HSM 544 Final Exam


HSM 544 Final Exam 
You are an expert in government programs. You have been asked to speak to the local…

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HSM 544 Final Exam

HSM 544 Final Exam


(TCO E) Briefly describe cost-benefit analysis. Demonstrate understanding by applying the concept to an assessment of an immunization program.


Cost-benefit analysis refers to the process used for analyzing business decisions. To use it, the benefits of a business-related action or…

(TCO G) Compare another developed nation’s model of healthcare to the model used in the United States.  Identify and compare the three key service indicators (forms of healthcare measurement), cost, quality, and access, in your comparison.


Although the US spends more on healthcare (15% of the GDP) in comparison to Canada that spends only 10% of its GDP on…

(TCO A) All of the following are healthcare priorities or goals that healthcare leaders encouraged in testimony to Congress except ___________________.

Improving the quality and safety of medical care.

Increased use of information technology.

Reward more efficient providers.

Achieve universal coverage.

Enhance utilization management.

(TCO D) As a self-employed healthcare consultant, your company, Professional Dynamics, Inc., has been asked to discuss and analyze the concept of production for the board of directors at a newly formed wellness center (all of the members were on the board at a local hospital). Describe in your answer what you will say to the board to get them to appreciate how health as a goal will have a different production model.


  • Production function using healthcare as the model and health as the end state.

In the production of healthcare where health is the end state, the government plays a key role, particularly when it…

  • In what ways does the health market differ from a perfectly competitive market?

One of the differences is that the health market’s target “customers” has different…

3) If the healthcare market is not perfectly competitive, why should policy makers pay attention to market forces?

Because of the differentiated goods in healthcare, people or the…

(TCO D) At the Board of Directors Meeting of the MCO, the CEO, Bill Bennett, mentions the phrases production function and “push to the flat of the curve.” He asks you to analyze them, their application, and their usefulness as tools and techniques for management staff. How will understanding these terms enhance management performance?  Be specific in view of impact. 


The production function refers to the maximum output that can be produced out of a given…

(TCO C) You are an expert in government programs. You have been asked to speak to the local Kawanis club on a topic titled, “Social Insurance in America.” You want the members to leave with an understanding that American healthcare is more than just a free-market industry.   Identify what you will say on each of the following points:

The role of state governments in public health, federal and state governments’ involvement in social health insurance and governments’ role in environmental safety.


State governments are responsible for creating opportunities that promote performance. They…

(TCO B) Explain why the three task of economics are connected to the concept of production.  Next, describe how this understanding applies to healthcare; provide one example to demonstrate your point. 


Production refers to the process of combining different inputs to create something for consumption…

(TCO F) You work for a freshman congressman who is interested in healthcare. He wants a briefing paper on the role of nonprofit healthcare delivery organizations; specifically, how to make them more proficient and efficient. Your briefing should begin with discussion of the role of nonprofit organizations, their costs to operate, how to improve their efficiency, and how to integrate them with profit healthcare organizations that will enhance efficiency and effectiveness of both. 40 pts


Non-government organizations are actively involved in the promotion of well-being. They serve as a link between…

HSM 544 Final Exam