HOSP330 Meetings Events Management


HOSP330 Meetings Events Management
You are the event leader for a statewide exposition being held in the capital of your state. This will…



HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

A+ Entire Course: Case Study| Assignment| Midterm Exam| Course Project| Discussions Week 1-7| Final Exam

Event Leader – Case Study Week 1 


Case: You are the event leader for a statewide exposition being held in the capital of your state. This will be a 3-day event in the middle of summer and will have indoor and outdoor venues focusing on the strong industries of your state. Your contract requires you to completely create and implement the entire event with 2 years’ notice. The event needs a lot of creativity and organization. The event needs to focus on both young and old participants.

There are two parts to this assignment.

First: In this week’s lesson, you’ll find an example of a mind map that will help you with this assignment.  Mind map the event. Create a similar mind map listing and fully answering the why, who, when, where, and what questions.

Second: What tasks will you perform in each of the five stages (research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation)? Elaborate on each stage and task.

Go beyond the text . . . include Internet or library research, and be sure to include references in your paper (this can be an additional page beyond the page-count criteria).


This article focuses on the management of special events and celebrations. Various individuals are turning into event management as a career to handle the dynamics of social life-cycle events. Events managers have well positioned their…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Five Senses Analysis – Week 2 


Submit a 2–3 page (double-spaced) paper describing how you would use a focus group to establish the correct design of an event (you may use any event of your choice). Focus on the five senses in this analysis. How would you use this focus group? What types of questions would you ask? How would you conduct the focus group? These are just some questions to answer in your submission.


While most event organizers organize events with the aim of conveying information, some events are designed to gather information. Focus groups are a popular way of helping organizers understand the nuances of events ranging from product development to campaign messages. A focus…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Course Project Week 3 


Prepare a rough draft of your event project (45 points). The budget must match the event plan you are considering. The budget will include the necessary labor and materials to run and manage your event. Include total costs for the event and revenue required to support the event with expected profits. The use of the budget template will assist you in covering the event budget requirements.


The tournament aims at sensitizing the youth and the general community on healthy living and drug abuse free life. The primary objective is to help the community curb the increasing drug abuse and obesity among the youth and children (Kann et al., 2015, p. 2). All community members can participate in…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Midterm Exam Week 4 


(TCO 1) Event Leadership subfields include all of the following except _______. (Points : 5)

Civic events

Fairs and festivals

Social-life cycle events

Ice cream events

(TCO 2) Event managers primarily use quantitative research to determine demographic information such as _______. (Points : 5)




Age, gender, and income

(TCO 3) To encourage volunteers to continue to support your event, you must include _______.

(Points : 5)



Free use of cars

None of the above

(TCO 4) The financial philosophy for your event may be _______. (Points : 5)



Loss leader or hosted

All of the above

(TCO 5) The first phase in the Event leadership process is _______. (Points : 5)





(TCO 6) A contingency plan for speaker who is running late is to _______. (Points : 5)

Extend the entertainment

Slow the food service

Notify the audience of the situation

All of the above

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

(TCO 6) Briefly explain the use of a production schedule during an event. (Points : 10)


The production schedule includes information on the key contacts, event activities, and other details that are needed to…

(TCO 6) Select five audiovisual or lighting options you may use in your event. Explain the features of equipment you selected and how they might be used in an event. (Points : 10)


Five audiovisual or lighting options may include up lighting; gobo lighting, outdoor…

(TCO 2) List and explain the challenges of teamwork on an event. (Points : 10)


One challenge concerns structural problems, such as having a small…

(TCO 2) List and briefly explain the research phase of the Event Management Process. (Points : 10)


The research phase is a time spent for exploration. At this phase, the…

(TCO 5) Briefly describe and explain a breakeven analysis. (Points : 10)


The breakeven analysis is performed to determine how many units of a particular item (e.g. event tickets) must be…

(TCO 1) Identify and explain the exposition and exhibition subfield in the event industry. (Points : 10)


The exposition and exhibition subfield pertains to the management of places where retailers…

(TCO 2) Explain the five-card draw: Playing the five senses. How does this benefit the event planner? (Points : 10)


When planning an event, the event planner must put themselves in the attendee’s…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

