COLL148 Course Discussions Week 1


COLL148 Course Discussions Week 1
The first definition of “motivation” is ” … giving of reason to act…

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COLL148 Course Discussions Week 1

COLL148 Course Discussions Week 1

All Students Posts – 39 Pages 

Motivation – 19 Pages 

The first definition of “motivation” is ” … giving of reason to act: the act of giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something …” – that definition implies an external (extrinsic) stimulus – the receiver is influenced to take action based on something another person says or did – in other words the receiver is “motivated” by what another person says or does … The second definition is an ” … enthusiasm: a feeling of interest or commitment …” – this definition implies an internal (intrinsic) source and irrespective of what other people say or do – the person is enthusiastic about doing something because it’s what they want to do …Motivation is a key factor in your success at the college level. Motivation can change your life! External and internal motivation is two types of motivation that can help you reach your goals. What is your motivation? Is it external or internal? Share a specific example with your response….

Developing Potential  All Students Posts – 20 Pages 

By focusing on you, by becoming a person who knows where you’re going, what you want, and what you have to offer, your motivation and passion for learning and growing will flourish – by knowing more about yourself, you can then establish a clearer vision of your true potential ...

  1. Develop a new attitude – now is the perfect time to begin changing your attitude if it needs an adjustment
  2. Make excellence a habit – those who excel and succeed demand excellence from themselves in everything they do – are you that type of person?
  3. Overcome your doubts and fears – fear motivates most people to hold back, to doubt themselves, to stay in their comfort zones, and to accomplish much less than they could without the fear – what would you attempt to do if you could not fail?
  4. Put adversity and failure into perspective – a part of being motivated is learning to deal with failure and setbacks – are you afraid of failure?
  5. Identify and clarify what you value in life – what really matters to you – what do you value?
  6. Take pride in your name and personal character – every time you make a choice, every time you complete a project, and every time you encounter another person, your actions define your character and your name – what’s that worth to you?
  7. Develop a strong, personal “guiding statement” – should be based on something you value and it must be strong enough to motivate you in hard, tough times – do you know your guiding statement?
  8. Make a commitment to strengthen your self-esteem – every area of your life is affected by your self-esteem – are you confident about who you are?

Think about the challenges in your life as you attend college and review the Eight-Point Plan from chapter 2. Which point is most relevant to you right now in your current life situation? Why and how are you going to overcome this challenge to succeed?…