CARD415 Development Strategy Course


CARD415 Development Strategy Course
When it is time to begin your job search, finalize your career development portfolio by removing the advertisement…

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CARD415 Development Strategy Course

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Resume Exercise Week 1

Click Here: CARD 415 Resume Exercise

Because CARD415 is a career refresher course, you should already have prepared a resume. Evaluate your current resume draft and update it as necessary. Submit a draft copy of your resume for this week’s graded assignment. You will have an opportunity later to revise this draft after receiving feedback from your professor; still, make this resume as complete and updated as possible. A final resume will also be a part of the Course Project to be submitted at the end of the course. See Checklist for Submitting Current Resume and Rubric for Current Resume in the Files section.


Equipped with outstanding ability to interact with high-performance teams, resolve complex technical issues, and implement best practice…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Summary of Self-Assessment Week 2

Click Here: CARD415 Summary Self Assessment

In this assignment, you will be creating a list of your skills, values and personality traits. Be sure to use the text material and lectures to assist you with completing the assignment.

Step 1: Skills Assessment

Indicate five transferable skills you have to offer to an employer. A list of transferable skills is found in our text book on pages 30-31. Feel free to search the Internet for additional lists. After listing the skill, briefly explain through example how you have put the skill to use.

Transferable Skill


Indicate five job specific skills you have to offer to an employer. In addition include a minimum of one example for each in which you can prove how you have put the skill to use.

Job Specific Skill


Step 2: Values Assessment

In the following table include a list of your top five work values. Examples of values include independence, security, creativity, freedom etc. See page 8 in our text book for a list of values for reference. Please be sure to reflect carefully on what you value most.

*Please note you are not being asked to take the instrument, which requires

a fee, rather you are being asked to reflect on the information and analyze what you believe your personality type to be.

Value (List the values in order of importance to you.)

One sentence indicating why this value is of importance to you.

Step 3: Personality Assessment

Review the information at

Based on what you know about yourself determine what you believe your MBTI personality type code to be and note it below. Use this information to complete the second column of the table below…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Smart Career Goals Exercise Week 3

Click Here: CARD415 Smart Career Goals

SMART Goals Worksheet

Use this worksheet for the Week 3 assignment. Think about your immediate career goal upon graduation.  Be as specific as you can when addressing the 5 traits of this SMART goal.

Specific-What specifically do you want? Don’t just say “to get a job.”  You need to think of either the title of the job or the kind of work you wish to do.

Measurable -How will you know if the goal has been reached? What will happen or be the situation?

Attainable -Is it within reach? How do you know that you are capable and able to attain your goal?

Realistic-Re-examine the specific goal (position/work) you stated above. Is this goal realistic for you?  Explain.

Timely (Time Frame)-This is an important part of any SMART goal.  By when do you plan to achieve your goal?  This may be a bit difficult given a specific economy, but set a date or time frame in months for achieving this goal.


Specific-What specifically do you want? Don’t just say “to get a job.”  You need to think of either the title of the job or the kind of work you wish to do.

I want a career were I can use my Degree to climb the ladder…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Long-Term Career Plan Week 4

Click Here: CARD415 Long Term Career Plan

This assignment will give you practice on using important library/Internet resources for your successful job search. See this week’s lecture for some tips on doing career research using these types of resources.

This assignment has two parts: research of future positions and research of possible companies for future employment. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to do a thorough job researching and providing your responses. Follow the directions below using the numbered and lettered parts of the directions as your template for completion.

Part 1 – Long Term Career Strategies

  1. Describe the position in which you are currently working in your field or an entry-level position you could attain with your degree you are completing. Include the following information:
  2. The position title
  3. The duties of the position
  4. Expected salary
  5. Provide information on next projected position within your career track after the one you named in Step 1. Include the following information:
  6. The position title
  7. The duties of the position
  8. The expected salary
  9. The timeline in which this position will be obtained
  10. The skills you will need to develop while employed in the position above to be able to obtain this next career position
  11. Provide information on next projected position within your career track after the one you named in Step 2. Include the following information:
  12. The position title
  13. The duties of the position
  14. The expected salary
  15. The timeline in which this position will be obtained
  16. The skills you will need to develop while employed in the position above to be able to obtain this next career position
  17. Discuss the overall lessons you learned from this project in a paragraph or so.

Part 2 – Company Research

  1. Locate three employers who would employ someone with your degree and skills and complete the following information on each of them:
  • Name and full mailing address of Company/Organization AND

Company Website address

  • Type of product or service the company provides
  • Financial performance of company (try to supply both earnings and profit numbers)
  • Give the names of two of this company’s chief competitors
  1. Based on the information you have learned, name the company that you feel is the best prospect for future employment and justify your selection.

NOTE: Make sure you complete 1 and 2 above for three companies.

See rubric below for this assignment.

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Career Objective/Summary Week 5

Click Here: CARD415 Career Objective Summary


Most experts advise job seekers to construct a career objective that includes a specific job title or career/field area combined with words that summarize applicable experience combined with a couple of other personal/professional qualities.  It is also recommended that you complete the statement or statements with a comment as to why it is in the employer’s best interest to hire you.  To complete both the career objective portion and the personal summary portion of this assignment, find a job advertisement for a position for which you will qualify upon graduation.  Use this ad to help you craft these two options for a resume.

