HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course


HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course
This is your opportunity to correct and fine-tune any outstanding parts of your project…



HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

A+ Homework Week 1, 2, 3, 5, 6| Course Project Week 1-7| Discussions Week 1-7|Final Exam

Homework Chapter Questions Week 1 

Click Here: HOSP410 Homework Week 1

Chapter 1

  1. Give three reasons why someone would want to own and operate a restaurant.
  2. How important do you think it is to have restaurant experience before entering the business as an owner/operator?
  3. Give three reasons people patronize restaurants.

Chapter 2

  1. Briefly describe the kinds and characteristics of restaurants.
  2. What are the highlights of Mexican restaurant menus?
  3. Name the elements that make for “fine dining.”

Homework Chapter Questions Week 2 

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Chapter 3

  1. What is the relationship between your logo and your restaurant concept?
  2. List five factors that together help formulate a restaurant
  3. Can a particular site be wrong for one restaurant, write for another? Explain

Chapter 4

  1. How would your prioritize the consideration in menu planning for your restaurant?
  • Discuss how the equipment and menu must harmonize to create smooth operation.
  • How seriously should restaurant operators become involved with the nutritional content of food the chefs serve?

Homework Chapter Questions Week 3

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Chapter 16

The percentage of weekly sales that should be forecasted for Friday and Saturday evening

Why it is important to do budget forecast of sales, costs and profit

The procedure in seeking a loan from the small Business Administration

Chapter 17

What are some dangers of operating a restaurant as a partnership?

How to arrange single taxation of a restaurant

Management role and financial decisions of a limited partner

Homework Chapter Questions Week 5 

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Chapter 10

Currently Available Equal Opportunity Training and Outreach Programs

Current Topics under the “Statistics” Link

Current Statistics available Under Sexual Harassment

Information Necessary to File a Charge

Chapter 11 Internet Questions

Job Advert
Restaurant ReceptionistAccounts Assistant
Job Description and Responsibilities

·         Responsibilities include welcoming visitors, answering inquiries, maintaining directories



Job Description and Responsibilities

·         The position holder will assist the chief accountant in preparing…



·         A higher diploma in front office management.



·         Honors degree in finance, accounting, economics or business management.



Application Procedure


Homework Chapter Questions Week 6 

Click Here: HOSP410 Homework Week 6

Chapter 12 & Chapter 13

The difference between employee development and training

How a manager/owner involves in behavior modeling

How I would set up my training program

How I would get across my policies

Service personnel must be aware of the degree of social distance desired by their customers

How I would handle the situation of the four men in the booth

Importance of eye contacts to patrons

Suitable phrases for greeting patrons

Suitable phrases for saying goodbye to a patron

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Course Project Week 1-7

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Throughout this course, you will be writing an individual Course Project in which you will develop a restaurant concept. The premise of the project is that you have just been told that a billionaire is considering your team to develop his newest venture; a new restaurant concept.


Your report will be based on the guidelines from Chapter 3, page 82 of your text, Figure 3.2, which is a timeline showing the sequence of restaurant development.

  1. You must name his vision and come up with all the details for the concept.
  2. Money is no object; you can spend as much as it takes to finalize your restaurant concept.
  3. Your project must incorporate the items listed below. Each week (except Week 4), deliverables will be turned in for grading.
  4. All outside reference material must be cited using the APA citation method. You should have a minimum of five outside sources. Your textbook is considered one source. Do NOT forget to cite and enclose quotes in quotation marks, which are copied from your text, websites, news articles, magazines, and so forth.
  5. Familiarize yourself with DeVry’s plagiarism policy located in the Policies tab under Course Home. Failure to comply with these standards may be grounds for an Academic Integrity Violation. This is a large portion of your grade; do not risk a zero by copying from ANY source without quoting and citing it properly.
  6. Please include a table of contents, introduction, and conclusion.
  7. Write the report in the order listed below.
  8. In general, this project report must be at least 12-15 pages of actual report (not to include the title page, table of contents, and references), double-spaced, in 12 point font.
  9. Review the Grading Rubrics for every assignment to familiarize yourself with assignment and grading expectations. Rubrics are located in Doc Sharing.
  10. Remember, don’t procrastinate! Post questions in the Q & A Forum.

Course Project Week 1 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Project Week 1

What is the name of your vision? You can include this on your title page.

