ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce


ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce
You are an e-commerce expert and you have some friends who own their own local…

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ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

A+ You Decide Week 3, 5, 6|Mini Research Paper Week 4|Discussions Week 1-7|Final Exam

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

You are an e-commerce expert – You Decide Week 3


You are an e-commerce expert and you have some friends who own their own local bookstore. The husband and wife team have owned this company for 20 years and have built an amazing business that is very successful to the local community and is known to have an amazing collection of rare and exotic books. However, due to the World Wide Web, bookstores have had challenges, as Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online companies have hurt their business. You have been hired by the owners to help craft an e-marketing strategy to improve their local sales and introduce the ability to sell their books online….


A company can become successful due to different reasons.  With proper business decisions and strategies, any traditional business or organization can compete equally with the more technologically-advanced companies…

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

Mini Research Paper Week 4


You are to research the rise and fall of the early days of the World Wide Web. In 1993, Tim Berners-Lee created the Web and the bubble began. The bubble describes the amazing stock run of Internet companies, when their values soared to unbelievable and what were thought to be unattainable heights from 1993 to 2001.

Suddenly, the overpriced giants crashed. Individual investors lost millions and the NASDAQ (the stock exchange for most Internet companies) came tumbling….


Market analysts described that a “bubble” happens when the prices of an asset shoot up rapidly over a short period of time and way above their true value.  The surge in prices is driven by investors eager to buy the asset for…

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

You Decide Week 5


You are an e-commerce expert and you have some friends who own their own local bookstore. The husband and wife team have owned this company for 20 years and have built an amazing business that is very successful to the local community and is known to have an amazing collection of rare and exotic books. You have just completed a marketing plan for the Johnsons a few weeks ago, but now they realized how important social media is to improving their e-commerce and local presence. They loved your previous report and want you back to help them understand social networking and help develop a social networking strategy…


The success of a business depends on a lot of reasons, but in this time and age, companies that want to be globally competitive must upgrade and enhance their processes and strategies. Regardless of the size of the business, proper marketing strategies…

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

You Decide Week 6


Once again you are back visiting your friends from Bunker Books. As an e-commerce expert you will be doing some research and giving advice to the husband and wife team that have owned this company for 20 years. After you helped them with an e-marketing plan and developed their social media campaign, you are now called upon them to help with collecting payments online and securing their website and database…


Since Book Banker went online, sales have improved.  However, the full benefits of e-commerce to the business are yet to be realized since the current set-up merely promotes what the business is…

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

Discussions Week 1-7

ALL Students Posts 488 Pages

Beijing 2008 A Digital Olympics and Craigslist Case Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 67 Pages

Beijing 2008 A Digital Olympics – 36 Pages

Reread the Bejing 2008: A Digital Olympics case in Chapter 1 and discuss the following.

First, look at each business requirement and explain how the EC tools helped. After you have completed this, identify the B2C and B2B activities described in this case. Identify the Major business models described in this case.  Can you Relate the case to the concept of the digital enterprise. Class what are some other novelty items that could effect e-commerce? What other types of media was used at the Olympics? Class how do you think technology has helped to improve our lives? What other events have changed how we view the world?  How did they change our outlook?…

Craigslist Case – 31 Pages

Reread the Craigslist case in Chapter 2 and identify the business model used by Craigslist. After identifying, visit and identify the social network and business network elements. Class What do you like about the site? What do you dislike about it? Class what has been your experience with Amazon?  Has anyone used  Can you share your experiences?  Class why do you think the word “Free” makes people uncomfortable? what are some other business models and how do they work and what are they used for?…

Walmart Powers Online and E-tailing Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 83 Pages

E-tailing – 39 Pages

Reread the Walmart case in Chapter 3 and then compare with What features do the sites have in common? Which are unique to To With the Walmart case we will discuss the consumer side of E-commerce and we will compare to  We will  talk about what is unquic about each site and what is the same.  We can also discuss what you like and dislike about each site.  Class I was wondering where internal shoppers use online to shop.  Would you think ship would be more expensive?  Are there sites that cater to overseas shoppers? Why are differentiation strategies are more important than ever in the internet era?…

E-tailing – 39 Pages

What are’s critical success factors? Is its decision not to limit its sales to books, music, and movies, but to offer a much broader selection of items, a good marketing strategy? With the broader selection, do you think the company will dilute its brand or extend the value proposition to its customers? In this thread we’ll be looking more specifically at B2C e-commerce.  We want to understand the techniques that have been used to bring customers into e-commerce relationships and we want to understand more about some of the factors that make e-commerce unique.  That may bring us to discussions related to market segmentation, the use of data in online environments, methods of driving traffic (which is part of enticement), and handling objections (eg. security, privacy, etc).  The end goal is to understand some of the key advantages (and hurdles) for e-commerce specifically with relation to B2C or more traditional retail style e-commerce sites.

