ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7


ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7
As discussed in this week’s lecture, the Brand of You is created from the perception you…

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ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7

ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7

All Students Posts – 440 Pages 


Week 1 All Students Posts – 78 Pages


The Brand of You – 48 Pages 


As discussed in this week’s lecture, the Brand of You is created from the perception you give others through your writing. In creating the brand of you, how do you decide what to tell, how to tell it, and what to leave out? If given the task of introducing your personal brand through writing, what specific characteristics or attributes of yourself would you share? What stories would serve to provide the greatest impact? What memories would be the most telling in introducing who you are?

Though we’ll work to answer these questions throughout the week, let’s do a concrete exercise to get started: First, in seven words, tell us who you are and what you do. Try to draft a phrase that serves as our introduction to you (see examples below). Place this phrase in the subject line of your response post and then provide us with details to show us how this title represents your personal brand. Using vivid, concrete, descriptive words, share an example, anecdote, or scenario that brings your personal brand to life for your audience and provides an impression of who you are. This example should be written as the content of your actual post and should, at minimum, be at least one full paragraph.

Here are some examples of seven-word biographies:

  • Hopeless romantic infatuated with all movie stars
  • Creative entomologist enjoys bees, hives, and honey
  • Desperate Facebook user needs to go outside…

Discovering an Angle – 30 Pages 


Spend some time searching online news sources, such as npr.org, cnn.com, msnbc.com, or your own local news outlet. Although it’s often hard to find topics that are entirely new, the key to communicating a topic through writing is to present it with a fresh angle. What topics are you finding in the news today? What new angles are being presented? What current events or social changes have prompted these new angles?…

ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 2 All Students Posts – 58 Pages


The Profile Genre – 26 Pages 


Take a look at the article’s online presentation here and discuss how the context of the article impacts the rhetorical situation. How does the type of publication and medium of delivery impact the purpose and audience of this piece? What might have been Wilkinson’s occasion for writing? How do the photos that accompany the article contribute to the impression of Grohl that is expressed in the essay? Please read Carl Wilkinson’s profile, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, on pages 622–626 of your text. What writing techniques does Wilkinson use to meet the profile genre? How do these strategies help establish meaning, and what impression do they leave about Grohl?…

Getting Started Writing – 32 Pages 


As you read the drafts of your peers’ introductions, what are some key takeaways? Are you gaining any ideas for how you might improve your writing by reviewing some of the strategies others are using? What revisions might you make to your introduction based on the feedback from your peers? Drawing on one of the strategies for writing introductions outlined in your text or the lecture, post a draft of your introductory paragraph(s) as your first post. Then, throughout the week, reply to your classmates with feedback on their introductory paragraphs. Note how or why an introduction caught your attention and explain what impression it gives you about the essay’s larger purpose. Also explain how your classmate’s voice, tone, or diction contributes to the overall effectiveness of the introduction…

Week 3 All Students Posts – 62 Pages


Analyzing Persuasive Messages – 31 Pages 


First, read this week’s lecture. Then search the Internet for an ad that is especially interesting to you and that you would enjoy analyzing. The ad does not have to be a “vintage” ad. Remember to include the URL or website address from your chosen ad; it will begin with http:// –copy and paste it at the end of your essay. Give examples of the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, or pathos) in the advertisement. Pages 143-164 from your text will also be helpful as you begin working on this assignment. What makes an ad succeed or flop? Think about specific print or television advertisements that have either stuck with you or made you turn your eyes, and explain what works or what doesn’t. In your response, be sure to consider the impact the rhetorical appeals of reasoning, credibility, and emotion play in the ad’s effectiveness…

Writing With Style – 31 Pages  


In last week’s profile essay, you wrote to your local community. This week, you are writing to an audience of college-level peers. What changes will you make in your style and voice to adapt to this new audience? In what ways do people adopt a particular writing style or voice? How does your style or voice change in different writing situations? Please share an example in your response…

ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 4 All Students Posts – 60 Pages


The Role of Truth in Ad Campaigns – 31 Pages 


What do you think about Truth’s philosophy statement We ♥ Smokers? Read Discovering the Truth: The Operation of Ethos in Anti-Smoking Advertising, by Rebecca Feldmann, on pp. 678–685 in your text. In this essay, Feldmann dissects the way the Truth antismoking campaign has achieved results by appealing to a teenage audience’s need for independence and rebellion. She notes that the campaign’s strategy has encouraged teens to stand up against the smoking industry. By accepting Truth’s agenda, however, Feldmann asks, “how is the advertising strategy of the Truth campaign that different from the deceiving strategies employed by tobacco advertising?” (p. 683). On YouTube or through an Internet search, find the Truth website and some of its antismoking videos. After learning more about the organization and viewing some of its ads, what is your response to the question Feldmann poses above?…

Revising and Refining – 29 Pages 


Conduct a self-analysis of a portion of your essay. In your first response post, copy and paste the paragraph of your Rhetorical Analysis essay that describes your chosen advertisement. After you have posted the paragraph, explain how you might revise specific sentences to include more vivid details so that readers can better see what you are writing about. As peers, please also reply to some of your classmates’ posts, providing feedback on what is working well and any suggestions you might give for more vivid description….