A rough outline of your paper.

Introduction for your paper (this should be at least one page and should clearly reflect your vision as if you are trying to sell it).


The most important thing before developing a restaurant is to decide on the type of restaurant one wants to develop. For example, it can be a family restaurant, a casual restaurant, fast casual, fast food restaurant, luxury restaurant, or a diner house. After deciding this, the owner must design and develop the concept. The concept may…

Course Project Week 2 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Project Week 2

Concept Development (see Chapter 3): What is the concept behind your decision?

Site Selection (see Chapter 3): Where will your restaurant be located? Why did you choose this location?

Menu Development (see Chapter 4): What type of menu will you use? How did you decide on pricing?

To meet paper length requirements, it is a good idea to aim for approximately one page per topic.


The concept behind the decision will be based on the dietary measures concept. The company will follow McDonald’s fast foods concept, which may be either thri9ough, a franchise. It is clear that the company’s, mission to provide high…

Course Project Week 3

Click Here:  HOSP410 Course Project Week 3

Financial Analysis (see Chapter 16): Develop a financial budget estimate of the cost to start up your new venture. Figure 16.2 on page 452 shows a great way to estimate startup costs.

Licenses and Approvals (see Chapter 16): Identify the necessary permits and licenses you will need (local and state requirements).

Design, Furnishings, and Equipment (see Chapters 3 and 5): Describe the layout of your restaurant. If you are able to come up with a sketch, that would be great, but it is not required. What type of equipment will you need?

To meet the paper length requirements, it is a good idea to aim for about one page for each of the topics.


The hotel will throw fast casual resort type which means that the fast casual layout must be adopted. The hotel will have the following sections. The entrances which is also the reception, the food storage area with refrigerators, the kitchen section, the employee…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Case Study Week 4 

Click Here: HOSP 410 Case Study

Visit the Nation’s Restaurant News website at www.nrn.com.

From the website home page, go to Food & Beverage, News & Trends.

For this case study, you will need to find a current article that is relevant to your concept in the course project.

Write a report that includes the following.

  1. An overview of the F&B trend, and why you think it is relevant to your concept.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages associated with the trend.
  3. How do you think this trend will positively affect the financial growth of your concept?
  4. Step-by-step implementation of the trend you are adopting based on the article.

This case study assignment should be at least three pages following APA formatt. At the end of your work, an additional page should include APA formatted reference page.


According to this article, people across the world are striving to live healthy lifestyles, and this is the reason many are now aware of the sports and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet.  The consumers across the United States prefer feeding on foods that have low calories concentration such as the sunburns, and the standard sandwiches.  However, the consumer trend is going affected with the four primary…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Course Project Week 5

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Project Week 5

Employment of Key Personnel (see Chapter 11 and 12): Who are the key personnel you will need to employ?

Selection and Training of Key Personnel (see Chapter 11 and 12): How will you select and train key personnel?

To meet the paper length requirements, it is a good idea to aim for about one page for each of the topics.


The hotel will employ 50 people to serve in various capacities. For example, hotel assistants or support team will include back office assistants, bartender, concierge, housekeeper, waiters, and servers. The hotel will also need…

Course Project Week 6 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Project Week 6

Market Analysis (see Chapter 15): Explain the kind of restaurant and where it fits into the overall industry. Who is your target population?

Competition Analysis (see Chapter 15): Analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Figure 15.6 in the text shows a great comparison benefit matrix.

To meet the paper length requirements, it is a good idea to aim for about one page for each of the topics.


The restaurant concept will be the fine dining restaurant as the company aims to offer the best in terms of food, service, and atmosphere. The company aims to serve the upwardly mobile clientele such as the middle to high-income earners who know and can identify with the finest things. The food will be…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Course Project Week 7 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Project Week 7

This is your opportunity to correct and fine-tune any outstanding parts of your project. This final part of the course project will be graded based on your entire work from beginning to end; therefore, if you do not make any corrections from the different drafts, you will lose points. Remember that you are submitting this final part of the project as if it was a proposal to financial investors, and you are looking to get the funds to open your dream restaurant. Make sure this part is professional, well-written, and organized.

Your project should now be complete.

Remember to include the Title page, Table of Contents, Introduction, and Conclusion.

Remember to use APA format throughout the paper and submit an APA reference page at the end of the project (separate page).