How is the approach to enticing customers to an “online relationship” different for pure-play internet companies like Amazon and Netflix vs. multi-channel companies like Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster or Walmart? How is the internet different from some other media types with regard to the ability to personalize content for specific segments of consumers?…

Toyota Scion and Website Reviews Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 74 Pages

Toyota Scion – 40 Pages

Reread the Toyota Scion case in Chapter 4. Identify all advertising actions and relate them to the methods described in this chapter. Also, identify all activities that can be considered market research. Another question Visit,,,, and and find new developments in Internet advertisement. Then share with us one of the  new developments and your thoughts on the idea.  Have you ever received an advertising E-Mail Hoaxe, if so what happened?  Class what was your first home computer. Who made it and what was it like? Discuss what might motivate a consumer to provide answers to market research questions….

Website Reviews – 34 Pages

In this thread, you will need to review websites and report your findings back to the class. First enter and, then identify all the advertising methods used on each site. Can you find those that are targeted advertisements? What revenue sources can you find on the ESPN site? (Try to find at least seven.) Now that you have visited the first two sites, go to,,,, and and find new developments in Internet advertisement. Write a short post based on your findings. Visit market research and then share with us what resources did you find to be most useful at Please explain why the resources is most useful. Discuss the similarities and differences between data mining and Web mining. Enter and What research do they conduct that is relevant to B2C? To B2B?…

Business to Business and New Zealand Case Discussions Week 4 ALL Students Posts 70 Pages

Business to Business – 39 Pages

We have discussed business to business in great detail this week. First, discuss B2B opportunities in social networking. Do you think this is an area that will see tremendous growth for companies; would you recommend that organizations pursue it in their marketing plans? B2B E-commerce.  In our TCO’s and discussions for the next 2 weeks we’ll be focused on various aspects of Business to business (B2B) e-commerce.  This is often an area where students have a little less familiarity than B2C. I encourage you to get an early start in reviewing the lecture & text reading (Chapter 5).We start by learning about the …….. Auction for Supplies Helps Portsmouth Hospitals (text p.170) Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest trusts in the United Kingdom, providing health care services for over 500,000 people throughout Portsmouth and South East Hampshire.  Like many other public health care facilities, Portsmouth Hospitals attempts to deliver quality health care within a “never enough” budget. Any cost-saving measure can help add more beds and services. The hospitals needed a new 20-bed ward. The problem was to cut costs without reducing the quality of care. An obvious place to begin was the administrative services, and one such area was the backoffice purchasing processes. But our discussion will be about the New Zealand Case starting on page 250 of your text. A lot of B2B companies don’t see as much traction on Facebook, but SlideShare delivers a lot of traffic. What are the best social media channels for B2B? How do we generate more marketing leads and keep them? Class what is your favorite form of communication? Why?…

New Zealand Case – 31 Pages

Please reread the closing case, Social Networking Initiatives by the New Zealand Government. Given the richness of New Zealand’s offerings, do you believe that the portal style of e-government will disappear?  Given the richness of New Zealand’s offerings, do you believe that the portal style of e-government will disappear? As you can see, the issue revolves around the question of whether there will be the need for a centralized location as other networks continue to expand. What are the benefits of the internal initiatives? Are there benchmarks out there that measure B2B performance on social media?….

Linkedin Case and M-Commerce Discussions Week 5 ALL Students Posts 66 Pages

Linkedin Case – 31 Pages

Enter and explore. Is this a site that you belong to? Have you used this site before to contact business colleagues? Why do you think the site is so successful? LinkedIn is especially useful in helping job seekers and employers find one another. We will discuss this case and how it might help you with future job hunting. What features are related to recruiting and job finding? Linkedin has a section for Consultants can you explain this section and how it would be used? Why do you think President Obama created a page on LinkedIn while he was running for his first term as president? Is LinkedIn a worldwide company or is it just in the states, why or why not?….