Week 5 All Students Posts – 62 Pages


Forming a Position Writing – 25 Pages 


Let’s use our discussion forum as a space to practice writing and to determine the viability of possible topics. To begin, find a topic that is currently in the news and provide us with some brief background (the who, what, when, where, and how of the topic). Then continue your summary by explaining the positions others hold on the topic. What do the true believers of the issue think? What do the ultimate doubters have to say? Finally, what is your position on the issue? Remember: The best topics aren’t just focused on pro/con debates. Though this activity asks you to look at the extreme sides of the issue, your opinion might fall somewhere in the middle or contain elements of each side….

Beginning Research – 37 Pages 


This week’s assignment asks you to begin researching your chosen topic and to summarize other perspectives on your issue. Begin by reviewing the library tutorial from the class lecture. Then use the Academic Search Premier database via the DeVry Library to begin searching for sources. Once you have found a source, summarize it in a post below. Then discuss the credibility of the source by identifying the author’s background, credentials, and relationship to the topic. Make an overall assertion regarding whether or not the source is credible, and explain why. Finally, use the APA resources in class and Chapter 28 in your text to write out the full reference of the source, and include that in your post….

ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 6 All Students Posts – 61 Pages


Position-Based Writing – 25 Pages 


Who is Bronski trying to appeal to?  If it might not be those against gay marriage, could he be trying to get the support of homosexuals to fight for some of the other issues he mentions rather than gay marriage? Please read “A Gay Man’s Case Against Gay Marriage” by Michael Bronski on pages 688–689 of your text. Then reply with your analysis of the rhetorical situation of the essay. What is Bronski’s reason for writing? What is his purpose and angle? Who do you think his audience might be? Finally, think about the writing strategies Bronski uses to achieve his overall purpose. Based on our discussions of commentary and argumentative writing, what strategies do you think he relies upon to present his position?…

Integrating Research in APA Style – 36 Pages 


Last week, you were introduced to the Academic Search Premier database through the library tutorial in your lecture. Because you are drafting this week, share one paragraph with us here that shows how you’ve integrated a source into your writing. The source should be summarized, paraphrased, or directly quoted. Additionally, an in-text citation and author tag should be present. Finally, provide the full end reference in APA style with us here as well. This is not only practice for drafting this week, but it’s also a good way to receive some feedback from your peers on your writing….

The Revision Process Week 7 – 22 Pages


This week, we’ll be sharing our writing publicly in a class peer review. In order to make this process run smoothly, please be sure to follow the instructions noted below.

  1. Find your name on the peer review assignment list provided by your professor to determine whether you are in Group A, B, or C.
  2. Once you have located your assigned group, join that discussion area and hit “reply” to the initial prompt.  In your reply, leave feedback for your classmates with general information about your draft. Explain the current state of your draft, your plans to add content, and your revision plans. If you have specific questions for the peers who will review your draft, or want to provide them with any additional information, please do so in your initial post.
  3. Attach your current draft to your initial post. This must be completed no later than Tuesday night (midnight MT).
  4. Find the two peers who have posted after you in terms of time. Read their attached essays and any notes they left to accompany the draft. Find the Week 7 Peer Review Worksheet in Doc Sharing and download it. Complete the form separately for each of the two peers whose drafts you will be reviewing.
  5. Return your completed Peer Review Worksheet as an attachment in a response post to each of your peers separately. This must be completed no later than Friday night (midnight MT).
  6. Continue to check into your group Discussion area in the event your peers pose any follow-up questions.

Continue to check into your group Discussion area in the event your peers pose any follow-up questions.

Reflect upon the draft you submitted last week. As you move forward, what is your number-one goal for continued drafting and revising this week?  Do you have a clear, one-sentence thesis at the end of your introduction, and do the body paragraphs begin with topic sentences that relate to the main points in your thesis? These are elements that make a piece of writing clear and easy to follow…

Peer Review Team A – 7 Pages


Peer Review Team B – 6 Pages


Peer Review Team C – 9 Pages


The Revision Process and Peer Review – 44 Pages 


ENGL112 Course Discussions Week 1-7