CARD548 Career Success Strategies


CARD548 Career Success Strategies
Complete the Learning Style Inventory (VARK).  Follow the instructions in Files to analyze your results in terms…

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CARD548 Career Success Strategies

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

A+ Homework Week 1-7|Learning Style |AMA DISC |Stress Processing Report |Potential Job |Individual Final Project| Career Development Portfolio| Discussions Week 1-7

Learning Style Homework Week 1

Complete the Learning Style Inventory (VARK).  Follow the instructions in Files to analyze your results in terms of your life in accord with the instructions and rubrics in Files for the Strategy Assignment. Then submit your paper. (25 points)

  • Prepare and submit a draft Time Management Calendar:  (15 points)
    • (For YOLC access, open a new page and enter “YOLC” and “YOLC” as the user and password. Note the log in credentials are case-sensitive and must be in lowercase letters to enter from e-College)

Time Management Calendar Completed in Excel

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

AMA DISC, Strategy Homework Assignment Week 2

  • Complete the AMA DISC Survey from Human Synergistics. The results will be submitted in Week 2. Instructions on accessing the site are found in the content item labeled AMA DISC for this week. Make sure you spend time reading the Introductory material at the site. You can go back to the site multiple times. After completing the DISC survey, work on your DISC written assignment (instructions in Files) that will be filed in Week 2.
  • Strategy Assignment: Goal Setting. Submit three short pages (or one page with three sections) this week. The first page will include three to five career goals you want to achieve. The second page will include key goals you wish to achieve while at Keller Graduate School of Management. The third page will include obstacles you anticipate in both your school experience and early problems that must be delt with to begin achieving your longer-term career goals. See the Lecture for recommendations here, and examples of those three items in Files. (40 points)
  • After you complete the analysis of your AMA Disc Survey results in terms of your life by following the instructions and rubrics located in Files for the DISC assignment, then submit your paper. (40 points)

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Strategy Homework Assignments Week 3

Complete either of the following (a or b):

  1. Choose one Man/Woman/Persons of the Year from Time Magazine over the last ten years, and prepare a brief report on that person’s career path. What event(s) triggered their designation, and what, if anything, do you find inspiring about their career? (Maybe pick an earlier year than 2007, which is YOU!)  (You may wish to check out the “Time 100” most influential people of the year.) As an alternative to Time Magazine, go to Fast Company or another business magazine and check for outstanding business leaders. Fast Company or, you might try Forbes, Business Week, or Fortune.  Try the Academy Of Achievement and see the note on Oprah Winfrey and her Use Your Life Awards.  You may also select option (b) below.
  2. Choose a person in your personal experience (either that you know/knew, or read about) that exhibited superior leadership skills and career achievements. What is most remarkable and inspiring about their story?

Complete and submit this assignment in less than three pages. (30 points)


Jeff Bezos was named one of Time’s100 most influential people of the year in 2017 for his space venture Blue Origin, which hopes to bring humans to Mars and other space destinations (Nickelsburg, 2017).  In addition, he…

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Stress Processing Report Assignment Week 3

  • Stress Processing Report (SPR). Complete the HS Stress Processing Inventory this week. You will take this inventory online with the access provided by Human Synergistics. Instructions on accessing the SPR site are available on the SPR content item under the Week 2 menu. Paper instructions are found in Files. The SPR written assignment will be submitted in Week 3.
  • Complete either of the following (a or b):
      • Choose one Man/Woman/Persons Of The Year from Time Magazine over the last ten years, and prepare a brief report on that person’s career path. What event(s) triggered their designation, and what, if anything, do you find inspiring about their career? (Maybe pick an earlier year than 2007, which is YOU Time (You may wish to check out the “Time 100” most influential people of the year.) As an alternative to Time Magazine, go to Fast Company or another business magazine and check for outstanding business leaders. Fast Company Or, you might try Forbes, Business Week, or Fortune. Forbes Business Week Fortune Try the Academy Of Achievement and see the note on Oprah Winfrey and her Use Your Life Awards. Oprah You may also select option (b) below.
      • Choose a person in your personal experience (either that you know/knew, or read about) that exhibited superior leadership skills and career achievements. What is most remarkable and inspiring about their story?

