BUSN350 Business Analysis Course


BUSN350 Business Analysis Course
Search the open job listings on the web, identify and post one new open position…


BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

A+ Entire Course: Individual Course Project 1 Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 | Team Assignment Week 2, 4, 6| Discussions Week 1-7

BUSN 350 Individual Course Project 1 Week 1, 3, 5, 7, 8

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Individual Course Project Part 1 – Week 1

Starbucks Reward Program

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This week you will have some academic freedom with the topic you discuss. This assignment is Part 1 of your Individual Course Project

  • Choose an Organization (This can be a fictional company or a real company of your choosing)
  • Determine a business Challenge this company might have that could benefit from business analysis.
  • Develop a general course of action on how you will go about developing a solution for this problem
  • You will write a short paper describing the company and the problem.
  • Using Microsoft Project you will develop a brief project management schedule chart. You should identify at least five tasks necessary to complete your analysis with a rough schedule. Should include all major milestones and resources required. You will copy and paste this into a Word Document


  • The minimum requirement is 500 words exclusive of the Project chart, title and reference pages.
  • APA formatting is expected with at least two outside sources (in addition to your text) cited in your paper.
  • Submit your completed assignment here by clicking the ‘Submit Assignment” button. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
  • Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document


Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, and it maintains this position by developing a strong brand image, having an extensive global supply chain, and continuing to diversify through mergers and acquisitions (Lombardo, 2019).  Its strong brand image makes….

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Individual Course Project Part 2 – Week 3

Starbucks Reward Program

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Design and create a survey to measure the business issue, problem that you identified in Part I of your project. Collect information from a functionally diverse population and apply critical thinking to capture meaning from survey results. You are to use the survey polling software Survey Monkey. You can find the Survey Monkey site at www.surveymonkey.com. You should have at least 10 survey respondents.

What You Need To Do

Business analysts use a variety of tools to gather information and feedback about a project. One of these tools is surveying stakeholders. In this exercise, you will create, design, administer, and evaluate the results of a stakeholder survey. The stakeholders may be part of your course project or they may by any other group of individuals you wish to survey.

  1. Choose your Issue and Design your Survey. The first task is to choose the business issue you will analyze. Create a schedule of activities to measure the issue that includes identifying the correct stakeholders, selecting the best business analysis techniques, managing requirements, and identifying necessary progress assessments.
  2. Construct a diagram of the inputs, tasks, and outputs to map the Survey Monkey survey
  3. You can see examples of this diagram in front of each chapter in the BABOK®.
  4. Define your survey objective. What are you going to survey? What questions are you going to ask? What is the objective of the survey? What will you do with the information?
  5. To build your Survey Monkey survey go to the website: surveymonkey.com and register for the basic service. After you have registered, review these tutorials:
  • Getting Started
  • Question Types
  • Survey Templates
  • Customization
  • Response Validation
  • Skip Logic
  • Printable PDF File
  • Design a 5-10 question survey to obtain the information you need to address your project queries
  1. Identify Your Stakeholders
  2. Run Your Survey.


The business issue that will be analyzed for this project is to determine why Starbucks customers do not join the company’s Rewards Program and to determine what will make them join the program. It has been found that Rewards program members make more purchases than…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Individual Course Project Part 3 – Week 5

Starbucks Reward Program

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For this Assignment you will use Microsoft Visio software


Part of business analysis includes managing projects. To more efficiently manage projects, software tracking is often used to insure each element of the project is identified and tracked as each element of the project progresses. Microsoft Visio diagrams your project to provide a visual of processes and systems. It allows you to identify relationship diagrams, create flowcharts and network diagrams.

If you do not have Visio installed on your computer, you can download it for free in the Student Software store.

For this assignment, create a diagram of your final course project using Visio software.

Your final project (posted in the Course Project Overview (in Introduction and Resources) includes comparing and contrasting two solutions for a single problem, and describing the business analysis processes towards successful outcomes. To complete this course project, you will need to map out your solutions.

Your assignment will include the following components:

  • Create a basic diagram for how the problematic situation currently is operating
  • Create two diagrams depicting how your proposed solutions will each operate
  • Write a 2-3 page summary linking the three diagrams.

