ETHC445 Quiz Week 1


ETHC445 Quiz Week 1
Which of these online behaviors is inappropriate in an atmospher…

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ETHC445 Quiz Week 1

ETHC445 Quiz Week 1


Question 1.1. Which of these online behaviors is inappropriate in an atmosphere of adult collegiality?

Questioning the intelligence of others in the class

Generalizations about people of racial or ethnic groups

Failing to use the spell-check function and using poor grammar


All of the above

Question 2.2. Ethics involves issues of right and wrong, and politically charged issues and ideas; thus, the best way to ensure that my comments are taken in the way I mean them is to _____.

Type them in ALL CAPITALS (That is shouting online . . . please don’t.)

Include lots of references to cultural biases and labels – after all, this class is all about how I feel (Please avoid!)

Carefully consider my comments, think about how they will affect others who may disagree, and take that into consideration when I word my posts

Take everything everyone else says, and try to twist it into something ugly so they look bad and I look good (get really upset and take everything everyone says personally) (Please don’t do this.)

Sit quietly in the corner (better to stay out of the discussion) (Absolutely not – please get involved and post at least three times per week to each thread.)

Question 3.3. Posting in the course’s threaded discussions is an essential element in our online, asynchronous classroom. Which of the following is not an example of value-adding posting?

Bringing an item that has been researched on the Internet with a quote and website link

Simply bringing an opinion statement to the discussion with a phrase like, “Well, I think . . .”(Unsupported opinion)

Adding wisdom to a discussion from your personal background or expertise

Asking for clarification of the meaning of another student’s post

Writing a response to another student’s post by name

Question 4.4. Which of the following is the most appropriate response for a student to post to another student who has posted this:

                     WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

E-mail the sender of that note

Let your instructor handle it. (Instructor’s responsibility)

Complain to the class in the Q & A Forum Thread

Post to the offending student what a jerk he or she is

Ask Student Services to intervene

Question 5.5.  Choose from the following choices the way in which collegiality is expressed in our course.

A certain tolerance for anger and expressions of it in posts

Ignoring the good wisdom that students with particular knowledge bring to the discussions

Behaving carefully so as to not cause offense to other students or quickly take offense at others

Accusing other students of their biases and preconceptions

Stating strong opinions and expecting others to follow suit