M-Commerce – 35 Pages

Which of the m-commerce limitations listed in this chapter do you think will have the biggest near-term negative impact on the growth of m-commence? Which will be minimized within five years? Which will not? What do you think is the current status of M-commerce?  Have you ever made a purchase of any kind via a mobile device?  If so, what type of purchase did you make?  How do you think this area is likely to change in the next 2-5 years?  What points do you find notable in the above review of current mobile statistics?  Can you locate information or trend forecasts regarding mobile?  What are some different ways users interact w/ their mobile device using non-voice data applications (reference the Pew article)?  Which of these areas do you think will grow the most in the years ahead? What are some of the distinctions between these two approaches?  What are some advantages or disadvantages to the two approaches and what factors might you consider in making a selection?  Can you locate information that suggests where the industry is leaning in this debate? …

UBS PaineWebber Case and Freemium Case Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 65 Pages

UBS PaineWebber Case – 35 Pages

Reread the UBS PaineWebber Case and answer the following: What might have been some red flags indicating that Duronio was a disgruntled employee? Would any of those red flags also indicate that he would sabotage the network for revenge? Here is more information on the topic and now a question………..A retail clothing manufacturer is considering e-payments for both its suppliers and its buyers. What sort of e-payment method should it use to pay for office supplies? How should it pay suppliers of raw materials? How should its customers—both domestic and international clothing retailers—pay? B2C EC sites continue to experience DoS attacks. How are these attacks perpetrated? Why is it so difficult to safeguard against them? What are some of the things a site can do to mitigate such attacks? Biometrics has been around awhile and as we discussed earlier it is now being used on laptops with the finger print scanners.  What other types of biometrics security options are there, please share with us other biometric options and your thoughts….

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

Freemium Case – 30 Pages

Reread the Freemiums in the Social Gaming World Case and answer the following: What does the term freemium refer to? Give some examples. Do you think this is a good model for other companies to follow? Freemium is a business model that gives free access but charges for premium features. Many social games fall into this category. On the social networks, why is it difficult to generate revenue through advertising? Why is it particularly hard for social games? How does Facebook expand into new markets without losing what originally made the site popular and alienating existing users?  List some major social network sites that companies can use to advertise their merchandise.  Which do you feel would be the best? What does the term freemium refer to? Give some examples. What is a business-oriented network? What is an entrepreneurial network? How are they different? How are they the same?… What makes Orkut (see Online File W7.5) different from other social networks? How should it respond to the demands of local governments that disapprove of some of the ideas and practices associated with social networking sites?…

Brick and Mortar vs. Online and EC Application Suite? Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 63 Pages

Brick and Mortar vs. Online – 33 Pages

Compare and contrast setting up a traditional, brick-and-mortar business and an online business. Consider factors such as entrepreneurial skills, facilities and equipment, and business processes. What are the trade-offs in giving the customer everything possible (e.g., personalized content, high-resolution graphics, a feature-full site) and the fundamental rules of Web design? What do you think are some of the effects of these changes that have to be considered by those planning e-commerce strategies? In this economy marking things up 10% over the suggested retail seems a little extreme, I just do not know the point.  In this day and age where folks are struggling you would think that they would want to go lower.  Just recently I heard that the rental market availability here in Denver is only 5% which means those apartments are really scare.  Class what is the availability percentage in your town?….

EC Application Suite? – 30 Pages

A large company with a number of products wants to start selling on the Web. Should it use a merchant server or an EC application suite? Assuming it elects to use an EC application suite, how would you determine whether the company should outsource the site or run it in-house? Privacy is the right to be left alone and free of unreasonable personal intrusions. What are some intrusions that you consider to be “unreasonable”?…

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

Final Exam

(TCO 2) The exchange of updated information with other computing devices is called (Points : 5)


Data transferring.



(TCO 2) All of the following describe retailing except (Points : 5)

A retailer is a sales intermediary.

Many manufacturers sell directly to consumers and through wholesalers and retailers.

E-tailing makes it easier for a manufacturer to sell directly to customers by cutting out the intermediary.

Companies that produce a large number of products, such as Procter & Gamble, do not need retailers for efficient distribution.

(TCO 2) _____ enables the determination of the location of an enabled device. (Points : 5)





(TCO 3) Software tools that scout the Web for stores that sell similar items at low prices are called (Points : 5)

Shopping portals.


Shopping browsers.

Intelligent search engines.