Complete and submit this assignment in less than three pages. (30 points)

  • Complete either of the following (a or b)
    • Visit the website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Department Of Labor, and check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Occupational Handbook.  Prepare and submit a brief (one page) report on what you found most useful to your career direction. (10 points)
    • Visit the website for the Secretary’s Committee On Needed Skills at the U.S. Department Of Labor. SCANS. Review information there and decide what applies to your career and necessary skills. Prepare and submit a brief (one page) report on what you found most useful to your career direction. (10 points)
  • After you complete the analysis of your SPR Report in terms of your life and experience in accord with the instructions and rubrics provided in Files, submit your paper. (40 points)


According to my SPR results, the areas with the greatest need are Control, Trust, and Synergy, which fall under the clusters of Self, Others, and Process, respectively. The key behaviors associated with a low…

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Strategy Homework Assignments Week 4

  1. Visitwebsites of the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, the United Nations, the World Bank, or the International Chamber of Commerce. Write one or two paragraphs on a key article that you found relating to international business, and submit that. Be ready to share your insights on that and other appropriate international articles in our discussions. Be sure to include in that article and your discussion how any emerging business trends may affect your career choices. (25 points)
  2. Visitthe website of the Futurist Magazine or other sites, such as NASA, that give insights and perspectives on what the future may look like. Futuris NASA   Find one article that you believe may impact any future career options you would like to see as part of your career path. Write and submit a brief report (less than one full page) on what you find. (15 points)


In the article Investing in prevention: A new World Bank Group approach to crisis, author Kristalina Georgieva of World Bank describes how investing in crisis prevention initiatives is a worthwhile and profitable…

Strategy Homework Assignment Week 5

Strategy Assignments:

Visit the McKinsey & Company website, addresses leadership in the 21st Century. Prepare a one to two page overview of the key points and ideas that resonate with you and submit your paper (40 points). Be prepared to discuss and defend your priorities about leadership as defined in this website.


The article Leading in the 21st Century includes leadership insights from six global leaders in various industries, particularly Daniel Vasella of Novartis, President Shimon Peres of…

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Potential Job in the Future Homework Week 6

  1. Check out Internet sites that offer current listings and information on job opportunities Visit the site for a start.  Continue your search with other relevant job sites as you wish. Select one new job direction that may interest you in the future and write a short paper (one page) about what you have found. Add the section regarding Keller just below and then submit your paper. (25 of the 40 points)
  2. Check out the Keller Career Services site, and add a paragraph to the report on what you found that would be helpful to your career plans. Be as specific as you can regarding your professional focus. (15 of the 40 points


A job I found on, which is akin to a job I may be interested in is that of an Operations Manager at Addus HomeCare in Chicago, Illinois (, 2018). The role is responsible for…

Strategy Homework Assignment Week 7

Visit websites that focus on planning a career. You may wish to start with Mapping Your Future’s website. Once there, head to the Planning section.  Planning Your Future Write and submit a short report (less than two pages) on what you found and how it applies to your career plans. (40 points)


What I learned from the Mapping Your Future website was that my skills made me qualified for various types of jobs, not all of which I necessarily find interest in.  I realized that my skills, knowledge, and interests don’t necessarily…

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Individual Final Project Presentations Week 7

 Generate an 8–10 minute PowerPoint presentation on your Career Development Plans. Think about three main sections: introduction, discussion, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion may be only one slide each, with the other eight slides devoted to the body of your presentation. Consider the class as an interviewing panel or review board that is present to consider your work and offer recommendations. This is a collaborative setting, and the panel is there to offer suggestions to strengthen your future career efforts.

