BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7


BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7
The American Marketing Association (AMA) offers many benefits to people who join them…


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BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7

BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7

All Students Posts – 527 Pages


Strategic Marketing Process

Week 1 All Students Posts – 90 Pages


As we are learning this week, environmental scanning is critical to understanding the internal impact of events occurring outside of the organization. Select one of the five environmental forces (social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory), discuss an actual trend that fits into that particular environmental force, and describe the marketing opportunity it creates.

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

Today, the AMA leads an unparalleled discussion on marketing excellence. AMA offers differentiated content that focuses on the tension between Best Versus Next Practices.

With content coming from unrivaled scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and award-winning publications, like Marketing News, the AMA offers a robust perspective that understands marketer are expected to provide both solutions for today and solutions for tomorrow.

No other organization provides more ways for marketers and academics to connect with the people and resources they need to be successful.

Class, your assignment is to browse the AMA website and address the following areas:

Why join AMA?

What types of scholarships and awards are available?

Which publications does AMA publish?

What are the trending topics for AMA?

How do the goals set for the marketing program in the planning phase relate to the evaluation phase of the strategic marketing process? What would you do with the results of the evaluation if: a) you exceeded your goals? b) you fell short of your goals?

Class, visit the Segway HT website at www.segway.com. What target market(s) is Segway trying to reach? How might you use each of the Four P’s of marketing to attract this target market?

The American Marketing Association (AMA) offers many benefits to people who join them. They connect people to marketers who are forward-thinking and equips their members with the knowledge to understand what is coming in the future of the industry. If people join the AMA, they will have the opportunities to access all of the AMA content, have unlimited journal digital access, downloadable toolkits which are exclusive to members, offer events at the best prices, discounts on Professional Certified Marketer exams, webcasts for only members, and in-person networking opportunities through their local professional chapters…

BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Understanding the Market and Consumer Behavior

Week 2 All Students Posts – 65 Pages


Visit the U.S. Census website at… What information can you find that will help you to estimate the size of the market for your Course Project product? What demographics can you learn about potential buyers that will help you target the addressable market, such as age, gender, income, education, and so forth?

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

Class, visit Nielsen’s MyBestSegments site and insert the zip code for your marketing plan topic,How can you utilize information from this service for your business?

Nielsen MyBestSegments allows you to examine U.S. consumers through the lens of Nielsen Segmentation systems Nielsen PRIZM Premier, Nielsen PRIZM, Nielsen P$YCLE and Nielsen ConneXions. Using descriptive segments with detailed demographic and lifestyle traits, you can use Nielsen Segmentation to obtain a comprehensive view of your customers to reveal:
Who are my best customers?
What are my best customers like?
Where can I find my best customers?
How can I reach my best customers?

The purchase decision process can vary greatly in terms of the time required from the moment a need is perceived until the actual purchase event. Provide an example of an item that may require a long time, and another that may progress relatively quickly through the purchase decision process. What may be some common characteristics among items that have a longer time frame?

The seniors are a great group to focus on because they are patient (most of the time), when you try to teach them something new. I have several coworkers who are intimidated by change, especially change that happens as such a quick rate like technology.  Once they understand what they are doing, they become calm and are more willing to try new things like Skype for an example.  We have so many technical options to use at work that can make communicating with our co-workers from all over the country that it only makes sense that they learn what technology programs are available to them.  I shared the Census website with one of my co-workers and she is hooked on the information that is available.  She plans to retire in 3 years and she is looking for the best neighborhoods for seniors to retire to in our area…

Research Segmentation Targeting and Positioning

Week 3 All Students Posts – 85 Pages


Discuss how marketers use primary data and secondary data, and provide some examples. Feel free to help your classmates by sharing sources you’ve found while working on your Course Project!

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

What data collection methods yields the best usable data, well according to marketresearchworld.net this really depends on what you are looking to achieve from the results of your research. Are you looking to see which people like the product you’ve created most? Or see which form of advertising has the best effect on a specific group? This would require Quantitative research.

Class, what are the challenges posed by secondary data collection and those posed by primary data collection? How would you suggest overcoming the challenges?

Occasionally, a student will suggest that his or her product or service is universally needed, such as providing a haircut. Therefore, they plan to target everyone. Why is this not a good idea? What criteria should be used to determine which market segment(s) to target?

Class, what are some criteria used in forming meaningful segments?

Marketing research focuses on understanding the customer, the company, and the competition. These relationships are at the core of marketing research. Companies must understand and respond to what customers want from their products. However, this relationship is always influenced by competitors and how their products are received by your market. Thus, you must clearly identify the customer, company, and competition before developing a research project like what we are currently doing…

BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Product Life Cycle

Week 4 All Students Posts – 83 Pages


Discuss why it’s important to test new products prior to launch, and provide an example of a type of product and the testing it likely passes through.

