HSM 330 Midterm Exam


HSM 330 Midterm Exam 
(TCO 3) EDMS would enable which of the following change to occur in an HIM department

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HSM 330 Midterm Exam

HSM 330 Midterm Exam


(TCO 1) Which statement best describes the acronym EHR? (Points : 10)

Chosen by the IOM, carried forward by HL7 and CCHIT; most comprehensive term

Used to describe systems based on document imaging or systems implemented in physicians’ offices
A standalone system that analyzes a large volume of aggregated data

Coined by the IOM; designed to support users by providing accessibility to complete links to medical knowledge and other aids

(TCO 2) Which statement listed below is incorrect? (Points : 10)

Comprehensive EHRs enable full generation of a printable chart negating need for EDMS

EDMS implementations require process improvement and change management

Hybrid record issues largely can be overcome by EDMS

Paper and other digital documents can be accommodated in an ED/CM system

(TCO 3) EDMS would enable which of the following change to occur in an HIM department: (Points : 10)

Change record retention schedule to one year

Eliminate transcription

Reduce coding errors

Shift release of information to point of service

(TCO 4) Which law called for the standards to support e-prescribing?. (Points : 10)

HIPAA (1996)

TEFRA (1982)

MMA (2003)

There is no law but several state statutes cover this.
(TCO 5) Who is most responsible for ensuring physician adoption of an EHR in a hospital? (Points : 10)

EHR project manager

Executive leadership


Physician champion

(TCO 6) What is the primary difference between a closed and an open system? (Points : 10)

Closed systems are designed for use in secure environments whereas the open system can operate in any environment

Closed systems do not interact with the environment while open systems are influenced by the environment.

A closed system is for internal use only while the open system works with the Internet.

A closed system costs money whereas the open system is free.

(TCO 7) An EHR is more like a program than a project because the EHR: (Points : 10)

Has a high cost

Has no clear beginning and end

Represents a change

Requires great attention to detail

(TCO 1) As discussed in the textbook, describe some of the consumer awareness and perceptions of the EHR? (Points : 20)


In this case, the term “consumers” pertains to both healthcare consumers and clinicians who will be using the EHR systems. Initially, there was hesitation on the veracity of EHR systems primarily because of…

(TCO 2) Not every vendor that supports HIS has developed a repository structure that is sufficiently robust to integrate both discrete data and images. What alternatives do hospitals have in this situation? Please Explain? (Points : 20)


In this case, use of a presentation layer will prove to be a useful tool for hospitals. A presentation layer is “software that provides screen layout, data capture, and retrieval functionality, and operates on the…

(TCO 3) What is a template-based entry? Describe the pros and cons of a template-based entry? (Points : 20)


Template-based entry is a combination of “free text and structured data entry” (p. 397) because on the clinician’s part, before he or she..

(TCO 4) Describe the following abbreviations: EDMS, RFID, HL7? (Points : 20)



Electronic document management systems, or EDMS, is a software system that is used to…