The most important thing before opening and operating a restaurant is to decide on the type of restaurant one wants to develop. In this relation, it can be a family restaurant, a casual restaurant, fast casual, fast food restaurant, luxury restaurant, or a diner house. After making this decision, the owner must design and develop the concept. The concept may be…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts – 337 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 1-7

Week 1 All Students Posts 56 Pages

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 1

Introduction to Restaurants – 24 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Introduction to Restaurants

The restaurant industry is often mistaken to be thought of as an easy business to run. We will begin this week’s discussion with your opinion on this matter. Do you think restaurants are easy to run? Why or why not? Please elaborate on your answer, and feel free to share some examples….

I think that the show Kitchen Restaurant can also show a lot about how difficult it is to run a restaurant. In this show chef superstar Gordon Ramsey goes into failing restaurants and, sometimes forcibly, shows owners how to save their business and to turn them around. The fact that a show like this can exist in the restaurant shows how difficult the industry is to operate within. Usually the businesses in this show are failing for numerous reasons that range from an owner that doesn’t care enough, a too extensive menu offering, or poor inexperienced, management. All of these factors will definitely lead to the failure of a restaurant…

Kinds and Characteristics of Restaurants – 32 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Characteristics of Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, there are diverse types of restaurant ownership. What is the fastest growing trend of characteristics of restaurants today? Back up your answer with some research either from our textbook or any other reliable sources. Don’t forget to always cite your source in APA format at the end of your post.  I can see where the chef driven fast food model would be very popular.  Do you have any examples of these types of restaurants?…

One of the fastest growing trends in restaurants today is having healthy options for customers. Matter of fact, making every menu item healthy. I live in Chicago and I see a lot of restaurants like Protein Bar, Freshii, Sweet Greens, etc. There is a trend going around now about people counting there macro nutrient counts. It’s a lot like counting calories, but broken down into fats, carbs, and protein. Depending on what numbers they are counting, they lose fat, grain muscle, etc. It seems to be working for everyone following this diet plan. Restaurants now are giving nutrition calculators, protein rich foods, and low carb options…

I can see where the chef driven fast food model would be very popular.  Do you have any examples of these types of restaurants?…

Week 2 All Students Posts 44 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 2

Concept, Location, and Design – 22 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Concept Location Design

Concept, location, and design are major elements in the success of a restaurant. Discuss current concept trends and why you believe these trends are successful in today’s world of restaurants. Anyone else have a good example of a restaurant app? Who is the owner of the most famous athlete-based restaurant?…

Concept, location, and design are major elements in the success of a restaurant. Discuss current concept trends and why you believe these trends are successful in today’s world of restaurants…

While people are looking for ways to be healthy a person s tastes plays a huge role in the food they select., and you have to know your market. the hotel I work at runs a steakhouse and I always get a kick out of when vegetarians tell us we have too many meat options on our menu and not enough vegetarian choices….

The Menu – 22 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 The Menu Course Discussions

The menu serves as a great selling tool, and it is the face of the restaurant. Begin by explaining why the menu is considered to be a strong selling tool, and how front of the house staff can increase their check average by selling the menu effectively. Can a menu be “too much”? I.e. Too many items?…

The menu serves as a great selling tool, and it is the face of the restaurant. Begin by explaining why the menu is considered to be a strong selling tool, and how front of the house staff can increase their check average by selling the menu effectively…

The menu is a strong selling tool, because it is the core of a restaurant. The atmosphere can be great, the decor great, and service spectacular, but in the end it is the menu that the customers come for, and the menu that keeps them coming back. The menu should be attractive, legible and visually promote the dishes through thorough explanations and colorful adjectives. The house staff should be familiar with every menu item, and be expert at selling it in similar fashion. The house staff should not only be familiar with ingredients for the sake of allergic or picky consumers, but should also have tasted the dishes. Having tasted the dishes, the staff can support the menu description by supplying a positive account of personal experience. By properly selling the menu, presenting the…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Week 3 All Students Posts 47 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 3

Financing and Leasing – 24 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP 410 Financing Leasing

Finance and leasing are very important to the overall success of a restaurant. It starts with securing capital funds. What are some key areas of consideration when presenting a financial plan to a group of investors? What are some do’s and don’t’s?…

