GSCM206 Discussions Week 4


GSCM206 Discussions Week 4
Describe the concept of capacity and how managing capacity can improve operations and the supply…


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GSCM 206 Discussions Week 4 

GSCM206 Discussions Week 4

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Capacity and Constraint Management – 36 Pages 

Describe the concept of capacity and how managing capacity can improve operations and the supply chain flow of goods and services. In operations and supply chain management, many people like to use complex definitions to sometimes impress others. When you think about most of the definitions we already covered in this course; they are quite easy to understand. Can you think of other terms given to Capacity and Constraint Management that businesses use? What is the TOC concept that is used by Operation Managers (OM’s) to manage bottlenecks in an operation?

A Clothing Factory wants to increase capacity by adding a new sewing machine. The fixed costs for machine A are $9,000 and its variable cost is $4 per unit. The revenue is $7 per unit. The break-even point for the sewing machine is?  Class, the term Capacity and Constraint Management has different meanings to different industries. However, the industry as a whole defines the concept, capacity is how…

Location Strategies – 34 Pages 

Identify the many factors that affect decisions on location. Identify the many factors that affect decisions on a firm’s location strategy. Why is it important for a firm to have a location strategy? A location decision for an appliance manufacturer would tend to be cost focused; and not education focused, labor focused, revenue focused, or environmentally focused. Why is this? Locating closer to suppliers is becoming more important due to raising fuel and transportation costs.

In our local area many of the grocery chains would source their organic products from the West Coast but due to the raising transportation costs many are encouraging more people to start local farming. For example, just in the last ten years we had only a handful of blueberry farms in Florida. Now it’s in the hundreds and climbing. Within your local area, have you seen other industries that are sourcing product closer to home?

Remember; don’t forget about your customers when locating facilities. If you have an organization that is dependent on customers coming to your location, it would make sense to choose a location that is easy to find. Nothing makes the customer get angry quicker than not being able to find your location. As an example, the organization I was working for was making a label change on a medical device. It just so happened that we also had a power-outage and I needed to get the new artwork of the label to the label manufacturer.

I had to drive the supplier’s location in-person and drop the artwork off. As it so happens, the supplier was down a dirt-road behind two old warehouses with a small sign on the door. By looking at the location, you would never guess a label manufacturer was located inside. It took me a very long time driving around trying to find their location. Has anyone else ever experienced trying to find a business that was not well identified?…