ENGL230 Course Discussions Week 7


ENGL230 Course Discussions Week 7
Cherie is an accountant for a large advertising agency. After receiving notice of a prospective…

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ENGL230 Course Discussions Week 7

ENGL230 Course Discussions Week 7

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Manager-Employee Relationship – 24 Pages 

Cherie is an accountant for a large advertising agency. After receiving notice of a prospective, large account, she thinks of a creative advertising campaign and tells her idea to Charles, her manager. Charles shoots down her idea and reminds her that her job is accounting. Several days later, the design team visits Charles and asks him for more details on his brilliant campaign idea. Cherie realizes that the campaign being discussed is her idea.  What does this outcome indicate about the communication climate and power holding in the agency? If you were Cherie, would you approach Charles about stealing your idea, or would you show support for your manager? Why?  Class, I’m sure that this week’s scenario will prove to be an interesting conversation. To get us started, let’s address a few issues: Have you experienced a similar situation in your own professional experience to that of Charles and Cherie in the scenario? Please tell us about it. How did you resolve it? Review the steps for improving relationships with others (195). How would you use these steps to address the situation described above?…

When it comes to coworkers, why are strong interpersonal relationships important in business?

I have not had this happen to me, but it has happened to my partner. And you are right. You should not act on anger. I, too, give myself 24 hours if I am really angry. Words cannot be taken back and the damage done by them cannot be undone. After all, you still have to work for your manager. It is best to just support the manager and know in your mind that the idea was yours. I do believe that managers that steal ideas and not give credit are not good leaders and usually do not get the respect that a manager should receive. That being said, I tend to give the respect to the position (in this situation) not the person in the position. Respect is earned and mangers that steal ideas have not earned it.

The steps for improving relationships in this situation could be to accept the person for who he/she is. Forget that they stole your idea and focus on the future. Confronting the person and letting them know how you feel could also be beneficial. This could help you understand why they did what they did. And always maintain professional during these situations. By not giving into anger you could save yourself from being targeted in future situations…

Coworker Relationship – 25 Pages 

How do you build and maintain those relationships while keeping professionalism at the forefront?  What are some challenges you face in doing so?  As you respond to this question, tell us of any real examples you can recall where you had a co-worker who “didn’t” handle a situation in an appropriate way… What happened? What might have been different had that person adjusted to the specific situation?

If you have an opportunity to have great co-workers, you will build friendships that will last a lifetime. I have friends I talk to and get together with and I have not worked with them for 3-4 years now. We as a group would plan outings for lunch or after work and just hang out. When I refer to co-workers this also included our manager. She had it easy for the most part. She did not micro manager us and she encouraged and supported us as employee and friends. The trust we had as a group enabled us to cover for one another due to vacation or illness. No one was threatened by the manager or even the President or owner of the business. Many of times we included them in our outings. It provided us a time to socialize off the clock and build on our working relationships. Think about it. You spend 1/3 of your day with these people. They do impact your life and after time become an extended family…