When presenting to investors be prepared to answer any questions that they may have for you. Have a good pitch line that immediately grabs their attention. Make sure your that whatever you propose is backed up by substantial evidence. Spend some time and money on market research. Don’t waste time on talking about the problems, rather spend time talking about the solution to the problem. Let your investors know that you have put the word out that you are looking for investors and that they are not the only company that is interested in possibly investing in your venture. Don’t try to con them into investing but be honest and just stay with the facts. Watch your body language. Avoid hand gestures that make you seem more nervous than confident. Have answers to any questions that you think they may want to ask you and be prepared to answer. Don’t be intimidated…

Legal and Tax Matters – 23 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Legal Tax Matters

Understanding taxes is not only important to the success of the restaurant, it is also important for the owner to avoid tax mistakes that can cost a lot of money in penalties. What are some examples of legitimate business expenses that are tax deductible? Be sure to visit the corresponding chapter for information, and don’t forget to cite your sources in your posts…

Legitimate expenses must be ordinary things that have to do with the business or trade. It also must be necessary meaning appropriate to be labeled a business expense. General and administrative expenses like office supplies is an example of this. Also related travel expenses and…

10 Steps to Starting a Business

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. The 10 steps below can help you plan, prepare and manage your business…

Week 4 All Students Posts 46 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 4

Bar and Beverage – 23 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Bar and Beverage

The bar is a profitable area for a restaurant. It is also one of the highest liability areas of a restaurant. In recent years, there is growing awareness of drinking and driving. We will begin this week’s discussion with the liability restaurants face when serving alcoholic beverages. To what extent do you believe a restaurant owner is liable when serving alcoholic beverages? How about bartenders and servers?…

I do feel that there is some liability that an establishment should have when serving alcohol. When the server or bartender know a customer has ordered several drinks you should make your manager aware that they may be intoxicated and the manager should then either stop the bar from serving this customer and let the customer know that they cannot continue to order…

Dram shop laws often identify certain types of evidence as being particularly significant with respect to the bar’s liability. For example, some dram shop laws state that the following is evidence that the bar was negligent…

Restaurant Operations – 23 Pages

Click Here:  HOSP410 Restaurant Operations Course Discussions

In this discussion thread, we will review a variety of operational topics as related to restaurants: from controlling costs to food safety and sanitation, and also proper purchasing. What are some main areas of control in a restaurant? Give a few examples, and explain how these areas of control are unique to a restaurant business. How would you respond to a hostess asking for a down payment on your reservation?…

Controlling food safety costs is huge what products are you using for cleaning things and are employees wasting product instead of using only the proper amounts.  A restaurant can lose thousands of dollars by a few employees simply over using certain cleaners when it comes to sanitizing your restaurant.  Now translate that into…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Week 5 All Students Posts 52 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 5

Restaurant Leadership and Management – 28 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Restaurant Leadership and Management

Many studies have been conducted about leadership and management. Leadership in restaurants presents unique challenges. We will begin our discussion this week exploring some of those challenges. What are some unique challenges in leadership of restaurants? Give examples and support your answer with research (properly cite research)….

The big challenge for leading in the restaurant space is that most of the people aren’t paid very well. That means they generally have low incentive to follow you.  This explains the high level of turnover in this industry…

One of the biggest challenges for managers in the restaurant industry, as mentioned in the lesson section, is the issue of work and life balance. There was a time when working…

Organization, Recruiting, and Staffing – 24 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Organization Recruiting Staffing

Staffing the restaurant properly is key to the overall success of the organization. Identify at least three different jobs you would find in a restaurant? List some tasks associated with those jobs….

Executive Chef/ Kitchen Manager – This is the head chef. He is the guy (or girl) who creates the specials, orders the foods, and works as the general manager of the kitchen. He probably does the scheduling, the hiring and the firing of kitchen staff, as well. A good candidate for the executive chef position is…

Alright, from the textbook there is the position of a server and the list of tasks associated with that position are “Setting up…

Week 6 All Students Posts 45 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 6

Employee Training and Development – 21 Pages

Click Here: HOSP410 Employee Training Development

Proper employee training and development in the restaurant industry is lacking. We will begin this week’s discussion understanding the reasons behind it. What are some reasons for the shortcomings of employee training and development in the restaurant industry? Retention is one of the biggest problems facing the restaurant industry.  What are some of the strategies that can be used to combat this issue?…

