HSM 330 Threaded Discussions


HSM 330 Threaded Discussions
Discuss the landmark contributions made in the development of the EHR. What does “accessibility” mean…


HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

Week 1-7 All Students Posts – 422 Pages 

The Evolution of EHRs and HER Adoption Discussions Week 1 All Students Posts 67 Pages 


The Evolution of EHRs – 36 Pages 


Discuss the landmark contributions made in the development of the EHR. What does “accessibility” mean in the context of healthcare IT systems, NOT access to healthcare services? Have the barriers to the EHR been resolved?  Is the VA still using Vista? Explain why it is important to distinguish between installation versus adoption of EHR systems?…

HER Adoption – 31 Pages 


Discuss the common mistakes found in gaining clinician acceptance of change brought about by an EHR. Suggest strategy to gain clinician acceptance.  How do you think your clinicians will react to the implementation of the EHR? ONC has been doing a pretty good job with certifications.  Should all EHR software be…

From Data to Decisions Using Electronic Health Records and EHR Applications and HIEs Discussions Week 2 All Students Posts 74 Pages 


From Data to Decisions Using Electronic Health Records – 38 Pages 


Identify and describe the technology options, issues, and functionality associated with an EDMS. What’s EDMS?  Is an EDMS always a part of the EHR package?  Explain the life cycle of a document?  Could a hospital’s medical records department scan all their charts via an EDMS and keep them digitally? If I want to get rid of all my paper charts, I can scan them into the EDMS and save them indefinitely?  Could you then destroy the paper charts?  What’s a Clinical Decision Support?  How does it work with the EHR?… 

What is CPOE?  Why don’t physicians like it?  Does it complement the HER?…

CPOE or the Computerized physician order entry is a system that is used by medical staff and professionals to input medical transactions vise using the traditional paper charts. With CPOE there is less margins for physicians to make mistakes as they entered prescriptions and orders electronically which are…

EHR Applications and HIEs – 36 Pages 


Let’s see what we can do here with EHRfunctionality.  Ambulatorycare: 
Here’s what’s needed for functionality:  

Why conduct workflow analysis?  If the workflow analysis produces a mixed review, what would be the next step?  How are you going to prove functionality?  How does its significance affect EHR functionality in an ambulatory setting? Can patients refuse to allow their data used in an HIE?  What are the components of a HIE?

EHRs have a lot of options and features. The first step in determining the specific functionalities that are needed is to understand the basic features of an EHR. These include, but are not limited to: maintaining a single patient record, inputting patient demographics, managing the problem list, medication list, and past medical history, and entering clinical documentation.
The next step is to conduct a workflow analysis. This study should consider how a particular system will impact how task will change from…

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

The Strategic Planning Process and EHR Project Management Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts 62 Pages


The Strategic Planning Process – 35 Pages 


Explain and describe various strategic planning models and how they may apply in different settings. Would you say the Sigma Six training helps you achieve your goals? What are some of the limitations of the SWOT analysis? When would a facility use the organic approach? Could a facility use alignment for the implementation of an EHR?….

If there were not any incentives, do you think we would have EHRs today?…

There are five strategic planning models that can be applied in various settings.  Basic, issue based, organic, alignment, and scenario.  Basic is often used within small facilities and requires little planning and maintenance.  Issue based strategic planning is designed for organizations that are established and may need an update.  The alignment model is a good option when working with an organization that is not working at an optimal level.  Organic models are used when the organizations views and missions…

EHR Project Management – 27 Pages 


Identify and describe the critical success factors for EHR planning and explain how they impact construction of a migration path. What is a benefits realization? Why are EHRs so expensive? What is work standardization? What is the planning horizon?…

How long should a practice prepare for an implementation?  explain the “right culture”?  Is any EHR truly safe from hackers?

Let’s close the week with this article on the security breaches of 2013.  What are your thoughts?  Could they have been avoided?  What needs to be done? 

  1. Workflow Definition – In order to get the best out of an EHR installation a practice must have ALL its processes identified and documented with clarity. These process logical flow diagrams must also identify all data that transfer from one process to the other as well as from step to step within a process. The better the definition of workflow, easier will be the EHR implementation.
    2. Work Standardization – It is not uncommon to find different physicians within the same practice use a “slightly” different version of the same process. This may be due to physicians’ preferences or bias towards…

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

IS Systems Theory and Needs Assessment and Healthcare Process Assessment and Functional Needs Assessment Discussions Week 4 All Students Posts 55 Pages 


IS Systems Theory and Needs Assessment – 31 Pages 


Define the concept of information theory and discuss why it is important to the design of an EHR. Do you think the EHR or other factors have reduced the repetitive testing? Do you think that cloud computing will eventually become a way of life? Security in the cloud still remains questionable. If we cannot control hackers from gaining entry to our systems, how will it be any different in the cloud?  Why is EHR adoption so important?…

What do you think about the information theory? How does it affect your work?  , how would you apply the information theory to an EHR implementation?  Please read this article and share what you have learned. 