(TCO 3) Companies that implement social computing technologies on their own websites need to view it primarily as (Points : 5)

a way to improve customer communication.

a way to track customer satisfaction.

a sales tool.

a customer service tool.

(TCO 3) Which of the following is an example of disintermediation? (Points : 5)

In addition to selling through catalogs, a firm begins to sell online.

In addition to selling through department stores, a firm begins to sell online.

Instead of selling through catalogs, a firm begins to sell online.

In addition to selling through catalogs, a firm begins to sell through department stores.

(TCO 3) In an e-market, Federal Express is an example of a(n) (Points : 5)


service provider.

content disseminator.

viral marketer.

(TCO 4) All of the following are true about a value proposition except (Points : 5)

a value proposition is a revenue model.

a value proposition refers to the intangible and non-quantitative benefits that a company can derive from a business model.

a value proposition defines how a company’s product or service fulfills the needs of customers.

a value proposition is an important part of any marketing plan of any product or service.

(TCO 4) Authentication can be based on the public key infrastructure (PKI), which is based on (Points : 5)

message digest.



key space.

(TCO 4) A host-based intrusion detection system (IDS) (Points : 5)

Uses rules to analyze suspicious activity at the perimeter of a network or at key locations in the network.

Resides on the server that is being monitored where it can detect whether critical or security-related files have been tampered with or whether a user has attempted to access files that he or she is not authorized to use.

Can perform certain actions when an attack occurs, such as terminating network connections based on security policies.

Consists of information system resources, firewalls, routers, web servers, database servers, and files that look like production systems but do no real work.

(TCO 5) What looks like a credit card or debit card, acts like a credit card or debit card, but isn’t a credit card or debit card? (Points : 5)

Stored-value card

Closed-loop card

Open-loop card

All of the above

(TCO 5) Why should EC companies comply with ethical privacy practices? (Points : 5)

Customers need to trust that the online marketplace and its businesses will not violate the right to privacy.

Unethical privacy practices can have both immediate and long-term negative business consequences.

Violators expose themselves to harsh penalties from various government agencies and victimized customers, as well as bloggers and consumer interest groups.

All of the above

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

(TCO 7) Ethical issues raised by m-commerce include all of the following except (Points : 5)

Limited access to data and documents.

Privacy invasion.

Infringing on workers’ personal time.


(TCO 7) All of the following are security-related issues of m-commerce except (Points : 5)

Posttransaction security issues of auditing and nonrepudiation are less difficult because cell phones have the ability to store the digital equivalent of a receipt.

The basic security goals of confidentiality, authentication, authorization, and integrity are just as important for m-commerce as they are for e-commerce.

As the capabilities of cell phones and PDAs increase and converge, the threat of attack from malicious code increases.

An appropriate level of security must be maintained on each network that traffic flows through, in spite of the fact that interoperability among the various networks is difficult.

(TCO 8) A website provides details on a manufactured product. What type of website is this? (Points : 5)





ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

(TCO 8) Which of the following is not one of the steps in business formation? (Points : 5)

Identify a customer or business need.

Construct an interactive website.

Investigate the opportunity.

Determine the business owner’s ability to meet the need.

(TCO 1) Write a short essay that defines the term e-commerce, then describe how companies have utilized this new medium. (Points : 35)

E-commerce is the purchasing and selling of any goods or services, or the transmitting of data or funds over an electric network (the Internet). ..

(TCO 4) Compare current motives of hackers to those of the past. (Points : 35)

A typical hackers motivation for doing what they do is either curiosity, commercial gain, or political/ideological propagation.

In the past, a hacker’s ethics…

(TCO 2) List and describe the four basic types of B2B transactions and activities. (Points : 35)

The four basic types of B2B transactions are as follows:

  1. Sell-side
  2. Buy-side
  3. Exchange
  4. Supply chain improvements and collaborative commerce.

A sell-side transaction focuses on one selling to many different …

(TCO 6) Discuss the role of intermediaries in B2B. Distinguish between buy-side and sell-side intermediaries. (Points : 35)

The major role of intermediaries in B2B transactions is to make sure that buy-side and sell-side conditionals coincide. Buy-side transactions…

(TCO 6) Define e-Procurement. (Points : 35)

e-Procurement refers to web based procurement networks in which case one or multiple businesses source out their suppliers at the lowest …

(TCO 3) Explain how personalization is done in e-Commerce. (Points : 35)

Personalization in e-Commerce is the matching of services, advertising…

(TCO 2) Mobile devices used in m-commerce include (Points : 5)

Cell phones and smart phones.
Portable computers.
All of the above

(TCO 2) What is an example of mobile entertainment that you might utilize via your smartphone? (Points : 5)

Music and video
Mobile games
Mobile gambling
All of the above

(TCO 2) Infrastructures that support mobile computing are (Points : 5)

Mobile devices, network access points, and servers.
WAP gateways, GPS locators, and GPS satellites.
PDAs, smartphones, and PCs.
Web servers, mobile devices, and microbrowsers.

