BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1-7


BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1-7
Select a company in the news and apply one or more of the strategic concepts from Chapter 1 to the…

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BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1-7

BUSN 412 Threaded Discussions Week 1-7

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Strategic Management Week 1 – 8 Pages 


Select a company in the news and apply one or more of the strategic concepts from Chapter 1 to the company. Be sure to state what concept and page from the textbook you are applying. Examples could be such concepts as romantic view of leadership versus control view (pages 5–7), competitive advantage (page 8), four key attributes (page 9), realized versus intended strategy (page 12), corporate governance, stakeholder management, NGOs, and more. Next, critically evaluate the applications proposed by your classmates.  Is it a strategic advantage to have great talent (people) at an organization…why or why not and give an example related to a company…

Course Project Selection and SWOT Week 2 – 12 Pages –


Select your Course Project organization and post it here. State why you chose it. Be sure no one has chosen the same one already by reading prior posts so that no organization has been picked by more than one student. Apply SWOT analysis to your Course Project organization. Post the results here to share with the class. Then critically evaluate the SWOT analysis of at least one other class member. Compare a SWOT to Porter Five forces (as discussed in class this past week) what are the differences and advantages of each?…

Mission Statement Week 3 – 14 Pages 


Post your Course Project organization’s mission statement here, if you can locate it. If not, post what you think it might be. How do you think its mission statement has focused the organization? How hard was it to find the mission statement? What value do you see the mission statement providing to the organization and how might it be made better, if at all? Share your thoughts around is there real value in having a vision and mission statement? Do employees find it beneficial why or why not?…

Global Growth Week 4 – 11 Pages 


Select a business and describe the alternative growth options available to the firm in the global environment. Which would you recommend and why? Of the options to go global discussed in class (Export, Franchise, Joint Venture, !00% Owner) which would you consider if you were going global and why?…

Jamba Juice Week 5 – 13 Pages 


Read the Jamba Juice Case Study (C30) and comment on the case. What did you learn from reading this case? If you have been a customer of Jamba Juice, please share your experience and opinion of their franchises? What do you think of using a franchise strategy to grow a business such as Jamba Juice? With all the change this company went through to succeed and adapt…is that becoming the new normal? Is this transformational change or incremental change…what’s the difference and are you up to it?…

Leadership Traits Week 6 – 11 Pages 


Name a figure in the business environment whom you would identify as a successful leader.

  • What traits does the leader possess?
  • What is the most important trait? Support your argument with evidence.

Using current events…what leadership qualities should our next President of the United States have which would be different than what a CEO of corporate America…or should they be the same and why?…

Innovation Week 7 – 10 Pages 


We read in this week’s reading that there are types of innovation—product innovation, process innovation, radical innovation, and incremental innovation. In addition, Clayton Christenson introduced disruptive innovation and sustaining innovation. Pick one of the innovation types and give us an example of it. Share what type of innovation has a current of past company you have worked engaged in and what was the result?…