HRM430 Course Discussions Week 3


HRM430 Course Discussions Week 3
Discuss the basic building blocks of a market competitive pay system, including the relationship between internal…

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HRM430 Course Discussions Week 3

HRM430 Course Discussions Week 3

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Market Competitive System – 42 Pages 

Discuss the basic building blocks of a market competitive pay system, including the relationship between internal and external equity. In your readings and lecture this week you will learn about market competitive pay, which should be the driver of any compensation system.  You will be exposed to the notion of internal and external equity.  I encourage you to Google “competitive worth” as it gets to the root of compensation being a satisfier or disatisfier.  When an employee is working side by side with another who is earning more, what happens?  How would that make you feel?  So what’s the fix?  Thoughts?  What is meant by the 50% vs. 75th market percentile?  Why would one be used vs. the other?

Working in an environment where I have to negotiate for management for union contracts, both internal and external comparisons are the most widely accepted comparisons if you have to go to arbitration over wages. Internal comparable will consist of comparisons against what other bargaining unit members got for a raise or benefits in the same year. External comparable will look at other bargaining units to see how they compare to each other. You have to be very careful to use empirical data to show that the comparable you are using are actually comparable to your workers. In my case they use things like population of the city, number of employees, average wage per household, average value of homes, etc. When you compare all of this data, you will come up with a list of comparable. You then need to compare your contract to the others

I actually worked on this for several hours today. A bargaining unit is asking for more days off. They presented data to show that they are the lowest amount of days off in their comparable. I found it interesting that they chose to use the actual number years of each employee to figure out their average time off. They chose this method because they have a bunch of new employees who receive less vacation than longer employed employees. I chose to look at a 5 year, a 10 year, and a 15 year employee. When I ran my numbers, our union was barely just under the 50th percentile in all three categories…

Job Evaluation – 40 ages

Provide a brief overview of the job evaluation process, including the importance of compensable factors. Detail the compensable factors of a position you are familiar with and their impact on that position’s salary. I’m looking forward to reading your posts regarding job evaluation processes, which are the primary drivers begin many HR tools for hiring and professional development.  To start, cite the compensable factors of any position you know, your own or otherwise, and discuss the impact on that position’s salary or hourly wage. What is the role of the HR generalist in the job evaluation process?  Is his/her role any different from that of the hiring manager? Who in the HR Department has ultimate responsibility for creating, revising and maintaining accurate, current job descriptions?

Honestly people will still be shopping at Walmart even if there is bad customer service and the number one reason why is because it is cheap to buy things there.  I believe pay is a big factor but I also believe benefits and treatment can be a main cause for the employee’s negative conduct.  I have worked at places where employees get paid really little but are always smiling because they are treated with respect by management.  One of the reasons Walmart pays it employees minimal is due to the low prices they need to satisfy the customers so they cut corners by buying products from other countries, cutting on wages and benefits.  The need of compensable factors are needed it seems Walmart analysis of skills, education, duties, and supervising.

Side not I just came from Mexico and I went to a Walmart there the employees here in the United States have it good over there they really pay their workers cheap and make them work more than 8 hours and they have people to bag groceries and they have the Walmart uniform on they do not get paid they depend on tips from the customers.  I was amazed I saw all senior citizens bagging groceries for free I went to each one and gave them each $20 American dollars I felt so bad.  They were there working due to necessity because in Mexico if you are over 50 it is really hard for you to get a job…

HRM430 Course Discussions Week 3