One of the best ways to combat the issue of retention within a restaurant is to make your employees feel valued and accepted. My supervisor used to always tell me when I was a General Manager that employees don’t quit a business, they quit managers. This means that even though pay and other benefits are important, but the way you treat your employees is the…

Service and Guest Relations – 24 Pages

Click Here: HOSP410 Service Guest Relations

Service is an integral part of a restaurant. Most customers will not return to a restaurant if they had inadequate service. What are some essential steps of service that must be evident in any type of restaurant, and why do you think these steps of service are so important? What are some strategies that create the best impression possible? Is the customer always right?…

One sign of confidence is simply modulating your voice. If you speak slowly and calmly, you will appear more confident than would otherwise be the case. The same goes for making eye contact instead of constantly looking down at notes.
3. Field questions gracefully – Whether at a job interview or an informal meeting, you’ll be judged by the way you handle questions, especially the tough ones. So don’t get defensive. “Questions are a sign of interest in your work, not an attack of it,” says Guadagno.
If at a presentation, someone…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Week 7 All Students Posts 47 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Course Discussions Week 7

Technology in the Restaurant Industry – 24 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Technology in Restaurant Industry

Technology is ever-evolving. In today’s technological world, it seems like technology is changing with a blink of an eye. We will start our discussion this week by sharing some new technologies in the restaurant industry. Discuss some new technologies you have seen recently in restaurants. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like?…

The brand previously integrated tabletop ordering platform Ziosk’s tablets into select locations last year, with results showing that those restaurants have seen faster dining times and higher tip percentages for servers, two aspects that greatly augment dining for…

Restaurant Business and Marketing Plans – 23 Pages 

Click Here: HOSP410 Restaurant Business and Marketing Plans

In your opinion, how important is it for a single restaurant to have a marketing plan? Is it worth their time? Why or why not?…

It is definitely important for a single restaurant to have a marketing plan because this allows for a smarter decision in everything, from making a menu, to knowing the best location, to knowing the prices that the restaurant will have to compete with. However, even when having a marketing plan, some restaurants do not succeed and its far from the marketing plan but simply it did not work because the food wasn’t good, there is a better version of this, people do not enjoy that type of food, the service…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

Final Exam 

Click Here: HOSP 410 Final Exam

(TCO 1) Which of the following is a disadvantage of being in the restaurant business? (Points : 4)

  1. Long hours and excessive fatigue
  2. B) Management
  3. Job security
  4. A and C

(TCO 2) In drawing up a restaurant mission statement, the following features should be explicit: (Points : 4)

Market(s) served

Kinds of food served and the atmosphere in which it will be served

Ethical standards

None of the above

(TCO 2) Who said, “If you have fun at what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” (Points : 4)

Ray Krock

Davis Thomas

Carl Karcher

Norman Brinker

(TCO 3) Promotion: (Points : 4)

Includes communication and seeks to inform and persuade guests.

Patterns the way management and ownership have decided to relate to guests.

is the activity by which restaurateurs seek to persuade guests not only to become first time buyers, but also to become repeat guests.

A and C

(TCO 3) In restaurant marketing, several factors affect the price relationship of: (Points : 4)

Demand and supply, the number of restaurants in the area, the cost of food and beverages.

Demand and supply, sales mix, and product life cycle.

Demand and supply, shrinking guest loyalty, sales mix, the competitors prices and overhead costs.

All of the above

(TCO 3) A promotional campaign may have which of the following goals? (Points : 4)

To introduce new menu items

To create brand royalty

To increase sales at all times of the day

A and B

(TCO 4) A term loan is repaid in: (Points : 4)

Installments, usually over a period longer than a year.

One installment, usually at the end of the year.

Installments, usually over a year period.

Two installments, during a two year term, at the end of the year.

(TCO 5) Hours worked include: (Points : 4)

30 minute meal breaks if working under 5 hours per shift.

Coffee breaks.

Meal periods if the employee is frequently interrupted by calls to duty.

B and C

(TCO 5) Which of the following is a non-depreciable item? (Points : 4)





(TCO 6) Consistency in food preparation is achieved by: (Points : 4)

Having an extensive menu and few cooks.

Standardizing recipes and cooking procedures.

Having several chefs using different recipes.

Offering a small selection of food items.

