  I like your sharing and what type of conflicts may arise when there are differing codes of ethics?  What type of problems could arise on the environmental/social responsibility front?  What are the pros and cons of using the Internet for the virtual staffing of corporate operations?  Why is it often very difficult for supervisors in any culture to provide employees with a negative performance appraisal?  How do cultural differences impact a country’s approach to human resource management?…

Labor Standards for Doing Business Globally – 37 Pages 


If you were the president of the United States and trying to negotiate better labor standards for NAFTA, what new provisions might you try and negotiate (at least from the United States perspective)?  Ford and Chrysler also have increased sales. But what types of issues are there now because of the outsourcing?  I have a theory called the “see-saw” effect. When you move one side, the other moves as well. How does that fit in here?  If the workers in other countries are paid more, then the price of the product will rise. What happens then?  What is driving those firms from sending jobs to other countries?…

Week 6 All Students Posts 76 Pages 


Global Marketing – 38 Pages 


Explain three reasons why companies need to research their international markets.  What is the best way to find the information we need to make the best decisions to operate in international markets?  What happens to sales in the “decline” period?  Thanks for sharing and I like your thoughts on the need for a healthy economy in the other country. Would there ever be a time when you would enter into a market even though it is “unhealthy”? Why or why not?  What is the biggest benefit of researching international markets?  What are the three major markets that exist in all foreign markets?  In your opinion, what would be the #1 show stopper for you to do business in another country? Why?  How can use of the product life cycle assist international marketers?…

BUSN 369 Course Discussions

Global Operations and Supply-Chain Management – 38 Pages 


List and describe at least three factors that a firm should consider when making an outsourcing decision.  To operate internationally we need a high level of trust, President Ronald Reagan always said: “trust but verify”. What did he mean by this?  What are some of the effects on proprietary information that should be thought of?  Why should some companies pursue global production and other companies should not?  I believe that the powers-to-be need to think short term as well as long term. Why would this be smart?  What are some of the factors a business should look into before choosing a location for its production facilities?  What are some of the factors a business should look into before choosing a location for its new business?…

BUSN 369 International Business

Week 7 All Students Posts 68 Pages 


Managing Global Financial Resources – 36 Pages


  • Explain the main sources of finance for international trade and investment.
  • Distinguish between short-term and long-term finance sources.

Is there one method that is better than the others? Why or why not?  Is there a difference between Short-Term vs Long-Term Finance Sources? Is one better than the other? Why or why not?  “Short-term affects transaction and translation risks in foreign exchange.” Can you give me an example of this?  “Also, governments in countries provide import-export financing to support some sectors of their economies.” Why is this a good thing?

Accounting and Taxation in Global Business – 32 Pages


  • Describe three benefits for every country using the same GAAP; that is, IFRS?
  • Explain why a country would not want to adopt IFRS?

What is the difference between management accounting and financial accounting?  Why do we need Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and standards? What are the benefits to this?

BUSN 369 Course Discussions