An example of a career objective would be something like this:  “Experienced Logistics specialist seeking a position as an Operations Manager that requires strategic thinking and strong financial skills to assist with budget management, estimating, forecasting.”  Now let’s try your hand at writing one using the following structure. Write your own objective under the template below.  Feel free to create more than one objective for different positions that you may be interested in.

(Your current position/qualification)……..seeking (name of a degree-related position you desire)…………… that requires (use some examples of technical/personal related skills or experience you now possess)….. to assist with (include tasks or desired skills as mentioned in the company’s job advertisement.)


Quite often job seekers prefer to include a personal summary in their resumes in place of a specific career objective.  Some job seekers include both.  This exercise will give you practice at creating your own personal summary.  This section of a resume can be entitled “Personal Summary,” or sometimes it may be called “Skills/Achievements.” Take a look at the Skills/Achievement statements in the sample resume located on pg. 93 of our textbook.  You will notice that this section includes both competencies or skills and achievements or experiences. An example of a personal summary could look something like this:  Five years experience installing and servicing local area network. Work well under tight deadline and within diverse teams.

Customer service oriented with ability to problem solve and find creative alternatives.  Excellent troubleshooting skills and ability to adapt to quickly changing situations.

Think about some noteworthy experience you may be able to bring to an employer. Then reflect on some skills/achievements or traits that reflect who you are or what you can do in a work setting. Write your personal summary statements below and include at least 3-4 different statements that summarize your talents. This can be written in a paragraph or you can use bulleted phrases.

Targeted Cover Letter Week 6

Click Here: CARD415 Targeted Cover Letter

Although many jobs are applied for online today, there is still a need for a professional cover letters in today’s job search.  Sometimes for positions that are advertised online, the employer asks for a cover letter to accompany the resume. Cover letters are tools to introduce candidates to employers and also to give additional information about job seekers. The bottom of page 105 in our text provides ideas of what information needs to be found in each of the paragraphs of a cover letter.  Remember, this letter should not tell your life’s story, but it should be targeted enough to an open position that it encourages the reader to take a look at the accompanying resume.

Write a targeted cover letter for the position which you used to write your targeted resume. Use formal business letter writing conventions, and make sure that the information is balanced on the page and correctly written. See

Figure 5-4 on page 106 of our text for an example. Make sure you are using the name of the company and the address of that company in this business letter.

Targeted Resume Week 6

Click Here: CARD 415 Targeted Resume

For this week’s assignment, you are to find a job advertisement for yourself and create a focused resume that could be used to apply for the advertised position. Detailed directions for the targeted resume are found in the Files section. It is a good idea to review the Resume Evaluation Checklist, found in the Files section, before you submit this week’s resume.

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

CARD 415 Course Project Week 8

Click Here: CARD 415 Course Project


The objective of this assignment is to assemble some of the tools you have been working on for your career development efforts, as well as to select and present some samples of your best work.


This project consists of several assignments, some you have previously completed and some you will be developing. Make sure that you start on this project early, before the week in which it is due. All parts below should be placed in a single Word document. Required parts of the portfolio and their corresponding points are listed below. Take extreme care in assembling this course project, because it takes the place of a final exam and is an essential tool in your future job search efforts.

When it is time to begin your job search, finalize your career development portfolio by removing the advertisement and cover letter sample from this project and adding a few more samples that demonstrate your best skills and experience.

  1. Mission Statement:Use this interactive website to complete this part: You do not have to include each part of this exercise, but include several parts that will accurately convey your personal mission statement. (15 points)
  2. Advertisement:This needs to be a copy of an advertised position for which you would qualify after graduation. (15 points)
  3. Targeted Cover Letter:Using your chosen job advertisement, create a cover letter specifically targeted to this position. Try to include something about the company and definitely demonstrate how you qualify for this specific position. Make any improvements necessary from your earlier cover letter. (15 points)
  4. Final Resume:This should be your best resume yet, incorporating all feedback received! (70 points)
  5. List of References:This can be the same list as previously created and can contain some new individuals. (15 points)
  6. Proof of Hire DeVry Submission:Directions for this portion are in the Files section. (25 points)
  7. THREE Samples: Supply three samples of your best work. These samples can be from school, work, or other situations in which you can demonstrate skills and achievement. (45 points)


Throughout the course when you complete and update an assignment (such as the cover letter or resume), make sure that you place it in a file marked CARD415 Portfolio so that you will have easy access to it for the project deadline of Week 8.

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Course Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts – 196 Pages

Click Here: CARD 415 Course Discussions

Personal Values Week 1 – 35 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Personal Values Course Discussions

Chapter 1 of our text focuses on an understanding of one’s place in one’s field through such things as personal traits, preferences, and values. Evaluate the list of personal values that employers seek, found on page 8 of our text. Share two of the personal values listed that you feel are the most important. Support your view with examples from personal work experiences when possible.