(TCO 3) Companies that have both a physical location and an online website are called (Points : 5)

Brick-and-mortar retailers.
Virtual or pure-play companies.
Click-and-mortar retailers.
Channel partners.

(TCO 3) The ethical issue by collaborative filtering is (Points : 5)


Invasion of privacy.
Theft of intellectual property.


(TCO 3) A company that creates and manages many-to-many markets is called a (Points : 5)

Market maker.
Transaction broker.
Content disseminator.
Viral marketer.

Ecom Fundamentals E-Commerce

(TCO 4) Access to a network should be based on (Points : 5)

The policy of least privilege, where access to network resources is blocked and permitted only when needed to conduct business.
The policy of acceptable use, where access is restricted by the firewall.
Role-specific security protocols, where access is limited by a user’s level of trust.
The policy of need to know, where access by all nonemployees is blocked.

(TCO 4) All of the following are characteristics of access control except (Points : 5)

Access control determines which persons, programs, or machines can legitimately use a network resource and which resources he, she, or it can use.
Access control lists (ACLs) define users’ rights, such as what they are allowed to read, view, write, print, copy, delete, execute, modify, or move.
All resources need to be considered together to identify the rights of users or categories of users.
After a user has been identified, the user must be authenticated.
(TCO 4) Which of the following does not describe threats or attacks? (Points : 5)

(TCO 4) All of the following are important security functions of proxy servers except (Points : 5)

(TCO 5) Sears’s marketing strategy would best be described as (Points : 5)

ECOM210 Fundamentals E Commerce

Brick-and-mortar strategy.

Shared service mall strategy.

Click-and-mortar strategy.

Direct marketing from a manufacturer.

(TCO 5) The combination of the encrypted original message and the digital signature using the recipient’s public key is called (Points : 5)

(TCO 5) Factors that come into play in determining whether a particular e-payment method achieves critical mass include all of the following except (Points : 5)

Hardware and software independence

Full traceability of the buyers

The degree of security of the transfer

Interoperability with other enterprise systems and applications

(TCO 6) Which of the following is a private B2B e-marketplace? (Points : 5)

Company Autosmart sells machine parts to their 20 distributors using their print catalog

Company Autosmart participates with other producers and buyers to sell and buy machine parts on a central Web site

Company Autosmart sells machine parts to their 20 distributors on their Web site

Company Autosmart sells CDs to the public on their Web site

Ecom Fundamentals E-Commerce

(TCO 7) This is an exclusive right of the author or creator of artistic property to print, copy, sell, license, distribute, transform to another medium, translate, record, perform, or otherwise use it. (Points : 5)
(TCO 8) To avoid getting inaccurate information from participants of online surveys, marketers learn about customers by observing their behavior using each of the following except (Points : 5)Transaction logs that record user activities at a company’s Web siteCookies that allow a Web site to store data on the user’s PCSpyware that gathers user information through an Internet connection without the user’s knowledgeData mining to analyze clickstream data(TCO 1) Compare and contrast Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0. (Points : 35)

(TCO 2) List and explain the major infrastructure elements and tools of e-supply chain

management. (Points : 35)

(TCO 2) Identify three factors or capabilities that the success of an e-supply chain depends on.

(Points: 35)

(TCO 5) List at least three different B2C business models and briefly describe them. (Points : 35)

(TCO 5) List three basic functions of the e-marketplace.

(TCO 6) What are some service industries that utilize B2B; list at least three and then describe how

they utilize this application. (Points : 35)

(TCO 6) Write a short essay that describes e-supply chain management in detail

(TCO 6) Describe reverse-auction process and list the benefit of this process. (Points : 35)

(TCO 6) Distinguish between organizational buyers and individual consumers. (Points : 35)

ECOM 210 Fundamentals E-Commerce Entire Course