You Decide Week 5 



You are standing by the loading dock with sweat dripping down your brow. As dozens of trucks and other vehicles line up for what seems like miles in the distance. As the sun continued to beat down on the loading dock, the union representatives begin to exchange words with you about who has had the jurisdiction of work. Finally, you glanced at your watch and realized that the loads-in for the event was running two hours behind schedule, thus incurring thousands of dollars in overtime charges. And this was only the beginning of trials for the trade show. Once the doors to the exhibition opened, hundreds of buyers streamed in and promptly clogged the aisles on one side of the exhibit floor. For nearly four hours, buyers virtually ignored exhibitors on the other side of the exhibit floor. A few minutes after the exhibition began. Several exhibitors complained to you that the other exhibitors were playing loud music and stepping into the aisles to bring people into their booths.

You are the Event Leader for a tradeshow and exhibition.

John Reed was the legal counsel for the exhibition center. He reminded the exhibit manager that it is illegal for an exhibitor to play music without permission from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers or Broadcast Music, Inc.

Fred Meyers, the union representative of the exhibit hall, was having some heated words about the jurisdiction of work with you. You notice that you’re running two hours behind getting the exhibit materials into the exhibit hall.

Sam Smith, the Exhibition Manager, is getting concerned about the problems developing with loud music in some exhibitor’s booths, the labor jurisdiction of work for the union, the issue of overcrowding, and the activities conducted in the booths. He requested that you give him a report so these issues would be solved before the next trade show which will begin following week.

Given the scenario, your role and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this Week’s You Decide tab, in eCollege, to complete the activity for this scenario. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.


A manual should be available at the space event for the event leader to read and implement.  For exhibitor’s compliance with local fire regulations, practices on safety and health should be clearly outlined, for example, having a flamed-proofed booth decorations. Policies such as no smoking or drinking alcohol, emergency…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Assignment Week 6 


Create an Internet marketing plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner for your final project topic. Your internet Market Plan will provide a review of your marketing and advertising ideas.


The marketing plan for the tournament will entail informing young people as well as the community on the need for living a healthy life and importance of refraining from drug use. Upon the success of the marketing plan, the community will manage to address the diverse obesity and substance abuse cases among young people and children. The plan…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Course Project Week 7 


Week 7: Final paper is due (145 points). The Course Project will be your own event, to include key theoretical elements from this course. In general, you want to focus on an event that is big enough to be detailed properly and small enough to be completed within 7 weeks.


The vision of this program is sensitize and ensure that the outcome is a “healthy population, communities and families free of drug abuse-related problems and other related risks”. The mission is to empower families, population, and…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

You Decide Week 7 



Sometimes an event has many planners and organizers. This is true in the case of this year’s graduation luncheon for a graduate program. Each year for the past three years, a graduate school at a small regional university held an event for its winter graduates. There is a luncheon on campus to recognize the graduates, give them a chance to assemble, and present them with a small gift as they continue their lives beyond the university. However, because of an unclear organizational chart, this led to miscommunications and dropped balls in managing this event. When the structure of the planning group is unclear or unknown, as it was in this case, important details such as the nomination of a graduation speaker can be missed.

Your Role

You are the event representative for the university and need to make sure the university employees responsible for various functions of the event work closely with the event coordinator that was hired. This is to ensure that the event comes together in a timely basis and meets all the various stakeholders’ requirements. The people below have expressed their feelings and thoughts on this issue. Review them carefully before doing the activity.


Raymond Burke is the University Student Services representative and has been assigned by the university to ensure that the event coordinator hired completes the job on time and to the agreed specification and that all the stakeholders, including the students will have a memorable experience.

The new graduates that will attend the luncheon have assigned Jane Teller, one of the new graduates, as their representative to ensure that all goes well for the students during the graduate luncheon.

David Smith is the event coordinator and was given the job of coordinating the graduate luncheon. Since Dave had coordinated the luncheon for the past two years, he felt comfortable with not starting on the job seriously until several weeks before the scheduled event. As he started to finalize the content for this year, David quickly realized that not only were people in the other departments working on different aspects of the luncheon, but also that no one was taking care of the actual luncheon programming. The previous luncheon had included a speaker from the student body and a faculty member presenting the graduation gifts. This year, however, David learned that a student speaker had not yet been nominated. Quickly compiling and mounting an email campaign, he was still receiving nominations less than two weeks before the luncheon. Issues of which faculty members would be involved in the event also arose, and David’s job grew to include the task of deciding and scheduling the elements of the program. Because of the unclear organizational chart for this event, this led to miscommunication and gaps in responsibility. When the structure of a planned group is unclear or unknown, as it was in this case, important details such as the nomination of the graduation speaker can be missed.