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

Choose a life cycle stage and give an example of a product in that stage. Would you market it any differently?  Can you provide an example of a product that found life after the decline stage in the PLC. What do you think facilitated the revival?  Products can be goods, services, or ideas. So far, we have mostly discussed goods. Now, let’s talk about the intangible aspect of products, which are services. What distinguishes services from goods? Please provide examples.  Some have said that a brand is a promise. What does that mean and why is having a strong brand an advantage to a company and to the consumer?

Take a vehicle for instance. Before a vehicle is mass produced they build the most important components of the car to get it ready for testing. Frame, seats, steering wheel, tires, etc. They place all the airbags in place and set up a crash course test. This is what I would say is the most important test to a vehicle there is before going into production. Now days there is a lot more going into the testing. Take this for example: the other day I watched a video on the Tesla predicting a car crash and being able to stop in time. The test was a success when the Tesla could tell there was a car in front of it and was able to slow down. But when they car in front of the Tesla swerved out of the way the Tesla always hit the next car because it couldn’t read the next car in time…

Pricing Decisions and Adjustments

Week 5 All Students Posts – 70 Pages


Share your opinion. Is there any truth in the statement “geographical pricing will always be unfair to buyers who do not live within the target geography?” Why or why not?

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

The elements that make up a price are demand oriented, cost oriented, profit oriented, and competition oriented approaches. In the demand approaches are skimming, penetration, prestige, price lining, odd-even, target, bundle, and yield marketing. In the cost oriented approaches are standard mark up, cost-plus, experience curve. In the profit oriented approaches are target profit, target return on sales, and target return on investments. In the competition oriented approaches are customary, above, at, or below market, and loss leader. Geographical pricing is part of final pricing adjustments.

There are times when pricing adjustments are made. List three specific types of price adjustments and explain the rationale for making such an adjustment.

Geographical pricing is t adjusting an item’s sale price based on the location of the buyer.  The company producing the item has to base the price based on local taxation and local requirements. If they are servicing a global market shipping is considered when pricing the product to increase revenue…

BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Integrated Marketing Communication and Social Media Marketing

Week 6 All Students Posts – 66 Pages


Discuss how brand managers integrate social media into their communications strategies, and provide an example of a social media ad that is integrated with other media, such as print, radio, or TV.

Please respond to the graded topic prompt above with either a text reply or by posting a multimedia response, and verify that your submission posts.

Describe Public Relations? Give examples.  Are there any memorable mottos, jingles, slogans, or logos that help remind you of a company?  What is Integrated Marketing Communications and why is it so important in the 21st century for marketers to embrace this?

Essentially, advertising must take into consideration the right objectives, for the right target market, within budgetary constraints.
In general, what are some of the advantages or disadvantages of any of the following: television, radio, magazines, newspapers, Internet, outdoor, telephone, direct mail, and personal selling?

Integrated marketing was created to unify and be a seamless experience for a company’s customers to interact with their company and/or brand. This is an attempt to bring all aspects of marketing communication together by the use of advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, and social media. This is accomplished through a mix of tactics, media, activities, methods, and channels so that they will all work together as a united force. This is a process that is designed to ensure all communications and messaging strategies are constant across all the channels used and are focused on the customers…

Distribution and the Four Ps

Week 7 All Students Posts – 68 Pages


This week we will re-visit the basics of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, and price).

The main elements in a marketing mix are the company’s products. These products are, or provide that which the customers want. A watch that does not work, or a car that does not run will not be purchased by customers. Companies develop products into brands that create a unique position as viewed by consumers. A superior brand will have higher sales and the ability to charge a higher price and exert more control over distributors. Companies try to retain their customers with brand loyalty. Loyal customers are usually not as price sensitive, and having loyal customers gives a Company time to respond to the actions of competitors.

We can identify 2 major areas for this week’s discussion topics – Targeting and Integrated Marketing Communications. Communication is the process of conveying a message to others and it requires six elements: a source, a message, a channel of communication, a receiver, and the processes of encoding and decoding. The receiver in this case would be the target market of viewers for the ads.

According to our textbook, Walmart’s marketing strategy is to be a reliable, lower-price retailer for a wide variety of mass consumption consumer goods. This strategy favors an efficient supply chain designed to deliver products to 200 million consumers each week at the lowest possible cost. Efficiency is achieved in a variety of ways…

BUSN319 Course Discussions Week 1-7