HRM 410 All Discussions


HRM 410 All Discussions
What is the connection between organizational strategic planning and business…


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HRM 410 All Discussions

HRM 410 All Discussions

Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 431 Pages 

Planning and Staffing | Implementation Model | Employment Law | Job Analysis Techniques | KSAs and Behavioral Competencies | Interview Strategy | Recruitment | Job Performance

Organizational Strategic Planning and Staffing and Staffing Implementation Model Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 58 Pages

Organizational Strategic Planning and Staffing – 30 Pages

What is the connection between organizational strategic planning and business planning and staffing? Can you do effective staffing without knowing the organization’s strategic direction? Why is it important to know the strategic vision of the various departments that we serve?  What happens when staffing is not linked to the organization’s strategy?…

Staffing Implementation Model – 28 Pages

How would you design a staffing model to work effectively with the organizational needs and with sufficient metrics to know that you are finding the right candidates? What is the relationship between the approach to staffing used in the organization and measurement? are all elements of the design needed? What are the various constraints typically found when designing the selection program? How can they be addressed?…

Business Implications of the Laws and Employment Law Review Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 68 Pages

Business Implications of the Laws – 33 Pages

When we are performing our staffing jobs, we aren’t working in a vacuum from the rest of society. What are the broader implications of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 for the organization and staffing? Is age discrimination alive and well in many organizations? What are the implications of hiring people who are not authorized to work in the United States? Do organizations hire these people, and why would they in light of the law?  Immigration is a hot topic in the US right now. Some might argue that hiring illegal immigrants is okay because there isn’t an available workforce. Why isn’t this a solid argument?…

Employment Law Review – 35 Pages

There are many employment laws to discuss and review this week. Let’s look at these laws from your point of view. Which of the major employment laws do you find the most interesting and why? Which law, executive order, or court decision do you think is the most influential and has the most impact on staffing? Are there any of these laws that you would argue are outdated and no longer needed? What are the most significant court cases affecting selection and why are they important? In what way have the key court decisions influenced and further defined the key employment laws?…

HRM 410 All Discussions

Job Analysis Techniques and Legal Issues and KSAs and Behavioral Competencies Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 58 Pages

Job Analysis Techniques and Legal Issues – 31 Pages

Let’s start with the various job analysis techniques. What factors affect the job analysis method chosen by an employer? Would an employer’s unique business type and environment affect the method chosen? How? I have found that many people confuse the concept of job analysis with that of a job description. What is the difference in these two concepts?  Who should be involved in the job analysis process? What is a brief example of how you would conduct a job analysis on your current position?…

KSAs and Behavioral Competencies – 27 Pages

What issues can affect the accuracy of a KSA collection? How can these be overcome? Are there special issues or concerns when it comes to discovering the employee behaviors that are required in the position? Why is it crucial to establish KSAs early in the job analysis process?  Do KSAs for a position ever change? If so, how does it happen?…

Interview Strategy and Recruitment Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 62 Pages

Interview Strategy – 32 Pages

What are some of the most effective interview questions that you use or have heard from others? What makes them effective? Let’s diagnose some of the most ineffective interview questions that you’ve heard in the past. How can they be fixed to be more effective and useful in getting the information we need? What are the pros and cons of recruiting internally versus externally? Doing one first, then the next, or simultaneously? Especially in smaller organizations, hiring from within can often result in nepotistic situations. Why might this be a problem?…

Recruitment – 30 Pages

In today’s world, recruiting new employees has taken on a global aspect, even in small mom & pop shops. In searching for the best and highest performing employees, Human Resource managers have so many ways to find new employees. What are some of those ways? Pick ONE method of recruiting new employees, and talk about how that method might work the best for YOUR company in your project and why. Include in your first post the name and background of your company.
After making your first post, engage with your colleagues about their ideas for recruiting new candidates. Can you think of other ways that might work for your classmates’ companies? What can we do to get good reference check information? Most of the time, candidates give the names of trusted references and then the reference only gives good information or none at all. Isn’t reference checking just a waste of time? By law, what types of information can past employers provide in a reference check?…

Effective Assessments and Selection Tools Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 64 Pages

Effective Assessments – 31 Pages

When you think about all of the assessments that are used in the entire staffing process, which ones are the most effective at helping find the right candidates? What are some of the assessment that you would like to avoid and why? As you consider this, would the same assessment be an effective tool for every position? What’s the best way to go about selecting an effective assessment method?…

Selection Tools – 33 Pages

Controversy continues over privacy when applying for a job. Some employers are requiring candidates to take integrity tests, polygraph tests, drug tests, and/or handwriting tests (graphology). Are these selection tools legal? How would you defend using these selection tools? How might a 3rd party be helpful in administering this process? Would a staffing agency be more appropriate for a smaller or larger organization?…

HRM 410 All Discussions

Measures of Job Performance and Performance Feedback and the Employee Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 60 Pages

Performance Feedback and the Employee – 30 Pages

Why are employees “uptight” when it comes to receiving feedback from their manager? Do employees really get any benefit or value from the organization’s performance feedback system? Does the organization actually benefit or is all this a waste of time? Would it be better to simply supply ongoing coaching and forget the formal performance feedback process? What are some of the fundamentals of coaching employees? How can coaching improve job performance? What is it about the performance feedback system that could drive employees out of the organization?…

Measures of Job Performance – 30 Pages

What are the different ways to measure performance of an employee? Which approaches stand up the best over time and actually lead to improved performance? Can we actually measure most employee performance—such as work behaviors? Isn’t there a lot of subjectivity to employee performance? What are the pros and cons of 360 degree feedback? What are your experiences with 360, if you’ve been exposed to this before? What are some ways to promote honesty in the 360 feedback process? How might HR managers make the 360 feedback more behavioral based?….

Retention and Staffing and To Retain or Not Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 61 Pages

Retention and Staffing – 33 Pages

Explain the role of the staffing professional and the staffing process in employee retention. Isn’t it all over with once the individual is hired and staffing moves on to the next open position? Explain. How does the work environment and its culture affect retention? What have you experienced in this regard? What are some of the work/life balance programs out there that you’ve seen? How can these help with retention?…

To Retain or Not – 28 Pages

When it comes to keeping employees in the organization, are we interested in trying to find ways to retain every existing employee? Are there certain employees who actually benefit themselves and the organization by leaving? When do we have too much turnover and when do we not have enough turnover? Explain. How do workforce management practices such as scheduling of workers and the forecasting for future staffing needs affect retention? What happens if these tasks are handled well? What if they aren’t? During times when there are many people on the market, do we even care about retention? After all, we can always find a replacement quickly. During bad economic times, there are many talented people available. Thoughts everyone?…

HRM 410 All Discussions