HSM330 Discussions Week 3


HSM330 Discussions Week 3
Explain and describe various strategic planning models and how they may apply in different settings…

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HSM330 Discussions Week 3

HSM330 Discussions Week 3

Discussions Week 3 All Students Posts – 62 Pages

The Strategic Planning Process – 35 Pages 

Explain and describe various strategic planning models and how they may apply in different settings. Would you say the Sigma Six training helps you achieve your goals? What are some of the limitations of the SWOT analysis? When would a facility use the organic approach? Could a facility use alignment for the implementation of an EHR?

If there were not any incentives, do you think we would have EHRs today?

There are five strategic planning models that can be applied in various settings.  Basic, issue based, organic, alignment, and scenario.  Basic is often used within small facilities and requires little planning and maintenance.  Issue based strategic planning is designed for organizations that are established and may need an update.  The alignment model is a good option when working with an organization that is not working at an optimal level.  Organic models are used when the organizations views and missions…

EHR Project Management – 27 Pages 

Identify and describe the critical success factors for EHR planning and explain how they impact construction of a migration path. What is a benefits realization? Why are EHRs so expensive? What is work standardization? What is the planning horizon?…

How long should a practice prepare for an implementation?  explain the “right culture”?  Is any EHR truly safe from hackers?

Let’s close the week with this article on the security breaches of 2013.  What are your thoughts?  Could they have been avoided?  What needs to be done? 


  1. Workflow Definition – In order to get the best out of an EHR installation a practice must have ALL its processes identified and documented with clarity. These process logical flow diagrams must also identify all data that transfer from one process to the other as well as from step to step within a process. The better the definition of workflow, easier will be the EHR implementation.
    2. Work Standardization – It is not uncommon to find different physicians within the same practice use a “slightly” different version of the same process. This may be due to physicians’ preferences or bias towards…