CIS247C Quiz Week 4


CIS247C Quiz Week 4
(TCO 3) Assume you have an Employee class with a non-static attribute named…

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CIS247C Quiz Week 4

CIS247C Quiz Week 4

(TCO 3) A solid object-oriented design process includes which of the following?

Doing good analysis

Gathering user requirements

Identifying the classes

All of the above

(TCO3) When would a programmer write more than one constructor?

You never have more than one constructor

The constructor cannot be overloaded

The one object can be created by two different constructors

When the object can be initialized in more than one way

(TCO3) Which of the following might lead to potential class(es)?

Checking account



A and B

None of the above

(TCO3) Why do classes need to collaborate with each other?

Most classes do not exist in isolation.

Classes need to interact with other classes to get something they want most of the time.

This is where messages between classes apply.

All of the above

(TCO 3) Assume you have an Employee class with a non-static attribute named salary. If you create ten objects of this class, how many copies of the salary variable will you have?



An unlimited number

None of the above

(TCO3) What happens right after gathering requirements in the object-oriented design process?

Developing SOW

Identifying classes

Identifying classes

Identifying classes

(TCO3) In the object-oriented design process, what is/are the reason(s) to identify requirements early and keep design changes to a minimum?

The cost of a design change in the implementation phase is significantly higher.

The cost of a design change after the deployment phase is astronomical when compared to the first item.

The cost of a requirement/design change in the design phase is relatively small.

All of the above

(TCO3) In object-oriented design, which of the following is true about the gathering requirements phase?

It represents what the user wants the system to do and is the most important part of the system.

The level of detail needs to be very technical.

The requirement document does not need to be very specific to represent the true nature.

The gathering requirement happens after the developing user interface prototype.

(TCO 3) Which of the following is true?
An abstract data type:
I. Captures a data representation;
II. Defines the operations that are allowed on its data;
III. Replaces structured programming

I, II, and III




(TCO 3) Classes do not have the property of _____.

Encapsulating data

Information hiding

Containing both data and functions

Containing both data and functions