Given the scenario, your role and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this Week’s You Decide page, in eCollege, to complete the activity for this scenario. You can return and review this scenario again at any time.

Based on the information above, write a short report to address the following issues:

  1. How can the university clearly identify who is in charge of planning the luncheon when it arranges for next year’s event
  2. What type of efficient organizational chart would you recommend for such events in an academic environment?
  3. What other techniques would be helpful to save, track, and retrieve in the event history?
  4. How would you create a checklist for the various elements of the event?

In your response be sure to incorporate what you perceive to be the goals of your organization and how they would impact your decision.


Holding successful graduate programs and events on an annual basis is a symbol of excellence for any academic institution. There are several contributing factors to such success but the key ingredient is the timely planning and organization. Looking at the scenario provided, this aspect was not captured comprehensively by the…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 376 Pages 


Event Leadership Profession and Planning Effective Events Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 56 Pages 


Event Leadership Profession – 29 Pages 


What type of events do event professionals manage? List some possible events that you have witnessed or in which you participated. Do you think they were well planned and managed? What made them special? What made them memorable? Challenge your classmates–did you attend a similar event or even the same one?  let’s discuss consistency from event to event…why is it important to establish a consistency in varying events? How will this affect your career?  Do you feel that an event incorporates a set number of attendees or can 2 people constitute an event?…

Event professionals manage many types of events such as celebrations, concerts, sporting, meetings, banquets, conferences, festivals, charity, memorials, ceremonies, marketing and tourism to name a few. Our text discusses that there are four types of events that meet the purpose of people coming together: celebration, education, marketing and reunion.  Most people have witnessed or participated in personal celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, housewarming and promotions to name a few. Many of these that…

Planning Effective Events – 27 Pages


After reading the text, do you think timing is the most important aspect of event planning? Why? Why not? Do you think space and tempo are more important? If you had to choose ONE as the most important, which would you choose and why? Why is it superior to the others? What would you include in your blueprint of the event you are planning for in your course project?…

What is a gap analysis?  What are the benefits to an event planner?  What are the five phases of the event leadership process? Select one and share your thoughts with your classmates…

The five phases of Event Planning is Research, Design, Planning, Coordination, and Evaluation. They are all important and go hand in hand with one another. The planning phase is a…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Effectively Managing the Event Environment and Leadership Characteristics in an Event Planner Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 59 Pages 


Effectively Managing the Event Environment – 31 Pages


Discuss the differences between quantitative pre-event research and qualitative pre-event research. What information do you feel is most important to managing a successful event?  When researching an event, what questions would you ask when qualifying your client?  How would you use a timeline in your event?  Or would you use one?  Why or why not?…

When we research and plan events with Senior Citizens, we must carefully think of their motivations, needs and expectations.  What are some things we need to do to make sure they are comfortable?…

Themes are an important element of an event.  Why?  How would you develop an appropriate theme for an event or your final project?…

Leadership Characteristics in an Event Planner – 28 Pages 


What procedures would you use to recruit, orient and motivate your event staff and volunteers? Are there any procedures or practices that you would specifically avoid? You want to run a ‘well-oiled machine’ on every event you create. Why should you have policies, guidelines and procedures in place for employees?  How would you deal with conflict among volunteers, employees, or vendors?  Would you maintain a level of confidence and calmness, which would help remedy and show that you are in control of the situation?  Would you have a set of guidelines on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior?…

How would an event benefit by using a diversified staff? Would an effective leader have set delivery times with their vendors?  Would this be an advantage or disadvantage as a procedure?…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Event Leadership Styles and Events Financial Administration Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 51 Pages 


Event Leadership Styles – 23 Pages 


Give some examples on how you would orient, train, and educate your event staff. How would you, as an event manager, motivate and inspire your staff and the volunteers?  Hiccups are going to rear their ugly little heads and try to cause chaos – it is crucial that we as planners be on top of our game.  What is the saying?  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, because it is all small stuff!   Expect the unexpected – think about the ‘what-ifs’ with your team….What if this happens, what would we do?  What plans would we put in place to overcome it?….