Using the DeVry online library (or an equally reliable search tool), find a “top 10” list of skills most in demand by employers. Post the link here in our discussion, being sure to cite your source. How does the list you found in your search compare to the Top 10 Traits Employers Seek in our textbook? How do your top 10 transferable skills compare to those on these lists? What evidence could you provide to a potential employer to demonstrate your competence in these transferable skills?

Personal values are those ideals that pertain to all fields and are appropriately used in all settings and most situations. Employers seek out these traits in a prospective employee and often write job descriptions to identify which of these skills the candidate possesses. It is wise to weave examples of these values into your cover letter and resumé, and during an interview.

  • What other personal values can you identify?
  • How effective are your personal values? Which ones would you like to develop or improve?…

Self-Assessment Exploration Week 2 – 25 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Self Assessment Exploration

In anticipation of this week’s self-assessment assignment, go to… and explore the many self-assessment sites presented. Without choosing sites that are fee based, take several of the surveys in a few different categories. Did your results confirm what you knew about yourself or did they surprise you at all? Name several of the traits, interests, skills, and/or values that you discovered and link them to success in your chosen field.

Internships provide many career advantages to students who don’t have experience in their fields or who are wishing to move into fields different than those in which they have previously worked. Chapter 2 of our text discusses the purpose of internships as well as how to locate them. How can you become aware of internships in your area or school? Which types of internships are of most interest to you? Feel free to share internship opportunities in this discussion topic.

“How would you respond if you were asked to do something that was clearly outside your professional boundaries?” What would you do, and why?  Why is understanding yourself important in your career development? How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you have to offer?…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

SMART Goal Practice Week 3 – 24 Pages

Click Here: CARD 415 Smart Goal Practice

Let’s talk a bit about setting goals. Goals are easy to set but a bit harder to make a reality. This week’s lecture defines and gives advice on setting SMART goals. Review the lecture, and then try to rewrite one or two of the following general goals into one that is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY. After you have written your chosen goal, look at some written by classmates and provide feedback to them.

A common interview question relates to career goals. Employers want to know if candidates have a vision for their professional futures. Try your hand at either or both goal-related questions: Where do you see yourself in five years? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

One hallmark of being a successful goal setter is having others around to provide support. Who are or will be your champions in supporting your career goals, and what roles have they played, or will they play?…

Traditional vs. Social Networking Week 4 – 27 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Traditional vs Social Networking

Close to 80% of jobs are discovered and secured through what is called the “hidden job market.” To help tap into this market, job seekers need to network. What’s the difference between traditional and social networking? (Hint: see Chapter 4.) How socially connected are you, and what can you do to increase this important type of networking?

Compare individuals who serve as career contacts and job references. Can you supply examples of individuals who would be your personal contacts and references? Why did you choose these individuals, and what are some criteria for selection of individuals to serve as your professional references?  Have you used Staffing or Temp agencies in your job search? What was your experience?…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

Resume Types Week 5 – 30 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Resume Types Course Discussions

Chapter 5 of our text discusses the various types of resumes. Contrast the chronological and the functional types. Which of the three types, chronological, functional, and combination, best suits your career needs? Why?

What’s the difference between a career objective and a personal summary? What factors influence the choice of one over the other?

According to our text, 80% of employers are now placing resumes into searchable databases. In fact, many organizations want candidates to send their resumes directly to their databases through their web pages. Resumes that are written with this in mind are called key word or electronic resumes. Using the Internet, search for key word or electronic resumes in your field and post to this thread. Analyze the posted resume. Are the skills presented clear and relevant? Does the format seem to lend itself to electronic transmission? What did you learn about creating your own scannable resume through searching for and analyzing your sample?…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course

The Importance of Professional Portfolios Week 6 – 29 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Importance of Professional Portfolios

Do you think professional portfolios are more important for entry level job seekers or experienced professionals? Justify your view.

Take a moment to reflect on the work you have completed so far. Does your LinkedIn profile contain the following elements?

  • Demonstrate your ability to organize your thoughts and ideas.
  • Include work that illustrates your ability to confront and deal with problems.
  • Present your work in an effective manner.
  • Enable a potential employer to assess capabilities.
  • Demonstrate the positive combination of education and skills required for the types of positions that are desired.

Let’s consider another important component of a career portfolio: the introduction. The Introduction section details your personal and professional philosophy. Your philosophy is a part of your branding message. Take a moment to consider what this would look like for you. Share it with the class….

Behavioral Based Interview Questions Week 7 – 26 Pages

Click Here: CARD415 Behavioral Based Interview Questions

Find examples of behavioral based interview questions (these will usually start by asking “Tell me about a time,” or “Give an example of.” Make sure that the questions you find ask the respondent to present a skill or trait by describing an incident or behavior. Post two behavioral questions for your first post. After that, respond to at least two posts by a classmate, and then try to comment on the responses other students have given.

What are some of the different types of interviews you have encountered? Does the type of interview impact how well you do? What are some things to keep in mind when being interviewed over the telephone?

Creating a positive first impression is important in a job interview. Some say that a first impression can be formed in as little as a minute or less. What do you base your first impressions of others on? How can job candidates create positive first impressions for themselves?…

CARD415 Development Strategy Course