HIST405 Quiz Week 4


HIST405 Quiz Week 4
(TCO 2) Identify and analyze the arguments over slavery in the New Western Territories after the Mexican War…

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HIST405 Quiz Week 4

HIST405 Quiz Week 4


(TCO 3) The assertion that states the right to disobey federal law was called (Points : 2)





(TCO 3) The Waltham System (Points : 2)

Pioneered prison reform

Created a factory system concentrating all aspects of cloth production under one roof

Made settlements in many areas throughout the U.S.

Introduced a plan to bring immigrants to the U.S.

(TCO 1) The bloodiest slave uprising in U.S. history was (Points : 2)

Nat Henthoff’s Rebellion

The Slave Rebellion of 1831

Nat Turner’s Rebellion

The Market Revolution

(TCO 3) By 1835, Texas was home to about 30,000 American settlers, known as (Points : 2)



Mountain Men


(TCO 3) James Polk (Points : 2)

Opposed annexation of Texas

Purchased Texas from Mexico

Favored annexation of Texas

Was the only governor to serve two terms in Texas

(TCO 2) The Fugitive Slave Act adopted in 1850 (Points : 2)

Required private citizens to assist with apprehending runaway slaves

Required private citizens to help runaway slaves escape

Applied only to northern states

Applied only to southern states

(TCO 3) In 1856, Border Ruffians attacked (Points : 2)

A New York abolitionist named John Brown

A group of Southern farmers

Senator Charles Sumner

The antislavery town of Lawrence, Kansas

(TCO 2) What law was found to be unconstitutional in the Dred Scott decision? (Points : 2)

The personal liberties laws

The Wilmot Provision

The Missouri Compromise

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

(TCO 8) One advantage the South had over the North was that southerners believed (Points : 2)

That slavery was not that important

One southerner could whip 10 Yankees

That the North lacked the courage to fight

Deeply in Lincoln’s ability to avoid war

(TCO 8) Which Civil War battle decisively turned the tide of the war in favor of the Union? (Points : 2)

Battle of Atlanta

Battle of Vicksburg

Battle of Richmond

Battle of Gettysburg

(TCO 2) Identify and analyze the arguments over slavery in the New Western Territories after the Mexican War (1846–1848). How did northern and southern Democrats differ over this issue? Then describe the presidential election of 1848. Identify the key parties and candidates. Analyze how the results of this election set the stage for a reconfiguration of American politics that ultimately led to Civil War. Be sure to use enough details to support your answer. (Points : 20)

In 1819, Missouri applied for admission to the Union so that they could be considered a slave state. John Tallmadge, a New York Congressmen demanded that…

Hist405 Quiz Week 4