HRM430 Discussions Week 6


HRM430 Discussions Week 6
Contrast executive pay with nonexecutive pay, including a discussion on executive core…


HRM430 Discussions Week 6

HRM430 Discussions Week 6

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Executive Pay – 42 Pages

Contrast executive pay with nonexecutive pay, including a discussion on executive core and deferred compensation packages. This discussion thread attempts to delineate between executive and non-executive compensation.  As a former senior executive and leader of my company’s executive compensation function, I can share that the Board of Directors Compensation Committee governs compensation for senior leaders.

The committee met twice annually (February and October) to review and set total compensation.  Senior executive pay generally consists of a base salary, short-term cash bonus and long-term stock bonus which can take the form of stock options, performance shares or restricted stock.  These shares usually have  a vesting period of 3, 4 or 5 years.  Vesting can be graduated (% over each year) or cliff (all at the end of the vesting period).  Depending upon one’s level, short and long term incentives should exceed base salary by 2 or more times.

Share what you have learned in the readings this week that supports my assessment. What is the function of a company’s compensation committee?  Are all companies (privately-held, not-for-profit and publically-traded) required to have one?  Who generally chairs the Board of Directors compensation committee?  How is the committee structured?…

Contingent Workers – 37 Pages 

Contingent workers are assuming a greater role in today’s organization. With that as a background, discuss compensation and benefit issues associated with the following workers: part time, temporary, independent, and flexible/telecommuting. One generally sees a high volume of contingent workers in the retail/wholesale/distribution industry as they gear up for holiday seasons and such.

In my company, the Auto Parts retail stores business, our season begins in April with the warmer weather and generally slows down in November and December when families stop driving on vacations.  Our sales pick up during that period so we staff our stores with what we call “Variable Service Part-Timers” which is nothing more than a contingent worker.

Please share your experiences with contingent workers and how they are compensated.  How does the fee process work for contingent workers (a) when they are hired; and (b) when they are converted to a permanent position?  Fewer employees today have full-time jobs than ever before. The last statistic showed a 10% decrease in full-time jobs in the last 5 years. What can be done to reverse this trend and still compete internationally?…