HSM330 Discussions Week 6


HSM330 Discussions Week 6
Why is it important to plan in advance of starting an EHR vendor selection process? Please list…


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HSM330 Discussions Week 6

HSM330 Discussions Week 6

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EHR Selection and Contract Negotiation – 27 Pages


Why is it important to plan in advance of starting an EHR vendor selection process? Please list and discuss the reasons…

Watch the following videos and let me know your thoughts.


It is important to plan in advance of starting an EHR because there are several elements that go into making it successful and just right for the company who is purchasing.  First the needs have to be determined and goals must be set.  In order to establish this research and investigation must be done.  Among the many choices, a vendor must meet the functionalities of the system you are in search of and also ensure privacy and security.  Before making a selection…

EHR System Implementation and Ongoing Maintenance – 23 Pages 

Describe the importance of project planning and management in planning the implementation of an EHR. What is an EHR steering committee and what do they do?….

Class, you’ve done a great job with this topic.  Please watch the two videos.  In one word, please tell me about the EHR project management and then tell me why you selected that word.


The implementation of an EHR system requires a project management team with leadership skills, management ability, patience, and vision.  The team must realize that the implementation of a health IT system is a large, multifaceted project that will not always go as planned.  The ability to deal with frustration constructively and seek opportunities in the face of adversity is a definite asset. The importance of good communication skills cannot be overemphasized.  Both verbal and written communication skills among team members and with the administration are essential for ensuring that a project is well managed and organized.  Once the project has…