The presentation should include no more than 10 slides because of time limitations. The 8–10 minute presentation will be followed by a three minute Q & A session, thereby allowing each student 15 total minutes.

Preview: 12 PowerPoint Slides A+

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Career Development Portfolio Week 8

Final Career Development Portfolio Submission: Your Final Portfolio is due in Week 8. Creating a Career Development Portfolio is a major outcome of this course. That need not be a cumbersome process, but one that simply takes what we do in this course and formats that material in a useful way for further work and reference once the course is over. Think of your personal Career Development Portfolio as simply a handy three ring binder with tabs for easy reference later. Each week, activity results will be added to your binder. A suggested list of items for that portfolio is found in the Files section of the Course Menu.  And, think of that as a process, not an end result, because your career will always be developing as your life unfolds. We trust that you will come back to that binder many, many times in the coming years to expand your list of goals and accomplishments. Remember that it will always contain unique credentials about you and where you are going.

For a multitude of options on how best to structure a Career Development Portfolio, try the words “career portfolio” in your favorite search engine and check the results!

Work on the Career Development Portfolio will be graded according to the following grading rubric:

Content 51.4%Points%
Depth of Research 30
Scope of Research 30
Illustrations 25
Use of sound logic 25
Total 110 59.5%
Editing 16.2%Points Deduction
(per occurrence)
Spelling Error -2
Punctuation/Grammatical Error -1

Sentence Meaning Unclear

Misstatement of Fact -5
Total (not to exceed) 30 16.2%
Organization 16.2%Points%
Introduction 6
Tabs and flow show good order 8
Content sub-divisions follow outline 8
Conclusion summarizes; complements overall CDP; contains no new information 8
Total 45 24.3%
Category Totals Possible Points%
Content 110 59.5%
Organization and Cohesiveness 45 24.3%
Editing 30 16.2%
Total 185 100%

Preview: 26 Pages – A+

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Discussions Week 1-7 All Posts 798 Pages

VARK Learning Style Inventory and Self-Awareness and Career Success Discussions Week 1

All Posts 109 Pages

VARK Learning Style Inventory – 1 All Posts 60 Pages

This week we began our study of Career Strategy by taking the VARK Learning Style Inventory to determine our individual preferences on how we acquire knowledge. Please comment on your indicated learning style, and explain how you think you can put it to the best use.

The ease and instinctive usefulness of the VAK model has contributed to its lasting popularity with teachers and trainers, but it is significant to remember that we all will have a different mix of strengths and partialities.

Self-Awareness and Career Success – All Posts 49 Pages

Why is understanding yourself important in your career development? How can you ensure that an employer will realize that you have a clear grasp of who you are and what you have to offer?

Self-awareness is defined as a sensible knowledge of one’s own character, state of mind, motivations and needs. Self-awareness is essential to success and leadership. Self-awareness exceeds age, intelligence, education, profession, and job level. Thus, when we know ourselves, we know our strengths. This gives us a better understanding of the unique qualities we bring to our interactions with others and to our field. So, we can lean on our strengths during difficult times to help us, and others, get through…

Life Skills and DISC Personality Profile Discussions Week 2 All Posts 115 Pages

Life Skills – All Posts 59 Pages

In “What Color Is Your Parachute?” (2007, now in its 36th printing, Ten Speed Press), Richard Bolles suggests that there are three life skills that schools should teach but don’t: (1) How to find a job, (2) How to choose and find an appropriate partner, husband, or wife, and (3) How to think and how to make good decisions. Do you think the author is correct?

As you get started this week, please be sure to complete the Stress Processing Report (SPR) survey as one of your assignments involves the survey results. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Richard Bolles’ suggestions from his book, “What Color Is Your Parachute?”, as well.

