HSM320 Discussions Week 4


HSM320 Discussions Week 4
As the new office manager for the Family Practice Medical Group, you are responsible for establishing…


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HSM320 Discussions Week 4

HSM320 Discussions Week 4

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Handling Medical Waste – 34 Pages

As the new office manager for the Family Practice Medical Group, you are responsible for establishing policies and procedures for maintaining a safe environment for both the staff and patients. Medical waste is an important area that you will be legally responsible for, making sure it is handled safely and appropriately. The four categories of medical waste are: solid waste, chemical waste, radioactive waste, and infectious waste. Pick one of the categories and post your plan for safe handling of the waste.

What types of items would be included in the category? What would your policy say about proper disposal?  What you would do to determine a proper waste disposal policy that was legal, practical, and effective?  What is the role of the Environmental Protection Agency in regulating medical waste in our facilities?…

HIPPA Compliance – 31 Pages

The staff of any medical office comes into contact with a variety of PHI. As the office manager of FPMG, what practices would you put in place to ensure compliance with HIPAA?

Let’s examine this scenario: A patient is seen at a hospital clinic that employs the physician and staff of this office. The patient, a minor who plays high school football, has a pretty serious potential orthopedic injury with potential long term effects. The physician tells the patient and his parents that play is not recommended as further injury could have devastating consequences for the minor’s future. Even surgery may be needed.

The minor plays football in a small town where “football is king.” The parents feel the pressure of not only the small town, but they are aware that college scouts will be there to observe their son. They want their son to play to take full advantage of this situation. The coach, concerned about the overall orthopedic health of the player, calls the orthopedic office for an update. The office informs the coach that the minor should not play under any circumstances as potential for injury at this juncture is great. The coach bans the minor from play.

The parents are furious as their child’s “chance” at college scholarship may dissipate. They threaten to sue the hospital system that owns the physician office for the lost opportunity for their son. They indicate that the only people who were to receive the protected health information were the two parents, not the coach. How does this make you feel? What HIPAA concerns do you have? If you were working in this office and received this phone call, how would you have handled this situation knowing that the parent’s interest were somewhat misplaced? How could you have not violated HIPAA and kept the best interest of the minor patient?…