BUSN 319 Course Project Buffet Restaurant


BUSN 319 Course Project Buffet Restaurant
You will select a topic for the Week 1 assignment, and thereafter…

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BUSN 319 Course Project Buffet Restaurant

BUSN 319 Course Project Buffet Restaurant


Topic Proposal Week 1 (10 points) 

You will select a topic for the Week 1 assignment, and thereafter, all related assignments (the draft in Week 4, the breakeven analysis in Week 5, and the final marketing plan in Week 7) MUST be on the same topic. You may not change your marketing plan topic without approval from your instructor. Your topic should be for a business, product, or service that you would like to start (no multilevel marketing structures, please). Because this is an applied project and not a research paper, please do not select a corporation such as Starbucks or Coca-Cola as your topic. You are to apply the course concepts to this project. If you are interested in coffee restaurants, for example, you may wish to select your own cappuccino bar as your topic and then use information from companies like Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee for ideas and competitive research as you work on your project. If you have questions about your topic, don’t hesitate to post them in the Q & A Forum this week.

For Week 1, please write a two-page description of your company, product, or service. It should be a new business, product, or service. Discuss ownership and company structure. Describe the business, product, or service. Write your mission statement and include your marketing goals.


The marketing plan for this new business aims to provide further analysis of the feasibility of this venture.  Assumptions about management team and existing company situation will be laid out to identify…

Draft Marketing Plan Week 4 Individual Assignment (100 points) 

At the end of Week 4, you will submit a substantial draft to your instructor for grading and feedback. Read Appendix A in the text. Be sure to download the Marketing Plan outline from Doc Sharing. It is recommended that you start work on your draft in Week 2 after your instructor has approved your topic. Use the Marketing Plan outline as a guide to the required content for your marketing plan. Complete as much as you are able in order to get a good start and an initial draft ready to submit at the end of Week 4.


…The place is designed with an elegant environment and seats up to 1000 customers for dining or special celebrations.  Part of the customer’s unique dining experience that it aims for is the quality of service it…

Price Strategy/Breakeven Analysis Week 5 (50 points) 

One of the most challenging decisions faced by marketers is setting the price for their products and services. In order to select the right price, you need to ensure that you’ll be able to cover your costs and meet customers’ needs at a price that they are willing to pay. You will need to perform a breakeven analysis to determine the best price. Chapters 13 and 14 outline six steps that organizations follow to set price. Follow these six steps (as listed on page 322 in the text) to set prices for your product or service and perform a breakeven analysis. Submit your price strategy/breakeven analysis via the Week 5 Dropbox for grading and feedback. Be sure to incorporate any feedback provided by your instructor into your final Week 7 Course Project.


As one can observe in any buffet restaurant, customers can have as many servings as they prefer of any food they fancy.  It is noted that the greater the variety and/or higher the quality of food a buffet offers, the higher its fixed cost is.  However, if it…

Final Marketing Plan Week 7 (230 points) 

Your final marketing plan should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words and must follow all APA guidelines. In Week 1, you will submit a two-page description of your business, product, or service for instructor approval of your topic. In Week 4, you will submit a substantial draft of your marketing plan for instructor feedback. In Week 5, you will submit a breakeven analysis for your business, product, or service. Your completed marketing plan is due at the end of Week 7.


The National Restaurant Association predicted that improving economy and consumer’s preference to dine out more will generate increased restaurant sales across US in 2015 (Networld Media Group, 2015).

However, American diners…