HOSP 330 Final Exam


HOSP 330 Final Exam
(TCO 1) Describe the growth opportunities in the event management field. Show and


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HOSP 330 Final Exam

HOSP 330 Final Exam


(TCO 1) Describe the growth opportunities in the event management field. Show and explain these growth opportunities. What opportunity would interest you if you pursued an event management career? Why? (Points : 25)


Opportunities in event management abound. There is a projected increase in the number of jobs available for…

(TCO 2) Select any type of event and describe how to identify and plan for a theme at this event. Please include advantages and disadvantages of selecting a theme. What would be the biggest challenges overall? (Points : 25)


When identifying and planning for a wedding theme, the event planner must meet with the bride and groom to…

(TCO 3) Show and explain the flow in the process in developing policies, procedures, and practices in an event. Explain the benefits of developing policies, procedures, and practices to the event manager and other stakeholders of the event. (Points : 25)


The first phase is planning, in which the need is identified, a plan is developed, and…

(TCO 4) Explain how you negotiate the best terms for accounts payable. Examine the typical accounts payable customs in the event industry. How can you negotiate accounts payable? (Points : 25)


To negotiate the best terms, it is important to start with good communication. It is important to…

(TCO 5) Choose one leadership characteristic and explain why you feel this is the most important leadership characteristic. Also, explain why the other characteristics may fall short of your first choice. (Points : 25)


I think that conviction is the most important leadership characteristic. This refers to the…

(TCO 8) Explain event sponsorship and the marketing relationship it creates. Apply how you would sell sponsorships. (Points : 25)


Event sponsorship is a form of promotion where a company establishes sponsorship relations with…

(TCO 7) Examine what options you have in arranging organized activities within an event. Show and explain what you should consider when planning and coordinating organized events. Give some practical examples of organized activities. Explain the benefits to an event planner of incorporating activities into an event plan. (Points : 25)


When planning and coordinating organized events, it is important to consider the speakers…

(TCO 9) Examine risk management procedures of an event. Show and explain the various aspects of risk management. Explain the various areas that can be risky and management handles these risks. Explain the benefits to an event planner. (Points : 25)


The risk management process involves identifying the risks, identifying the causes, and identifying…

(TCO 11) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in your event. Show a detailed list of examples of technology that could be used effectively in the event industry. Explain the benefits of these technologies to an event planner. Examine the application of this technology. (Points : 25)


Some of the technologies that can be used effectively in events are social media, live streaming,…

(TCO 10) Explain the ethical problems that might come up during an event (international or not international) and recommend how you plan to solve them. Explain how you would avoid these problems. (Points : 25)


One of these problems is with honest representation where event planners overestimate or…

(TCO 6) Examine how an event planner develops appropriate resources from various supplies and vendors. Show and explain how you would locate event resources. Discuss how you might prepare RFPs (request for proposals). Explain how managing resources benefits the event planner. (Points : 25)


To find the appropriate suppliers and vendors, I would first identify my…

HOSP 330 Final Exam