GSCM 206 All Discussions


GSCM 206 All Discussions
What is operations and supply chain management?  What career opportunities would you be interested…



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GSCM 206 All Discussions

GSCM 206 All Discussions

Week 1-7 All Students Posts 494 Pages 

Operations and Productivity and Operations Strategy in a Global Environment Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 70 Pages

Operations and Productivity – 35 Pages

What is operations and supply chain management?  What career opportunities would you be interested in pursuing in the field of operations and supply chain management?  Now that we have defined operations and supply chain management, explain three different ways that a firm can utilize operations and supply chain management as a competitive advantage. Describe how well your present organization practices this concept and please provide examples. Students who are not working please select a company that you might be interested in working for in the future.

From your view, what trends are you seeing in the Operations Management field from the following list: increased ethical awareness, different Global approaches, pressures (speed to market), going green, and creating additional partnerships? Why do you believe the trend is heading in that direction?

How many of you provide ratings and review other consumer comments? What impacts do you think these have on companies competing in this global environment?  Can you provide an example of other products that give multiple selections that were achieved by greater productivity?…

Operations Strategy in a Global Environment – 35 Pages

How do operations and supply chain processes provide a competitive advantage in the global arena?  How is a firm’s mission related to its strategy?  In your own words, define mission and strategy.  Select a well-known organization, or share a personal example, and describe how the purpose of having a mission and strategy are demonstrated in an organization. Find a mission statement on line and list and explain why you think it’s either a well design or poorly design statement. Try to stay away from the big companies that we already know about like Google, Apple GM, McDonalds, etc…

It explains exactly what they are about and exactly what they do. If you were CEO of the company would you change any part of this mission statement? Why or why not?  Why do you believe mass customization is a current trend in operations management?  Can you think of any products that currently perform this function to sell internationally?  What has been a key driver in the globalization of business?…

Forecasting and Design of Goods and Services Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 70 Pages

Forecasting – 34 Pages

How can forecasting improve your operations and supply chain processes?  What are the differences between independent and dependent demand?  Just imagine you were a small start-up organization making cloths (less than 5 people at the company). Software is very expensive. If you were the CEO, how would you manage the forecasting for this organization?…

To help you prepare for the quiz this week, please perform this problem: (Hint-use formula 4-2 in Chapter 4 pg. 111)

What is the forecast for May, based on a weighted moving average applied to the following past-demand data and using the weights of 3, 2, and 1 (largest weight is for most recent data)?


Has anyone ever heard of or used the using the DELPHI method when forecasting? Who are the three participants that are used when using the DELPHI method?…

Design of Goods and Services – 36 Pages

How important are the product design and the voice of the customer? How important are the product design and the voice of the customer during a new product development? What is the impact of the product life cycle on managing the supply chain?

Can you think of a product that was developed that became a huge hit that the customer’s didn’t know they wanted?  Why do you believe there are some companies always in control, while others seem to operate by putting out fires all the time and cannot design a product to meet the customers needs?

If you were selecting suppliers for your company for initial production in order to fulfill the voice of the customer; would you select a supplier that was a large conglomerate with multiple resources, or an independent company with low over-head costs? Why?

Let’s use automobiles as an example. The Honda Accord is one of the longest running vehicle platforms. The longevity of the vehicle has allowed Honda the ability deliver a design of goods from the voice of the customer that meets the demand. On the other hand, there are other companies that “refresh” the vehicles every 3-4 years. Would you choose to continuously “refresh” your product, or allow the product to mature? Why?…

Managing Quality and Process Strategy Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 77 Pages

Managing Quality – 37 Pages

Identify management’s role in linking operations and supply chain processes with quality improvement. Identify how improving quality can lead to reduced costs.  Companies with the highest level of quality are almost 5 times as productive as their competitors with the lowest quality product. Even though the organization may face an initial cost to gain high-quality; the costs are reduced by being more productive. The Japanese use a word that describes an on-going and unending process improvement that the U.S. has begun using as well. What is this word?

If you were a manager and you have employees who are driven by quantity versus quality, how would you handle the situation to improve quality?  Which costs section do you think is more important to control and why?  What about rework and yields? Usually rework and yields will be factored into production costs if the product has experienced these problems in the past. When these quality issues are fixed then they can revise the budget.

