BUSN369 Course Project Week 6


BUSN369 Course Project Week 6
Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources (100 points)


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BUSN369 Course Project Week 6

BUSN369 Course Project Week 6


Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources (100 points) 

This section should present an analysis of the marketing, operations, and human resources for your selected business. It should include graphs and tables either embedded within the body text or in the appendices. For example, you could include a map showing where products or services are sold. In addition, you could have an illustration of the supply chain system showing the sources of materials and labor used throughout the world. Make sure you provide the appropriate sources for material that is not original.

Following are some questions to ask.

  1. How does my business market their products or services?
  2. How are prices established?
  3. What are the criteria for selection of suppliers?
  4. What are the wages of the employees? Competitive to similar businesses?
  5. What is the culture of your business?

There are several sources from which the issues can be determined. They include business documents, textbooks, annual reports, business or government web sites, and published articles.

In this section, you would provide specific information on your selected business covering items A through E.

Section 3: Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources

Description Points Available 
A. Marketing strategies  10
B. Pricing strategies  10
C. Global operations and supply chain  10
D. Compensation and appraisal system  10
E. Employee culture, employer relations, and practices  10
APA format; no typing, spelling, or grammatical errors  10
Cover page  10
Table of contents  10
References  10
Appendices  10
Subtotal  100

Tying in all the components of its store operation to its efficient inventory management controlled by Wal-Mart’s headquarter in Arkansas is its cutting-edge technology, equipped with its own satellite.  This ensures efficient/accurate flow of information on forecasting and inventory replenishment based…