An EHR is started from the basics of the information theory. The fundamental elements of an IS are inputs, processes, and outputs.  These elements are achieved through the adaptation of equipment and software.  The basic characteristics of an information…

Healthcare Process Assessment and Functional Needs Assessment – 24 Pages 


Identify the importance and scope of process assessment and the possible repercussions if there were no process assessment.  Can you explain Gap analysis?  What would the closure be after a year after EHR implementation? How do you perform a cost benefit justification? How does one know they are on track with their goals and objectives?  What tools do we have to check this?…

Is it necessary to change workflows in order to implement EHR?  Why would we make improvements before the EHR?  Do you need a process assessment?  What topic made the most impact on you and why?…

Data Infrastructure Assessment and Information Technology and Systems Infrastructure Assessment Discussions Week 5 All Students Posts 64 Pages 


Data Infrastructure Assessment – 34 Pages 


Describe all the steps in the system development life cycle.  Can you test for feasibility? Is there any protocol? Which method would you use to implement and EHR: by department or big bang? Why? How and what needs to be maintained in after an EHR implementation? What is a crash data depository?…

What is the significance of patient portals?  Do you see them as a benefit or a hindrance?

According to our reading the system development life cycle is comprised of planning, selection, acquisition, installation, testing, training, and implementation, to ongoing maintenance, upgrading, and enhancements.  The first is planning and then selection, which the project is determined and the requirements to produce it are established.   Once the selection is made…

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

Information Technology and Systems Infrastructure Assessment – 30 Pages 


Understand the difference between the terms confidentiality, privacy, and security when referring to data in a healthcare setting. EHRs are hacked and vital patient data is stolen. So how is it any different than paper? how should HIPAA violations such as patient data breaches be handled? Do you think it is fair to tell patients 3 or 4 months after the breach? what security measures should be taken to insure patient data safety?…

What is the difference between confidentiality, privacy and security when it comes to HER? What is the patient bill of rights and what does it insure?  has there ever been any newsworthy cases of patient rights being violated?  What is role based access control?…

The terms confidentiality, privacy, and security are especially important when you are referring to patient’s treatment and medical records. Confidentiality is an important aspect in the medical field because one of the ways it pertains is the healthcare team ensuring they keep…

EHR Selection and Contract Negotiation and EHR System Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance Discussions Week 6 All Students Posts 50 Pages 


EHR Selection and Contract Negotiation – 27 Pages


Why is it important to plan in advance of starting an EHR vendor selection process? Please list and discuss the reasons…

Watch the following videos and let me know your thoughts.
It is important to plan in advance of starting an EHR because there are several elements that go into making it successful and just right for the company who is purchasing.  First the needs have to be determined and goals must be set.  In order to establish this research and investigation must be done.  Among the many choices, a vendor must meet the functionalities of the system you are in search of and also ensure privacy and security.  Before making a selection…

EHR System Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance – 23 Pages 


Describe the importance of project planning and management in planning the implementation of an EHR. What is an EHR steering committee and what do they do?….

Class, you’ve done a great job with this topic.  Please watch the two videos.  In one word, please tell me about the EHR project management and then tell me why you selected that word.

The implementation of an EHR system requires a project management team with leadership skills, management ability, patience, and vision.  The team must realize that the implementation of a health IT system is a large, multifaceted project that will not always go as planned.  The ability to deal with frustration constructively and seek opportunities in the face of adversity is a definite asset. The importance of good communication skills cannot be overemphasized.  Both verbal and written communication skills among team members and with the administration are essential for ensuring that a project is well managed and organized.  Once the project has…

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions

EHR Benefits and Personal Health Records Discussions Week 7 All Students Posts 50 Pages


EHR Benefits – 27 Pages 


Describe what data should be collected for conducting impact analyses. What are impact analyses?  What kind of data should we be collected?  Why? What is interviewer’s bias? What criteria would you use to evaluate the new EHR? Identify and describe the risks in conducting financial impact analysis for EHR….

Impact analysis (IA) is identifying the potential consequences of a change, or estimating what needs to be modified to accomplish a change, and they focus on IA in terms of scoping changes within the details of a design. There are 5 phases to impact analysis, they are project initiation, information acquisition, information analysis, findings documentation and report presentation to senior management. The project team should be composed of employees with appropriate skills and knowledge, third-party staff or a combination of both. Next, a detailed project schedule is…

Personal Health Records – 23 Pages 


What are the various challenges offered by or perceived to exist in PHRs? Suggest strategies for overcoming those challenges. What is all the fuss over PHIs and being safe and secure? Although many EHRs tote that they are secure, are they really ready for a breach and its consequences? Lab results can be sent to your mobile phone. How secure is that?…

Everyone is concerned about privacy and security. Although many EHRs tote that they are secure, are they really ready for a breach and its consequences?  Since the PHR is subjective, how accurate do you think it is? Should a physician use it?  If this is self-information, how many people know lab results?  Lab results can be sent to your mobile phone. How secure is that?  Do we need a PHR? Can’t you just put the information in a file and save it to a USB drive?…

HSM 330 Threaded Discussions