The advantage of a budget is that it can be as simple or complex as you decide, according to the stage of business development. Budget forces to develop an overview of the company in the coming months to better understand what is giving results and to…

Events Financial Administration – 28 Pages 


Explain some ways that an event budget can be managed for a project. Think about a small event with a small budget versus a large event with a large budget and the methods you could employ. Please provide examples.  Some clients have “it” and some clients expect you to have “it”, and then you’ll have some clients that will expect you to turn water into very fancy wine on a cool aid budget, so let me ask you; how does creativity affect budgets? Would you utilize an accountant for your business (if you owned one)? Why or why not? Would you have a staff member that had a background in accounting help with preliminary and final budgets for your clients?…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Vendor Evaluation and Event On-site Production Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 52 Pages 


Vendor Evaluation – 27 Pages 


How would you, as an Event Manager, deal with acquiring vendors for your events? What would be the proper steps?  Many of our hotels and convention centers outsource their audio visual (A/V) needs out to preferred vendors. Why is this? When planning an event we find ourselves utilizing multiple vendors. What issues will you encounter in dealing with multiple vendors? How can you help prevent and solve them?…

What are the best practices in event contracting and coordinating catering operations?  Thoughts?  What are your thoughts on having back-up vendors? In the event one does not show up?  How might you develop a relationship with vendors?  Or does developing a relationship with a vendor really matter in this business? Class what are your thoughts?…

Event On-site Production – 25 Pages 


Select and explain one element of managing an on-site event production. How does it enhance or diminish the event or function? Many events are being held via the web. With all of the new bells and whistles of technology these days it has become quite lucrative! What are some hiccups that can happen during a web conference? How would you establish a contingency plan for an event?…

Let’s discuss the most important factors for establishing an efficient registration operation.  It’s important to do run through before an actual event in order to make sure all the equipment is working properly. Doing sound checks –if its too loud in an empty room then its going to be too loud with people in the room.  OR in Diana’s case ~ tone down the content of the speaker.  What else can we do in an effort to avoid A/V or any other hiccups?…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

The Five P’s of Marketing and Internet Marketing Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 56 Pages


The Five P’s of Marketing – 29 Pages 


The five P’s of marketing are Product, Promotion, Price, Public Relations, and Place. Which do you think is the most important P in advertising and marketing an event and why? Explain internal marketing versus external marketing.  Are there any differences? We have tangible products and intangible products. What are the differences? Is one product harder to promote than the other?…

Where have you seen one of the “P’s” done wrong in an event? What happened? How would you have done this differently?  Explain the importance of using public relations in the event business…

Internet Marketing – 27 Pages


Explain the role, scope, and potential of online consumer-generated media to advance your event. How would you maximize Internet marketing opportunities? What do you look for in a website when you are looking for services? How can we show credibility on our website?…

Discuss how you would develop an effective event presence through online social media…this will help get you started for this week’s assignment!

Discuss the major type of websites and their characteristics.  What do you look for in a website when you are looking for services?  Discuss the major advantages of online marketing…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Risk Evaluation in Event Planning and Event Ethics Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 54 Pages 


Risk Evaluation in Event Planning – 26 Pages 


What kind of risk management procedures would you set in place for an event? What risks can you plan for? How can you mitigate them prior to or during an event? Can we actually plan for risk when planning an outdoors event? What are some of the typical permits required for an event in your hometown?  Where and how do you qualify to obtain them? What are some of the environmental regulations with which an event manager must comply?…

what are your thoughts on killing 2 birds with one stone and hiring a multi-purpose lawyer? Or do you think it would behoove your company to have a separate risk management team (in or out of house)? What are the general requirements during an event related to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?…

Event Ethics – 28 Pages 


Compare and contrast ethics, law, and morals. Give an example in relation to an event of what you consider unethical and against the law, and your personal views on morals. How would you include in a policy manual on ethics if you owned an event company? What type of information would you include? What are some of the special needs requirements for your client’s stakeholders or attendees of an event from an ethical, legal, or moral perspective?…