You will embed your Visio diagrams into your Word doc.


Starbucks is one of the best known companies in the world.  It continues to enjoy increasing sales every year.  However, the company noticed that most of its sales were made by Rewards Program members who were kept abreast of the latest promos…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Individual Course Project Part 4 – Week 7

Starbucks Reward Program

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The final report on the course project will include all of the work from previous assignments plus other observations. It should include the overall recommendation for the proposed solution and why it was selected.

The Report:

  • Must be 12-15 pages in length.
  • Follow APA format for title page, reference page, appendix, citations, etc.
  • At least six authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or Web pages are not acceptable).
  • All DeVry University policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy.
  • Papers are due during Week 7 of this course.
  • Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Course Q & A Discussion topic.


The business analyst conducted an analysis of Starbucks’ Rewards program to determine how casual customers can be enticed to join it.  The company claims that a large part of its sales come from members of the program; thus, growing its membership will potentially lead to…26 Pages

Individual Course Project Part 5 – Week 8

Starbucks Reward Program

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There is no question of the importance of an organization’s determined strategy; however, the emphasis at times requires repetition Just two of the necessary components of successful execution is leadership and teamwork. Everyone must be on board and working together to achieve optimal strategic implementation. As Naveen Jain once stated:

“Success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won’t win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling.”

Assignment Instructions

This week you will create narrated PowerPoint Presentation of the findings of your course project. This presentation will consist of seven slides (not including the Cover and Reference Slides) describing the chosen problem, the two solutions you developed to tackle this problem, and which of the two you selected to solve the problem. Your presentation would also include some validation of your suggested solutions.

Assignment Directions

Submit your completed assignment here by clicking the “Submit Assignment” button.


Starbucks Reward Program – PowerPoint Presentation

  • Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world (Lombardo, 2019)
  • Has over 75 million customers per month (Grill-Goodman, 2018)
  • As of April, 2018, Rewards program purchases increased to 39% of the company’s US sales (PYMNTS, 2018)…

Team Assignment Week 2, 4, 6

Amazon – PowerPoint Presentation

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Team Assignment Part 1 – Week 2

Amazon Lackluster International Sales

Click Here: BUSN350 Team Assignment Week 2

Each team will submit and a 5-7 minute multimedia piece (for example, video, PowerPoint, narrated PowerPoint, etc.) which describes the company chosen and why the team chose this firm as well as an analysis of the company is set up to meet the challenges and where they are not ready. (see course resources: the DeVry Library is a great place for research).

Team Assignment I


Amazon – 12 PowerPoint Slides

  • Amazon’s Company Profile
  • Why the Group Selected Amazon for the Project
  • Amazon’s Problem
  • Why Amazon is Set Up to Meet the Challenges
  • Areas Where Amazon is Not Ready

Team Assignment Part 2 – Week 4

Amazon SWOT Analysis

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Each Team will research the company creating a SWOT Analysis multimedia piece (for example, video, PowerPoint, narrated PowerPoint, etc.)


Amazon SWOT Analysis – 12 PowerPoint Slides

  • Increase Amazon’s international sales
  • Amazon in the international business environment
  • Incorporated in May 28, 1996
  • Offers a wide range of products and services online…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Team Assignment Part 3 – Week 6

Amazon’s Poor Internal Performance

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Each Team will create a 7-10 minute multimedia piece (for example, video, PowerPoint, narrated PowerPoint, etc.) All members of the team MUST speak in the presentation to earn credit. Here are the sections that should be outlined in your presentation:

  • Problem & solution
  • Executive summary
  • Brief history
  • Industry analysis
  • Company analysis
  • Alternatives
  • Implementation


Amazon’s Poor Internal Performance – 12 PowerPoint Slides

  • Expected growth of international sales not met
  • 2018 Q3 revenue was only 13%
  • Expected growth: 15% (Gaus, 2019; Jhonsa, 2018)…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Course Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts – 265 Pages

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Business Analyst Skills – Week 1 All Students Posts – 35 Pages

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Search the open job listings on the web, identify and post one new open position that requires business analyst skills. Describe and discuss some required business analyst skills.

