BUSN315 Course Discussions Week 5


BUSN315 Course Discussions Week 5
How has the emergence of e-commerce and social networking changed how you live your daily…

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BUSN315 Course Discussions Week 5

BUSN315 Course Discussions Week 5

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Quality Management – 36 Pages

How is it possible that improving quality can actually lead to lower costs and higher profits? Can you think of products that have increased in quality but decreased in price over the last 10 years?  What is business process improvement?  What is it and why it is important for operations?  Can it also lead to lower costs and higher profits?  If so, how?

If you became the chief operating officer at a firm, what would be the first thing you would do to improve quality, and why?  If you were hired to come in and manage a company in this top role as CEO, what would be the first thing you would want to evaluate?  What would be your priority?

Business process improvement is a methodology which leaders use to analyze their current processes to see where improvement is needed within the business. Business must be able to find their weaknesses in order to improve business and sales.  If a business cannot improve and find their faults and weaknesses they may fail or become stagnant. The process can ultimately led to lowering costs and improved profits by allowing the company to run more efficiently…

E-Commerce – 36 Pages

How has the emergence of e-commerce and social networking changed how you live your daily life? How would your life be different if we went back in time 20 years and you didn’t have access to the technologies you do today?

We did not have computers or the internet when I was growing up.  However, my nine-year-old niece asked her mother what came first – the computer or the TV.  Most young people today have grown up with computers.  To add to the question above, consider if you would be able to get a college degree at this point in your life if online education was not available.  How else has today’s technology changed your life or the lives of the generation now growing up?  Is it all good?

If you became a CEO of a company that had little technology deployed, what would be the first technology you would deploy and why?  If you were in charge of computer and network security, what types of protection would you put in place to block out hackers or unauthorized persons, and why would this be your choice?

Being able to go to school and not have to physically be there, the flexibility of online classes, and the quick pace I am able to complete my degree are all aspects and benefits that technology has afforded me. These are all very instrumental in keeping a good balance between work, school, and my family.  I think it is also very cool for my children as they grow up that they have all of these options available to them. When I had just graduated high school, online degrees were very new and there weren’t a whole lot of programs. The status quo was still to go to junior college or a big university. My children will now not be limited by circumstances or even money when it comes to getting a college education. I plan on continuing my education past my first degree because I really just enjoy learning and that is a good thing. Are their cons to it? I am sure there are. You lose a lot of the “college experience” and you don’t get the opportunity to work with people as often or in the same situations you will encounter in the job market. But of course if you are working while you’re going to school, you are also getting valuable experience that regular college students do not get to experience. That experience goes a long way when you do graduate…