BUSN 369 Final Exam


BUSN 369 Final Exam 
(TCO 3) Define culture and explain the impact that a culture has on a business operating…


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BUSN 369 Final Exam

BUSN 369 Final Exam


(TCO 3) Define culture and explain the impact that a culture has on a business operating in a foreign country. Describe the various costs that a business would incur. Provide at least two examples. (Points : 30)


Culture can have a lot of different effects on a business that has moved to a foreign country. Issues such as language differences, pricing differences, and…

(TCO 5) Define expatriate. Describe three challenges when working with expatriates. Include in your response a discussion about compensation. (Points : 30)


An expatriate is a person who lives in another country than the one they legally reside in. An expatriate is different than an immigrant in the…

(TCO 6) You have recently been promoted to the position of VP of Marketing for a food products business that is considering selling in India. In India, the retail systems are often fragmented and not user-friendly. In addition, wholesalers and retailers have long-term connections with established food suppliers, which will make the distribution process difficult. Describe an appropriate distribution. Why have you selected this strategy? (Points : 30)


I select the intensive distribution strategy, which aims to provide saturation coverage of the markets through the use of all available…

(TCO 7) An international business, like a domestic business, would like to minimize its tax liability. Describe three ethical strategies an international business can implement to minimize its tax liability. (Points : 35)


One way is for the company to operate profitable operations in low-tax jurisdictions while they maintaining the costly operations in their home…

(TCO 8) Explain the benefits for adopting international accounting standards for investors and for international businesses. (Points : 35)


One benefit is greater comparability, which means that using the same accounting standards makes it possible to compare companies more…

(TCO 1) If you are going to work for a domestic business, explain why it is a good idea to study about international business? (Points : 30)


It is important to study about international business even when working for a domestic business because the world is increasingly becoming…

(TCO 2) Describe the two basic types of markets and explain which market encourages economic growth and which one limits economic growth. (Points : 30)


The two basic types of markets are capitalistic and socialistic markets.  A capitalistic market refers to an economic system where the…

(TCO 4) Describe the differences between an international strategy and a transnational strategy. Why would a business choose one over the other? What are the three challenges in changing from one strategy to another? (Points : 30)


An international strategy is a strategy in which the business sells it goods and services outside their domestic market. The main reason for…