What tools do we have when communicating with our employees?  How does one go about developing the interpersonal skills one needs to do this job well?  What are some good traits for interviewing?

Often during panel interviews, they’ll pose a question like “Tell me about a time you dealt with conflict”. They want you to tell a story and they want to gauge how well you do that. They measure your communication skills. Describe the situation – this exemplifies how well you can recognize and define root causes. Then they want to see how you outlined your approach to addressing the situation. Next they want to know what action you took. Lastly they want to know the end result. There are a number of attributes they look for when they ask this question.

How well do you communicate? Does it makes sense or is this candidate making it up as he or she goes along? Is it believable / realistic? Employers take offense to someone wasting their time. At their discretion, they can literally cut the interview short on the spot. The overall analysis has to do with the approach you took, or methodology. They can get a glimpse into your decision making capabilities. Are you a diplomatic objective leader? To what extent are you capable of making decisions based on imperfect information? How well do you delegate -or- would you be prone to bias in your decision making? How well will this person adapt to the current culture?…

BUSN 350 Business Analysis

Planning and Monitoring – Week 2 All Students Posts – 35 Pages

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Online operations have become a mainstay of America business. Is planning and monitoring a business analysis project different for an e-operation than it is for brick and mortar? If so, why? If not, why not? What are the differences and similarities?

Ask any Mom & Pop shop owner what the bane of their existence is and they will probably say online shopping generally and Amazon specifically.

As you consider your response to this question think about that small business owner, how does he/she level the battlefield?  Are there better types of products for a local Mom and Pop shop to choose to better compete with online?  If so, what would those products be?

All the marketing in the world can’t make you better at dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis. This can be a tough challenge.

“Customer service can be defined as the degree of assistance and courtesy granted those who patronize the organization” as defined by NBRI. I think some organizations do a better job at this than others.

The real world experiences can be very different. Recently, I went to BestBuy and called Amazon.com regarding several different products. My customer experience was very different at each of these.  At BestBuy, they were just rushing folks through the line, custodians simply pointed customers to the area where the product they were looking for were located at. They did not walk anyone to the product and helped them out.

As for Amazon.com, I called with a question pertaining to the shipping charges which ended up being higher than I expected them to be. The customer help representative explained the situation to me. When she noticed that I did not like the shipping charges, she looked into it and was able to provide me with a “coupon” to cover the shipping charges and thus securing my business. I thought she went the extra mile for me.

I found it was interesting that Amazon operates solely online.

Do you think BestBuy’s attitudes toward the customer can spill over into its business endeavors? Does Amazon’s handling of customer service affect its overall business?

How does operating exclusively in an online world impact things?  Can a Business Analyst help in any of this?…

Elicitation Techniques – Week 3 All Students Posts – 38 Pages

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What plan would you put into place before starting requirements elicitation activities? Explain each component of your plan.  Education, knowledge engineering, linguistics, management, philosophy, psychology, or other fields to gather knowledge or information from people. Class, thoughts?  How would you provide a record of the Brainstorming session?

Often the road less traveled is the best path to take. It may seem from a distance, like a journey that leads to nowhere, but upon closer inspection, it’s exactly what takes you directly to a solution. Lots of business processes involve trial and error and over time changes along the way could morph into long term solutions which themselves emanated from happenstance. Funny how that works sometimes.

With that in mind, how can you incorporate those ideas into your mix?  Can advisory boards help in the planning for elicitation?…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Evaluating Solutions – Week 4 All Students Posts – 40 Pages

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You are conducting a business analysis project for a large athletic apparel retail operation. How would you go about determining potential solutions to a business situation and evaluating their impact?  Evaluating solutions is a large part of our jobs as business analysts. This question will challenge you to stretch your thinking on this issue.

You wrote, “Business analysis is all about problem solving and finding solutions to issues when necessary.”  What happens if you are assigned a project and in the end, there didn’t appear to be a viable solution to the problem?  “Some solutions that I would use would be to determine the correct degree and definition of the issue.”

What are some examples of degree?  What resources do you need at your disposal to accomplish all of this?

