HSM 542 Midterm Exam


HSM 542 Midterm Exam
(TCO G) You are the risk manager for a large hospital and recently have been assigned…

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HSM 542 Midterm Exam

HSM 542 Midterm Exam


(TCO G) You are the risk manager for a large hospital and recently have been assigned to review a potential malpractice case for Dr. Johnson. The hospital CEO has asked you to assess whether the physician and hospital are negligent in the care of the patient. Discuss and describe the elements you will be looking for to determine if negligence may have occurred.


The elements that I would need to look at to determine if negligence occurred include…

(TCO C) What do medical professionals mean when they utilize the expression “futility of treatments?” How does this concept relate to do-not-resuscitate orders (DNR) and established patient advance directives such as the living will and durable power of attorney for healthcare?


Futility of care refers to the physician’s recognition that treatment is no longer effective and can…

(TCO F) Discuss three federal regulations that impact the supervision and management of a healthcare staff. Provide at least one example of how an organization would violate the regulation.


Three of these federal regulations that impact healthcare staff supervision and…

(TCO B) Discuss at least one legal challenge made to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision in state or federal courts. Provide analysis regarding the basis for the legal challenge and the outcome of the challenge.


The Roe v. Wade decision led to the legalization of abortion in order to protect the…

(TCO D) Describe and discuss the role of a hospital, physician, and patient in getting informed consent. What are the ramifications of not getting the proper informed consent?


It is the physician’s and medical professionals role to provide the patient with information regarding…

HSM 542 Midterm Exam