Does your company budget for rework? How much rework actually takes place at your company?  Can anyone tell me about Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)? Who started the system?…

Process Strategy – 40 Pages

Consider the different process strategies and technologies to improve effective and efficient operations. What are the many advantages and disadvantages in using process strategies?  Changing your process can be very costly, however, there may come a time when your organization will have to change the process. When does it makes sense for your company to make these changes?…

Class, can anyone tell me what the 4 strategies for improving productivity in service are?  Class, can anyone else think of an organization that created a new strategy to improve its operations?

Have you ever been a recipient of a product failure due to a process change at one of your suppliers location?  An organizations process strategy should have long-term impact on production efficiency and flexibility, must meet constraints; including costs, should be concerned how resources are turned into product or services, and should be the same as the transformation strategy.

If you were a production manager at General Motors making the key/ignition device, what would your process strategy be for your line?  How come computers are not an example of product-focused processes?…

Capacity and Constraint Management and Location Strategies Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 70 Pages

Capacity and Constraint Management – 36 Pages

Describe the concept of capacity and how managing capacity can improve operations and the supply chain flow of goods and services. In operations and supply chain management, many people like to use complex definitions to sometimes impress others. When you think about most of the definitions we already covered in this course; they are quite easy to understand. Can you think of other terms given to Capacity and Constraint Management that businesses use? What is the TOC concept that is used by Operation Managers (OM’s) to manage bottlenecks in an operation?

A Clothing Factory wants to increase capacity by adding a new sewing machine. The fixed costs for machine A are $9,000 and its variable cost is $4 per unit. The revenue is $7 per unit. The break-even point for the sewing machine is?  Class, the term Capacity and Constraint Management has different meanings to different industries. However, the industry as a whole defines the concept, capacity is how…

Location Strategies – 34 Pages

Identify the many factors that affect decisions on location. Identify the many factors that affect decisions on a firm’s location strategy. Why is it important for a firm to have a location strategy? A location decision for an appliance manufacturer would tend to be cost focused; and not education focused, labor focused, revenue focused, or environmentally focused. Why is this? Locating closer to suppliers is becoming more important due to raising fuel and transportation costs.

In our local area many of the grocery chains would source their organic products from the West Coast but due to the raising transportation costs many are encouraging more people to start local farming. For example, just in the last ten years we had only a handful of blueberry farms in Florida. Now it’s in the hundreds and climbing. Within your local area, have you seen other industries that are sourcing product closer to home?

Remember; don’t forget about your customers when locating facilities. If you have an organization that is dependent on customers coming to your location, it would make sense to choose a location that is easy to find. Nothing makes the customer get angry quicker than not being able to find your location. As an example, the organization I was working for was making a label change on a medical device. It just so happened that we also had a power-outage and I needed to get the new artwork of the label to the label manufacturer.

I had to drive the supplier’s location in-person and drop the artwork off. As it so happens, the supplier was down a dirt-road behind two old warehouses with a small sign on the door. By looking at the location, you would never guess a label manufacturer was located inside. It took me a very long time driving around trying to find their location. Has anyone else ever experienced trying to find a business that was not well identified?…

GSCM 206 All Discussions

Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 73 Pages

Supply Chain Management – 38 Pages

Identify the critical role of effective and efficient supply chains and how operations personnel need to plan, organize, and develop the right strategies and processes. Within your organization, how many suppliers do you have? As you can see, it takes a lot of work to keep a continuous flow of money, information and goods. Having fewer suppliers is not a concern of the supply chain. Why is this?…

Enclosed is a great definition of a supply chain from APICS.

From the APICS Dictionary, A SUPPLY CHAIN is the global network used to deliver products and services from raw materials to end customers through engineered flows of information, physical distribution and cash.

I separated the words in specific sections so you can better understand the definition. When we look at supply chains we need to expand our understanding beyond our 4 walls of our legal organization. In other words, we have to look at all our partners in our supply chain. Three things are always moving in these networks; money, information and goods. We no longer compete against other companies but rather compete against other networks. Can you see how the supply chain starts to form a partnership with each other. Within your organization, how many suppliers do you have? As you can see, it takes a lot of work to keep a continuous flow of money, information and goods.

When you find a supplier; what would you do to qualify the supplier, or would you just place an order?  What are the special requirements of supply-chain systems in global environments?…

Outsourcing – 35 Pages

When considering a company’s ability to make or buy products or services, what are the risks and benefits of each strategy? The term outsourcing brings a lot of emotion out of people. What is your personal opinion about outsourcing globally? Do you think it’s necessary in this global environment? Why or why not? Lots of organizations have tried and failed in attempting to outsource product and services to other counties. What they did not realize was it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to resolve many problems that can occur. The larger firms have experience with more success, because they have the additional funding and resources to solve these issues but many times the smaller firms cannot absorb the additional funding. What types of problems do you see an organization running into when outsourcing?