You wrote, “How I would go about determining potential solutions to a business situation and evaluating their impact is specify the underlying cause, state the problem specifically.  Next I would generate some alternatives solutions that are consistent with the company’s goals.”  What sorts of alternatives would you be look for?

They say that the only truly constant in life is change and its no different in the life of a company.

There seems to be resistance to change whether the change will be good or bad. Why do people resist change?  When evaluating solutions should this factor into your evaluation? Why or why not?…

Enterprise Analysis – Week 5 All Students Posts – 37 Pages

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Think about a business project on which you have worked. How would you apply an enterprise analysis framework to this project?

As I was reviewing the question above, I came across this website stating that Enterprise Analysis has been replaced by Strategy Analysis by BABOK v3. They share some common goals and objectives but the new strategic analysis ups the game with Strategic Vision, Incremental Change Strategy and Gating/Pre-project Usage. The article even provides a Strategy Analysis Checklist.

A business analyst must possess certain core competencies in order to effectively lead enterprise analysis projects. These include (but are not necessarily limited to) the abilities to:

  • Create and maintain business architecture. To perform this, an analyst must be able to research and discern where a business is (baseline architecture) and where it should be (target business architecture). According to BABOK, business architecture “defines an organizations current and future state, including its strategy, its goals and objectives.”[9]
  • Conduct feasibility studies. A feasibility study looks at the options that are proposed and examines whether they are technically possible within the organization and whether they will meet the organization’s goals.
  • Perform opportunity identification and analysis. This is the practice of identifying and analyzing “new business opportunities to perform organizational performance[10]. This is typically done in consultation with subject matter experts.
  • Prepare and maintain the business case. For this competency, an analyst must be able to identify the cost in time, money and resources that the proposed solution will consume and weighs that against the tangible benefits that the solution will offer.
  • Understand and perform risk management. For this skill, an analyst must understand the risks (technical, financial, business, and so on) of implementing the proposed solution and weigh those against the risk of not implementing the solution.

Have you ever had to apply any of these items to a job you are doing?…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Solution Assessment – Week 6 All Students Posts – 42 Pages

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Once you have developed a set of solutions for a business problem or challenge how do you go about assessing each on its merits to arrive at the best choice?

You wrote, “he data collected will allow to measure the solutions performance using the most appropriate method. The measurements are analyzed to verify whether the solution meets the requirements established by the business needs.”  Who or what determines what measurements to use?  What is the difference between solution assessment and validation?  What other issues (other than capital) should be take into consideration when addressing solutions?  How do you go about identifying what resources you need?

Each solution will be evaluated against the requirements that were established during the requirements analysis and design definition stage. Solution evaluation can take place during any of the development stages; prototypes, pilots, or operation releases. The data collected will allow to measure the solutions performance using the most appropriate method. The measurements are analyzed to verify whether the solution meets the requirements established by the business needs. Limitations in performance can either be issues that are within scope of the project or are limitations from within the business. These limitations are keeping the solution from reaching is full potential. The final step is identify solutions to correct the limitations and repeat the process until the desired results are met…

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course

Conflict Management – Week 7 All Students Posts – 38 Pages

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Conflict management is a highly coveted skill in business today. Since more and more companies are working as teams, this is a critical skill, especially as a business analyst working primarily in team environments. Describe a conflict management process you might use that could fit with any project management team. Share why your model would be effective.

When dealing with a team, conflicts are bound to happen.  Everyone thinks their opinion is the best and that it should dictate what happens.  A good leader will employee conflict management skills to enable healthy dialogue between team members ad encourage constructive communication.  The best tool to use in a project management setting to manage conflict is to have a collaborative setting.  This allows the freedom of ideas to be discussed without members feeling afraid to share with the group.  Collaboration seeks to break issues and attain a win-win scenario.  This type of conflict management can be an effective tool for complex situations needing innovative solutions. This can be accomplished be re-framing the issues to create space for ideas from every member of the group.  With all conflict management tools, collaboration does have its downside.  It requires that all team members reach a consensus and have trust in each other to come to a relevant conclusion.  This can take a lot of effort and time to get team members to agree to the same idea….

BUSN350 Business Analysis Course