CARD 405 Threaded Discussions


CARD 405 Threaded Discussions
How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you…



CARD 405 Threaded Discussions

CARD 405 Threaded Discussions

Week 1-7 All Students Posts 367 Pages – 2 Sets

Self-Awareness and Career Success Discussions Week 1 All Posts 51 Pages

Why is understanding yourself important in your career development? How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you have to offer? How do you self-assess?  Where do you look for those opportunities to improve? Do you think most people know what they are good and not so good at or is it something that they need to actually find out through and assessment type activity?…

Direction is so much more important than speed! We will discuss how being self-aware is part of your marketing and brand! If you don’t understand yourself, who will? In marketing yourself, it’s best to know who your market is, and what your brand means to you! If you believe in it, and have sold yourself on your product and skill set, then you will be able to convince everyone else!…

CARD 405 Threaded Discussions

Job-Hunting Techniques Discussions Week 2 All Posts 54 Pages

The prospect of searching for a job can be very intimidating. What techniques have you used in the past when you were job hunting? Which ones were most effective? Least effective? What do you attribute their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) to? Can you spend a little more time elaborating on LinkedIn and how you make connections?  How does this site work? will you be using newspapers in your future job searches?  Will they have the jobs that you are looking for after you graduate?…

Don’t be afraid to go for it. Sometimes employers are doing themselves a disservice by raising the experience level so high, even for entry level candidates, however, they also do it because they know it will intimidate those who do not feel they can be valuable to the company without it. You’re hardly ever going to meet 100% of the job description, but as long as you’re in the 70th percentile, you’re good to go! So apply apply apply! What if you asked the employer on the interview, who would be training you?…

The “Hidden” Job Market Discussions Week 3 All Posts 49 Pages

Although estimates vary, it is suggested that 80% or more of the job openings that exist are in the hidden job market. What is the difference between the published job market and the hidden job market? What techniques would you usually use to access the published job market? What techniques would you use to access the hidden job market? Does anyone agree/disagree with this statement, “It’s the best way to get a job in my opinion because there is no competition.”  Is there competition in the hidden job market? Which job market is more dependent on you knowing technology?  Why?…

Look at how networking is already getting the wheels spinning in motion! You’re going to do great in your field. If you know those professors still, see if you can speak with them to do a  warm introduction! This way, you can conduct an informational interview and get more insight into the position…as much as they can share! That would be awesome!…

Marketing Yourself Discussions Week 4 All Posts 47 Pages

In Career Focus: A Personal Job Search Guide, Martucci Lamarre (2006) suggests that if we want to realize our job dreams, we need to think about ourselves as products to be marketed, and in order to do this, we need to contextualize ourselves within the five Ps of marketing: product, price, place, presentation, and promotion (p. 4). Please reflect and respond to the following questions taken from our textbook.

  • What exactly is your product and how is it different from (or better than) other similar products?
  • Where will you sell your product?
  • Who are the potential buyers of the product and how does that price compare to similar products being offered?
  • How will you let others know about your product, and how will you develop its presentation to appropriate markets?

Do you have testimonials?  Also what are learning skills? I suppose that everyone would want a consistent product.  Do you have any examples to illustrate what is consistent about your product to bring your claims to life?….

A person who constantly (without being asked) thinks of ways to make something better is not only an invaluable skill set, but it’s something that cannot be taught! That in itself is a commodity to a company! When you incorporate your flexibility and drive to produce products that you’re proud of with your well-rounded skill set, you’re on the road to a fantastic career journey!…

Preparing for Your Interviews Discussions Week 5 All Posts 49 Pages

Experts will tell you that it is important to prepare for an interview. What type of preparation could and should you do? Lots of people practice in front of a mirror.  Wouldn’t it be better to bring in other people?  Do all of you have honest friends and family that can give you feedback? what does knowing whether or not a company is relaxed get you in terms of interview prep?  Does that mean that you can approach the interview in a relaxed manner? It is important to do research on the company you are interviewing with.  Is this a nice thing to do though or a required thing?  Also in terms of researching what are your thoughts about trying to research the person who is scheduled to interview you?…

Research, research, research! The key to a successful interview is being prepared. Actually, let’s just call that the recipe since it’s all in the preparation. Great job on doing your research, which helped you land the job….

Responding to Interview Questions Discussions Week 6 All Posts 62 Pages

Once you have a resumé that gets noticed by employers, the next step in securing the job that you want is to interview successfully. The key to interviewing successfully is your ability to respond appropriately and well to the questions asked during the interview. Pick three questions from the following list (Martucci Lamarre, 2006, p. 121) and tell us how you would respond to them.

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • How are you qualified for this position?
  • Why are you interested in working for our firm?
  • What can you contribute to this company?
  • What are your short-term goals?
  • What are your long-term goals?

While there is no doubt in that how you have identified yourself is important is it what an employer wants to hear in a response?  What do the rest of you think? When you take things personal, what does it look like?…

Experience is very important Joanna, you’re right! Before graduation, we will definitely work together to get you some opportunities to gain experience! A career with good work/life balance is key….

Evaluating a Job Offer Discussions Week 7 All Posts 55 Pages

Review the “Criteria for Evaluating a Job Offer” on pages 138–139 in the textbook. What are your top two criteria out of each of the four basic areas? Why did you choose these criteria? No doubt that salary is important.  Is it really a mystery though when you go into an interview situation on what you will be offered?  Don’t we all kind of know based on our qualifications and demand what we are worth?  Do all of you know this? What size pay increase is typical? Being almost a college grad I would say a good typical pay is in the 40K”.  Does being a college grad guarantee you a particular salary?  What does the research say that you should expect for the position you are looking at with your experiences and in your area?…

Two very important factors one must consider when selecting a job! You have to do what works for you! The things we all take for granted when we have them! Who would have thought, clean air and breathing would be, of all things, a necessity that isn’t always given!…

CARD 405 Threaded Discussions