(TCO 6) According to the text, which of the following should be front and center in the restaurant business? (Points : 4)

Finding a location

The menu

Planning the restaurant design and décor

Marketing initiatives

(TCO 7) Fortified wines: (Points : 4)

Have had brandy or wine alcohol added to them.

Are carbonized.

Are the same as other varietals but are aged longer.

Have less alcohol content than other varietals.

(TCO 7) Many licensed casual and upscale restaurants have beverage sales of ___________% of total sales. (Points : 4)

15 – 20

25 – 30

35 – 45

45 – 55

(TCO 8) Who usually sets up the system in the Purchasing Cycle? (Points : 4)

Purveyors and the chef

Shareholders and potential investors of the restaurant

Key people, manager, and chef

All of the above

(TCO 8) The length of time an item can be stored without appreciable loss in quality or weight is called its: (Points : 4)

Maintenance period

Freshness life

Shelf life

Safety period

(TCO 9) Open kitchens are also called: (Points : 4)

Theater kitchens

Exhibition kitchen

Open-room kitchen

Open-space kitchen

(TCO 9) Evaporative coolers can be installed in kitchens and reduce the cost of cooling considerably where humidity in the outside air is ______. (Points : 4)




None of the above

(TCO10) The cost of food sold divided by food revenue equals the: (Points : 4)

Net profit

Opening inventory

Food cost percentage

Closing inventory

(TCO 10) Which of the following is not a fixed payroll cost? (Points : 4)


Employee benefits

Health insurance


HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

(TCO 11) What is the difference between Job Description and Job Specifications? Please include three strong examples from a restaurant you are familiar with. (Points : 30)

Click Here: What is the Difference Between Job Description

A job description pertains to the primary responsibilities of a given position in the company while a job specification refers to…

(TCO 9) When selecting the right equipment for a restaurant, what are some of the questions should you ask? Write at least three of those questions you should ask yourself. Why it is important for you to know the answers to those questions prior to selecting the right equipment? (Points : 30)

Click Here: When Selecting Right Equipment for Restaurant

Three of these questions are the following:…

It is important to determine what my needs are so that I can ensure that the…

(TCO 8) Please list and briefly explain a regular purchasing process for a restaurant. (Points : 30

Click Here: Explain a Regular Purchasing Process for a Restaurant

The following is the regular purchasing process for a restaurant:

  1. Determine the quality of food standards required….

(TCO 2) The noted writer Martin M. Pegler describes 60 successful theme restaurants in Europe and American in his book Theme Restaurant Design. He divides theme restaurants into six categories, as stated on Page 39 of your text. Write an essay on two of those themes and give modern day examples of the two you have chosen to write about. Discuss the nature of theme, why it is successful, and what they do in terms of decor, service and menu to maintain their consistency of image. (Points : 30)

Click Here: The Noted Writer Martin M Pegler Describes

An example of a Hollywood-themed restaurant is the Planet Hollywood restaurant. The nature of this theme is that it gives the feeling of wealth and fame that are…

(TCO 1) Discuss at least three challenges of restaurant operation. Give examples of challenges that are unique to restaurants in comparison to other businesses. (Points : 30)

Click Here: Discuss at Least Three Challenges of Restaurant

One challenge is with regards to employee turnover. Restaurants usually have a high turnover rate, as people see it as a dead-end job where they…

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course

(TCO13) Computer based training, known as ______, is delivered via the Internet or proprietary. (Points : 4)





(TCO 13) Product management allows managers to: (Points : 4)

Track products through each stage of their life cycle to reorder when par stock reaches its upper limit.

Track importing inventory from vendors.

Track products through each stage of the inventory life cycle and automatically reorder items that fall below the par stock level.

B and C only.

(TCO 12) The foodservice team system has one major advantage. (Points : 4)

Customers don’t have to wait long.

Customers get their meals hot.

Servers can pool their tips and make more money.

Servers don’t have to work so hard.

(TCO 12) Customer service, including customer recognition, is important for all restaurants but particularly so for: (Points : 4)


Coffee shops

Dinner houses

None of the above

(TCO 11) According to TGI Friday’s philosophy, you should think of guests as: (Points : 4)

Your relatives

Your friends

Someone you admire and respect

Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen

(TCO 11) Fundamental to the entire personnel function is: (Points : 4)



Job specification

Task and job analysis

HOSP410 Restaurant Management Course