BUSN 460 Discussions Week3


BUSN 460 Discussions Week3
What does a flow chart tell us? How can we use that…


BUSN 460 Discussions Week3

BUSN 460 Discussions Week3

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Flow Charting Process – 31 Pages

Jack shows us a flow chart of the new warehouse system this week. What does a flow chart tell us? How can we use that information?  Regarding these symbols used in flow charts, many people may not be familiar with their use and meaning. Can a legend be included with the flow chart so that they are easier understood?  Flow charts are obviously very visual but not all of us are visual learners. Do we need other options for process, design, diagnostics, training, etc.?

Do you also need to quantify the risk/reward relationship?

A flowchart is just a map, really, a guide to how you’re going to proceed over the course of your project. To best implement it you need the right tools. With the right PM software features, you’re able to better plan, implement, monitor and close your project, and follow the flow chart. For example, with a real-time dashboard, you can track a project as it progresses through your planned flowchart.
Project managers use a flowchart to offer a clear picture of the process and find ways to improve project efficiency. A flow chart displays graphically the project’s objective and seeks to more…

Team Status – 28 Pages

In this discussion, one person each team will provide an update on their team project based on Week 2 in the form of a VoiceThread (3- 5 minutes). The VoiceThread must be posted no later than the second day of the week.

You will view the VoiceThreads submitted by the other teams and comment on at least 3 of them.

Class, on this topic of teammate issues (without naming any names) what are some constructive ways to handle conflict and resolution?

Conflict resolution is a very important part about being a leader and a good teammate. There will never be a situation that everyone will see eye to eye. Not everyone will give 100% every project or every day. To ensure efficiency and…