BUSN115 Students Discussions Week 3


BUSN115 Students Discussions Week 3
Will there ever be a single set of international rules governing multinational…

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BUSN115 Students Discussions Week 3

BUSN115 Students Discussions Week 3

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Socially Responsible?  35 Pages

Will there ever be a single set of international rules governing multinational companies? Why? Why not? In what way are United States businesses demanding socially responsible behavior from their international suppliers? Why is this important to discuss? Society is constantly redefining its expectations of business and now holds most enterprises to high behavioral standards. Companies must go beyond “doing well” – simply earning a profit – to “doing good” – living up to their social responsibility.

In a free enterprise system, as we discussed in Week 1, companies that fail to respond to their customers’ needs and demands soon go out of business. Today, customers are increasingly demanding that the companies they buy goods and services from be socially responsible.

Question: What is business’s responsibility to the following?

  1. a) Environment
  2. b) Employees
  3. c) Customers
  4. d) Investors
  5. e) Community

Who will get us started on this discussion

There may be a single set of rules governing international companies as far as manufacturing standards and human rights standards (for employee safety) are concerned, but we are a long way off from this. Political and economic climates vary significantly from country to country. Rules regarding employment and manufacturing practices vary greatly and even the EU and U.S. do not agree on what ingredients are considered safe many times. If such international rules are established, there comes the issue of enforcing it. Many practices for war and torture are outlawed by international law but still occur with few repercussions…

Is it a Matter of Ethics?  33 Pages

An acquaintance of yours in your class has just asked you if he or she could copy a paper you wrote for another instructor last semester. Chances seem good that last semester’s instructor and your current course instructor don’t talk with one another much. Given that, what are your alternatives? What are the consequences of each? Would this situation have been easier to resolve if you had asked yourself the three ethical test questions listed in this week’s assigned chapter? Why? Why not?

Aside from the fact that you would be doing your friend a disservice by not allowing them to learn the material and work through it in their own so that they truly learn it, one would hope that this behavior would be considered dishonest by one’s own moral code. Student ethics and integrity expection wouldn’t permit this type of cheating. If all of this fails to stop you, because “who will ever know?” Then consider that databases and applications exist that assist instructors in finding plagiarism. All an instructor needs to do is copy and paste the snippet into a search and if a replica of the text can be found online, you are busted. Is the risk worth expulsion. What will happen when tougher ethical questions are placed in front of your in your professional life? Is it okay enough to do something anyway even if “no one will ever know.” If you take pride in your professionalism, this shouldn’t be a question. I don’t think the ethical test questions make much of a difference unless you are already questioning your ethical stance, most would come to the same conclusions. An alternative would be to offer to let your friend read your paper from last semester to get a better grip on the assignment but not necessarily give it to them to keep, another option would be to offer to help your friend write the paper…