DISC Personality Profile – All Posts 56 Pages

This week we begin our self-analysis by taking the AMA DISC Personality Survey (TM) to establish a personal baseline for our work in the course. Your full results will be filed by the end of Week 2. See Files for the report format. Please comment here on any perceptions or conclusions you wish to share with the class at this point. What does this work mean to you? Did you recognize the person described in the DISC results? From your knowledge of your classmates, and what they said in class and report here on their DISC, do you think this report is accurate?

Role Models and Career Aspects Discussions Week 3 All Posts 118 Pages

Role Models – All Posts 61 Pages

Class, let’s discuss any conclusions that you reached on your research and writing about role models. What did you find that was important to you, and what most surprised you about the individuals in your report on role models? What can you begin to transfer to your own perceptions of career tracks? Will there be any “shifts” in direction on your work at Keller?

Lupita Nyong’o is a special kind of role model: one that fellow smart and driven girls could take pride in and gain inspiration from. The heartfelt and humble Nyong’o has used her fame as a platform to speak out about the things that matter to her, and to speak directly to younger fans.

In her now-famous Oscar speech, she reminded a new generation, that, “No matter where you’re from, remember your dreams are valid.” as evident by her work with organizations like Women For Women International  who  sell designer  items in a charity auction benefiting Women for Women International. The nonprofit organization provides practical and moral support for female survivors of war through direct financial aid, emotional counseling and training in life skills.

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Career Aspects – All Posts 57 Pages

Class, let’s discuss our progress in submitting our assignments this week. How did you find 1) setting longer term goals, 2) setting short term academic goals, and 3) anticipating obstacles? Also, how do the results of your Stress Processing Inventory affect these three lists? Do you have any comments you wish to share with the class?

The Stress Processing Report (SPR) measures 19 thinking “styles” or patterns associated with stress and various symptoms of strain, including medical problems. These styles are organized into four clusters:…

Emerging Global Trends and Career Futures Discussions Week 4 All Posts 115 Pages

Emerging Global Trends – All Posts 58 Pages

Class, please discuss your perceptions of the research into international organizations and issues. Let’s keep this focused and start with three questions. What most impressed you in this research? What emerging trends did you find that may affect your career choices? How has this research affected your choices, either in terms of timing for transition points in your career, for possible career changes, or for global locations for your work?

Career Futures – All Posts 57 Pages

Class, we will discuss what we anticipate for career outlooks three, five, and ten years after your date of graduation with your MBA degree. Become a career consultant for this topic. With the additional knowledge gained from your research this week, imagine you are making a “time line” to advise someone with career ambitions similar to yours.

What would you tell them? While our discussion in the other topic for this week may involve large global issues, make your recommendations here specific. What are three key points you would make?

Global Leaders and Meaningful Work Discussions Week 5 All Posts 118 Pages

Global Leaders – All Posts 62 Pages

Class, let’s discuss key elements of leaders operating within global organizations. What are some key skill sets and personality traits of “globally literate leaders”?

Here’s something for you guys to ponder. I am not sure if you are aware that many, if not, most congress persons and senator are also business leaders. Most of them, if they are a business owner/leader, are also dealing with business on a global scale. Do you know of any of them and if so, what type of global leaders are they? Any thoughts?

Meaningful Work – All Posts 56 Pages

In the book The New Global Leaders (Jossy-Bass 1999), Manfred F.R. de Vries (with Elizabeth Florent-Treacy) states: “Work in organizations, directed toward achieving shared goals, also answers another human need: it allows us to feel useful. Individuals need to commit themselves to something that is valuable, that has a positive impact. Through usefulness is a highly subjective experience, it is linked to the particular objectives and causes that drive individuals to transcend their customary abilities. Because a search for usefulness–for meaning–largely determines a person’s life course, it also influences life in organizations.

Once again, this poses a challenge for the global leader: how to find a purpose or objective that employees from different cultures see as meaningful, inspiring them to strive in ways that simplistic formulas of return on investment and profit maximization cannot.

