HSM 541 Midterm Exam


HSM 541 Midterm Exam 
(TCO A) Select one of the three dimensions – access, costs, and quality – and briefly define the dimension…

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HSM 541 Midterm Exam

HSM 541 Midterm Exam

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(TCO A) Select one of the three dimensions – access, costs, and quality – and briefly define the dimension chosen. Identify three strategies that would be implemented to improve care to an older adult population related to the dimension. (e.g., how to increase access to services, how to reduce costs, or how to improve quality). (Points : 25)


According to WHO, quality of care is defined as “the extent to which health care services provided to…

(TCO D) Describe two state or federal programs that provide health insurance benefits to a specific population. Detail at least two strategies used by either agency to manage access, costs, or quality. (Points : 20)


Two of these programs are Medicare and Medicaid.  Medicare is the federal health insurance program for…

(TCO D) Describe the characteristics and demographics of uninsured populations. Discuss the reasons why Americans are uninsured. List at least one option to curb the growing number of uninsured people. (Points : 25)


According to 2010-2016 data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the uninsured people aged 18-64 has declined by 50% but that the adult…

(TCO C) How does competition among several hospitals impact a community? Identify at least two ways that competition would have a positive impact and two ways that it would have a negative impact on the community. (Points : 25)


Two ways that competition would have a positive impact on a community is that the quality of care provided by these hospitals would…

(TCO B) What are the factors that contribute to the ongoing nursing shortage in the U.S.? How does the nursing shortage impact the operations of hospitals and the delivery of care? (Points : 25)


One factor is that young people now have more career opportunities and options. They seek careers that can provide them with a…

HSM 541 Midterm Exam