When we talk about outsourcing, I hear a lot about China.  Do you believe we can obtain high quality goods when outsourcing overseas to China? Why or Why Not?  Do you think it’s better to have many outsourced suppliers or less outsourced suppliers? Why?

Cost used to be the only factor for outsourcing, but now it’s an entirely different game. Let’s list some more of the reasons to outsource. Can you add to this list of factors to outsource?

  • Gain local presents in area markets.
  • Obtain skill resources
  • Focus on core capabilities

GSCM 206 All Discussions

Inventory Management and Materials Requirements Planning and ERP Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 68 Pages

Inventory Management – 35 Pages

Identify the critical role of inventory management for balancing the investment costs with customer service. Identify and describe the four types of inventory. Companies often times use what we call a “pull” system to control and reduce inventory. What is the difference between a “push” and a “pull” system? If we do not have any “inconsistencies” in inventory management can we eliminate safety stock? Why or why not?

Companies often times use what we call a “pull” system to control and reduce inventory. What is the difference between a “push” and a “pull” system?  How do you see the company you work for operating; with a Push or a Pull system?  The next question one might ask is if the customer is the only one that authorizes us to produce product, what do the employees do when there are no customer orders?

If we do not have any “inconsistencies” in inventory management can we eliminate safety stock? Why or why not? How does safety stock improve a company’s customer service level?  Is inventory an asset or a liability? How do we determine if it is an asset or a liability? Please provide specific examples…

Materials Requirements Planning and ERP – 33 Pages

Consider the planning process and structure for developing a master production schedule (MPS) and materials requirements planning (MRP). Identify the advances and integration effects of ERP. Has anyone ever participated in a physical count of inventory? If so, how long did it take? Material Requirement Planning systems are only as good as the information that is imputed into them.

If you input wrong information (such as wrong inventory counts), you’re going to get wrong information back.  When this happens, items that are sold are no longer in-stock; even though the system shows it’s available. To help solve this problem, many companies use Cycle Counting.

What is Cycle Counting and what is the advantages of using it? Define what the Bill of Material is?  As a flow-over from the inventory management discussion thread, How does an ABC approach improve inventory management?…

GSCM 206 All Discussions

JIT and Lean Operations Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 66 Pages

JIT – 31 Pages

Identify the approaches and methods of continuous improvement and force problem solving. What sort of problems would companies incur using an “after the fact” method? What is the difference between JIT, Toyota Production Systems (TPS), and lean operations? The JIT environments within an organization produce low amounts of waste in the form of time and production, have a very small amount of variability, and have low inventory stock-piles. If you recall from previous chapters, why wouldn’t a push system generally not be found within a JIT environment?

Toyota, (TPS) methods and systems has been implemented by thousands of companies worldwide and yet they had one of the most serious brake problems several years ago. If companies like Toyota and others have such high quality management programs how do these type of problems happen? What can companies do more to prevent these types of problems?

When we expand on these meanings do you think anyone one method is better than the other? Please explain?

In JIT partnerships, suppliers have several concerns. These concerns are:

  • Diversification
  • Poor customer scheduling
  • Customers’ Infrequent engineering changes, small lot sizes
  • Producing high enough quality levels.

Why would these be concerns to suppliers?  Do you see any of these concerns within your own supply-base at work?…

Lean Operations – 35 Pages

What are the three basic principles of lean systems, and how do they support each other in achieving lean-system goals? What is JIT and Lean?  List at least two sources of waste. How does waste negatively impact supply chains? In lean systems, there are seven wastes in total. What are they?

To run a lean system, 5S needs to be in place. 5S is a checklist for lean operations, has the “feel” of a housekeeping list, and can be used to assist in change within organizational culture. The organization I work in, takes 5S very seriously. Our bonuses are tied to the departments 5S score. We have internal auditor’s that come by unannounced and audit/score your department. The findings are covered within executive business meetings.

While this is not necessary, it is a good idea to do; completely clean your work-area and label your items or put an outline with colored tape to show where items should go, then take a picture of your work-station. Hang the picture up in your work-station as a “reminder” of how your work area should look through-out the day.

Has anyone used 5S before in their work environment?  List at least two sources of waste. How does waste negatively impact supply chains?…

GSCM 206 All Discussions