HSM 542 Final Exam


HSM 542 Final Exam 
(TCO H) As hospital CEO, you have been asked by the board of directors to compose an


HSM 542 Final Exam

HSM 542 Final Exam


(TCO H) As hospital CEO, you have been asked by the board of directors to compose an organization-wide ethics committee to effectively deal with ethical considerations encountered by patients, families, and staff. Identify the important components and the intended role of the ethics committee.


Healthcare ethics committees are formed to address the legal-ethical issues that come up during the…

(TCO D) The Quinlan case from the state of New Jersey was instrumental in promoting a patient’s right to self-determination. Discuss the impact of the Quinlan case on an individual’s right to make choices regarding medical care versus the state’s right to preserve human life.


A patient’s right to self-determination means that the patient has the right to be informed of all the…

(TCO G) Identify and discuss two risks related to providing medical care that are covered under a malpractice insurance policy. For each risk identified, provide a specific example that may occur in a hospital setting related to the risk.


Two types of risks covered by a medical malpractice insurance policy are claims of medical negligence

(TCOs E and F) Identify two legal actions or cases that involved managed care. Discuss how these actions or cases impacted access to care or influenced the operations of managed care organizations.


One legal action that involved managed care is the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. In particular…

(TCO G) Discuss the differences between risk management and continuous quality improvement. How do the goals of each program differ? What are the similarities between the functions of each?


Continuous quality improvement refers to the constant examination of patient outcomes and healthcare processes...

(TCOs A and B) What do you consider the most pressing ethical issues surrounding genetic testing? Provide at least two examples, and explain why you consider these most important.


The two ethical issues I consider most pressing about genetic testing are the following: 1.) It can cause parents…

(TCO C) Identify and discuss the four components of HIPAA. For each component, identify a violation that may occur in a healthcare setting that might lead to an investigation by the OIG.


The four components of HIPAA are: 1.) Electronic transactions and code sets standards requirements; 2.) Privacy…

HSM 542 Final Exam