HSM544 Discussions Week 2


HSM544 Discussions Week 2
Hospital cost-reduction efforts are usually tactical, not strategic…

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HSM544 Discussions Week 2

HSM544 Discussions Week 2

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Financing Healthcare 

Discuss the role of all parties (patient, providers, and payers) to contain costs. Analyze the impact of cost-containment efforts on the rising cost of healthcare.

Hospital cost-reduction efforts are usually tactical, not strategic: Goals are modest, fixes are one-offs and the causes behind inefficiency are not targeted. Such an approach is equivalent to treating symptoms rather than curing the disease. Hospitals’ service mission makes addressing clinical utilization (the right people doing the right things in the right way) especially challenging. Managers are reluctant to make decisions that could jeopardize jobs or alienate physicians, and the clinical staff understandably resists anything they believe could compromise quality of care or patient experience.

As a result, cost-reduction initiatives create churn and a demoralized workforce, with few lasting benefits. Budgets may be reduced, but work processes remain the same. Eventually, either costs creep back up or employees are asked to work harder — or both…

Production Function Analysis

What are the primary steps in a production function analysis? How would you apply these steps in a healthcare organization?

Medicare is in over its head and if it remains along that path it will go under. The federal government needs to figure out what to do contain cost and keep the program afloat, if not it could be detrimental. Private facilities may not want to provide services for Medicare members for fear of not getting paid. As the population ages the number of Medicare members increases as well as the cost, this is why it is important to promote preventative care so that the population would be healthier and would not be reliant on medical care. Though Medicare have good intention, it is quickly becoming problematic and  in jeopardy of increased debt if there isn’t a reform soon...