You have just completed negotiating the contract for your client’s venue to be held at a hotel. You have secured (for free) a Presidential Suite and a Junior Suite. Do you keep one of the rooms for yourself (you will have to travel to the hotel and stay for the 2 day event) or do you book yourself a run of the house room?…

Let’s say the client wants to serve alcohol? What if you have a vendor show up drunk? Or an attendee is about to leave (and drive) drunk? What do you do?…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

21st Century Trends & Leaders and Careers in Event Management Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 48 Pages 


21st Century Trends & Leaders – 25 Pages 


Describe some current and future technology trends in event management. What would be a perfect event management solution? What are the trends and best practices in use for internationally planned events?  Are they different from Domestic events? What technology would you apply to the job of Event Manager/Leader? Why do you feel this is the most important technology? Discuss and challenge your classmates’ suggestions….

Virtual Events are HUGE right now …. anyone guess WHY?  There are corporations that are utilizing virtual webinars utilizing technology like WebEx and GoToMeeting.  There are also Tele-Summits popping up all over the internet…Let’s discuss!  Look online for potential job openings in event management. Discuss the positions available with your classmates. What classified, help wanted ad interests you? Why?…

Careers in Event Management – 23 Pages 


Describe some of the less-than-obvious career choices you have in event management. What are some of the subfields in event management? How important is education in the Event Management field? Why? What are some attributes that event planners should have? What is the career field you’re leaning towards entering into? What have you learned in this class to apply to a new career?  Why is it important to become a certified event professional for your career?…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management

Final Exam 


(TCO 1) Describe the growth opportunities in the event management field. Show and explain these growth opportunities. What opportunity would interest you if you pursued an event management career? Why? (Points : 25)


Opportunities in event management abound. There is a projected increase in the number of jobs available for…

(TCO 2) Select any type of event and describe how to identify and plan for a theme at this event. Please include advantages and disadvantages of selecting a theme. What would be the biggest challenges overall? (Points : 25)


When identifying and planning for a wedding theme, the event planner must meet with the bride and groom to…

(TCO 3) Show and explain the flow in the process in developing policies, procedures, and practices in an event. Explain the benefits of developing policies, procedures, and practices to the event manager and other stakeholders of the event. (Points : 25)


The first phase is planning, in which the need is identified, a plan is developed, and…

(TCO 4) Explain how you negotiate the best terms for accounts payable. Examine the typical accounts payable customs in the event industry. How can you negotiate accounts payable? (Points : 25)


To negotiate the best terms, it is important to start with good communication. It is important to…

(TCO 5) Choose one leadership characteristic and explain why you feel this is the most important leadership characteristic. Also, explain why the other characteristics may fall short of your first choice. (Points : 25)


I think that conviction is the most important leadership characteristic. This refers to the…

(TCO 8) Explain event sponsorship and the marketing relationship it creates. Apply how you would sell sponsorships. (Points : 25)


Event sponsorship is a form of promotion where a company establishes sponsorship relations with…

(TCO 7) Examine what options you have in arranging organized activities within an event. Show and explain what you should consider when planning and coordinating organized events. Give some practical examples of organized activities. Explain the benefits to an event planner of incorporating activities into an event plan. (Points : 25)


When planning and coordinating organized events, it is important to consider the speakers…

(TCO 9) Examine risk management procedures of an event. Show and explain the various aspects of risk management. Explain the various areas that can be risky and management handles these risks. Explain the benefits to an event planner. (Points : 25)


The risk management process involves identifying the risks, identifying the causes, and identifying…

(TCO 11) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in your event. Show a detailed list of examples of technology that could be used effectively in the event industry. Explain the benefits of these technologies to an event planner. Examine the application of this technology. (Points : 25)


Some of the technologies that can be used effectively in events are social media, live streaming,…

(TCO 10) Explain the ethical problems that might come up during an event (international or not international) and recommend how you plan to solve them. Explain how you would avoid these problems. (Points : 25)


One of these problems is with honest representation where event planners overestimate or…

(TCO 6) Examine how an event planner develops appropriate resources from various supplies and vendors. Show and explain how you would locate event resources. Discuss how you might prepare RFPs (request for proposals). Explain how managing resources benefits the event planner. (Points : 25)


To find the appropriate suppliers and vendors, I would first identify my…

HOSP330 Meetings Events Management