Is there some truth to the author’s contention? What is it that we would find meaningful to our life’s purpose in the midst of an organization or work setting?  Do you feel that your job provides usefulness? If so, in what ways?   As a global business leader, how do you ensure that all cultures see their jobs as being useful? How do you ensure that everyone sees that job as being meaningful to them and that they indeed, are useful? Any thoughts?  Do you think that people stay at their jobs longer when they feel useful or longer if the money is great? Which do you think is more important to the employee?

CARD548 Career Success Strategies

Leading Change and Learning to Keep Learning Discussions Week 6 All Posts 119 Pages

Leading Change – All Posts 58 Pages

“A strategy of embracing the past will probably become increasingly ineffective over the next few decades. Better for most of us to start learning now how to cope with change, to develop whatever leadership potential we have, and to help our organizations in the transformation process. Better for most of us, despite the risks, to leap into the future. And to do so sooner rather than later.

Do you agree with the author? If he is correct, how can we apply that to our own career plans?

Why do you feel that most people resist change? Is it fear of the unknown, stubbornness, or what? What are your thoughts?  Why do you think that it’s usually the older people in the company who are more resistant to change? Research has even shown that older employees tend to be more set in their ways or even disgruntle when it comes to accepting change. I wonder why this is so. Any thoughts?

Learning to Keep Learning – All Posts 61 Pages

In an article titled “Learning To Keep Learning” in the New York Times, dated December 13, 2006, Thomas L. Friedman states:

“No question, China has been able to command an impressive effort to end illiteracy, greatly increasing its number of high school grads and new universities. But I still believe it is very hard to produce a culture of innovation in a country that censors [Google] which for me is a proxy for curtailing people’s ability to imagine and try anything they want. You can command K-12 education. But you can’t command innovation. Rigor and competence, without freedom, will take China only so far. China will have to find a way to loosen up, without losing control, if it wants to be a truly innovative nation.

Comment on how one can stay abreast of changes that will likely affect a career plan. How will we keep up to date in time to make effective career transitions?

If given the chance, would you be interested in establishing a career with a company in China or Dubai? I have found that many Americans have found themselves moving abroad in order to enhance their careers. Would you be one of those eager Americans who take the trek overseas to establish a career? Why or why not?

How do you feel about the idea of “Learning to keep learning”? Is there any validity to it? How about you? Will you continue to learn? Is there a time when you feel that there is just no more learning to do or are we considered lifelong learners? What are your thoughts?

Personal Learning Outcomes and Changing World Experience Discussions Week 7 All Posts 104 Pages

Personal Learning Outcomes – All Posts 56 Pages

Discuss personal learning outcomes from the class experience that you are willing to share.

One of the most important personal learning outcomes that I gained in this course is the hidden job market. The hidden job market is phrase used to describe jobs opportunities that are not posted in newspaper advertisements or online job postings. Employers who operate in this market use alternatives in their hiring practices that include internal hiring, recruiting firms, headhunters, and referrals from current employees. Some ways to tap into the hidden market is to expand my network connections by attending job/career fairs, conferences, and community events to set up informational interviews regarding job openings. Another way to make connections is to reaching out to employers of interest by visiting the office, making a cold call, or sending a letter of interest. Finally, volunteering is also a way to make connections and tap into the hidden job market. When companies are looking for volunteers you can sign up, get to know the employees and express your interest in working for the company.

Changing World Experience – All Posts 48 Pages

Discuss keys to adapting your own career plan to a changing world experience. What can you or what will you do to ensure that you have had a major impact on changing the world.

Adapting my current career to ensure I have made an impact in changing the world seems like a tough task to accomplish. Then I look at what I currently do and realize I do have an impact already. I design electric facilities for large residential properties and commercial units. I have the capability of providing accurate and cost effective estimate to install new infrastructure. By paying close attention to my estimates and what our tariffs state, I am ensuring our rate payers are paying a far rate because we are utilizing our funds appropriately.

CARD 548 Career Success Strategies Entire Course